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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still waiting to ride.............

This picture was taken two weeks ago, when I could still ride. My knee is still giving me fits, even though I am icing it and putting "Sore No More" on it. I can't straighten it all the way nor bend it back very walking up or down steps....sideways one step at a time! Very frustrating, but it seems to be a little better than yesterday. I really want to get back in the saddle.....probably NOT by the creek at a canter though, dang Blue Heron! He had to pick that moment to fly up in the air and Lucy felt obliged to chase him; she always does that and there is no way she could catch him. One of these days he is going to drop an unexpected deposit on her head for that!!!

Any I am still going to the horse show on Sunday even if I can't ride. Gilly will enjoy all the sights and sounds and other horses there. Kim and I will have fun; hope to have a lot of pictures to show from it; stay tuned!!


Katharine Swan said...

Oh, Jane, wow, I can't believe you're still sore! Ack! I hope it gets better soon. Keep us updated.

jane augenstein said...

Yes, still sore! At 58 I don't heal as fast as I used to....30 years ago I would have been back riding the next day. I just feel lucky that nothing broke. I know a woman that just fell of the horse at a walk and broke ribs. Heck we were cantering; so I am very lucky to have strong bones!!!

Pony Girl said...

Sorry to hear you are still healing. Sounds like you are taking good care of yourself though! I think it takes time, especially those knees. I hope you didn't pull something, Jane! :(
I'm glad you are still taking Gilly to the show, I think it will be a great experience for him! :)

Sarah said...

No way you are 58..girl you look wonderful!!! Good luck this weekend - can't wait to see pics!! Whoo hoo!!
Hugs, Sarah

Paint Girl said...

I hope you are feeling better soon! After a fall, it takes awhile for your body to heal! Weeks, sometimes!
Hang in there Jane!

Dusty Devoe said...

Love the picture of you and Gilly! Have fun at the show. Can't wait to hear about it. Take care of yourself!!!

Julia said...

I feel bad for you!! But if it makes you feel any better about three weeks ago I was riding my 5 year old who is a very broke horse. We were doing turns on the haunches spin-like style on a long rein, she was not being responsive enough and I tapped her to move her shoulders faster and she hopped over. I reached to pat her saying good girl and simultaneously her back rose and she lept bucking. I did not stand a chance as she was on the buckle.

And in the 30+ years of riding with many, many, many horses I have only come off 9 times. Now I can say 10. LOL.

It's the sneak attacks that will get ya.

I had a nice bruise on my butt cheek.

Desert Rose said...

Well...just take it easy, your knee will tell YOU when you can get back in the saddle!!!

Katharine Swan said...

Sarah said what I was thinking! Now you AND Kate are my heroes -- I hope I'm still braving kicks and bucks when I'm your ages!

jane augenstein said...

Pony Girl, I as a kid did some terrible things to one knee, I'm thinking that it's this one. Got kicked in the knee, front on and fell off a motorcycle and twisted it. Seems like there is one body part this is always getting it, my poor knee!
Sarah, Yes, WAY, I am 58 and some days I feel older (depending on what I have done to myself!) I hope that Sunday will be a good day!
Paint Girl, thanks, I'll be better after some more rest. Oh, you know what this is like since you have a bad knee too! Ouch!
Dusty Devoe, thanks! I too am hoping for a lot of pictures at the show, can't wait to see what Gilly's reaction is!
Julia,Oh, sorry about your sore butt! I too have a bruise that is just now showing up, hip, shoulder, arm and elbow....I'll tell ya this horse stuff can be rough on us frail humans! With a horse, in a millisecond, SHIT HAPPENS!!! One thing I am fast learning, horses are PREDICTABLY UNPREDICTABLE!!!!
Desert Rose, thank you and today it's telling me "no way!" LOL
Katharine, thank you! I hope that I can just avoid the kicks and bucks from now on! LOL I have to say though that Gilly hasn't kicked me. He did lift a hind leg once and he got smacked in the butt with the back of a shovel and growled at. He then turned and looked at me with a startled look and an "Oh, sorry, mom" look on his face and it's never happened again. I will have to send Lucy and Gonzo ahead along the creek to check for Blue Herons from now on.

Katharine Swan said...

Jane, I hope you can too. :o) Panama has never kicked me either. I'm trying to even teach him not to kick at flies on his belly when I'm brushing him -- he's learning that if he shows me where the flies are, I'll get them off for him. :o)

And actually, he's only ever bucked once before, and it was a half-hearted buck while my trainer was riding. She was teaching him to pick up the correct lead in the canter, and when he finally did it he was so proud of himself that he kicked up his heels to celebrate. :o) It was cute, but he got into a lot of trouble for it and has never tried it again!

Angie at Free Rein said...

Oh Jane, just read about your fall...sorry you're still sore...sometimes you are better off falling though. I've had terrible bruises on the inside of my knees from really hard bucks that made me wish I had gone off instead. Enjoy the show!

JoJo said...

Jane, it turns out that you're only a year older than me.....and there's so many days when I feel older than dirt. But please, be very careful of that knee. When I fell last year and broke that chunk off the top of my tibia, the doctor who put those two very long screws in told me I'd be good as new in 6 months.

Now, 15 months later, I'm told I've got "post traumatic arthritis" in that knee (damn thing still hurts) and that my options are cortisone injections and/or a knee replacement!!! All over one 2-step fall down the basement steps!!! I'm so p*ssed off! There is absolutely NO way I'm going to have a knee replacement, at least not as long as I can still walk on it.

I so often envy you your chance to ride Gilly. As a child and teen, I spent summers on my aunt and uncles' farm, riding every day! I haven't been on a horse in over 25 years and now, fibromyalgia/arthritis and osteopenia keep my feet on the ground. I simply can't chance getting bucked or falling off. But the next time you get on Gilly's back, know that I'll be reading your post with envy and wishing it could be ME!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmm, Jane....I'm worried that you might have torn your meniscus. The way you explain your soreness, it fits in with that injury. You also could have just strained your PCL and ACL....which is better than a tear, but does require a long time with healing.
I sure hope you heal fast, though. I know how dissapointing it is to have to sit on the sidelines, when all you want to do is be up on a horse.

ps....thanks for all of the very kind and sweet words you've left for me on my blog. You've touched my heart more than I can tell you. I appreciate you, Jane.

HUGS for you!!


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