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Monday, November 9, 2009

The Old Barn

We have some termites working on our old barn, equine termites, with large teeth!!! Every fence post, every building that they can reach has chew marks on them. Even the neat garden gate I made has been chewed, bad boys!!

I was taking pictures as I was waiting for Kim to come up the road to get me, she was going to the little grocery/diner to get water at the water station. Kim's well has been low on water all summer, so she has a water tank that fits in the back of the truck to carry water. Of course when we were up there we had to have lunch! LOL
(I know someone is going to ask, "What'd you have to eat?" I had a stacker, a slice of French bread, a slice of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy. YUM They also have chicken and roast beef. All really good home cooking. I will have to take pictures for another post. This little place is only 8 miles from home.)

The chain that holds the gate closed. I love the look of the weathered old barn, the rusty chain adds some color to the picture.

Six of the boards on this side of the barn Mike and I replaced. They were old too be not as worn out as the ones that were on there. This is the funny part, the old boards had a horse head on it too. Look closely at the fifth board from the left, can you see the horse, or maybe it's a donkey?

I cropped and enlarged it for you to see closer. Can you see his sleepy eye, nose, mouth and ears tipped back? He has kind of a Roman nose too.
This old barn has a lot of character!!! And there are a couple of characters that live in it too!


Julia said...

I see it!!! Definitely a horse head. Cool stuff. I would not have found it if you had not pointed it out though... I am not so creative it appears.

Dusty Devoe said...

Love the hidden horse!

cowgirljlynn said...

Love old barns. The picture of the horse is pretty neat!!

Desert Rose said...

Great horse/donkey head! Can you get rid of the termites???

Thistlebrooms said...

I think were you went and had lunch would be TOO close to home for me, Sounds too Yummy!!!!

Great textures those Bad Boys did on your barn and Gate though...The gray color is wonderful though...
Funny how you see the Horse head, knowing me I'd probably see a dog's face...

Great shots Jane...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love your old barn. All that weathered grey wood and rust adds such character. Tell those boys of yours not to eat their home all gone. lol!
Cool horse elf in your board, too.
We have a table elf in our kitchen table. I'll have to take photos of it and his brothers and sisters. They smile at us when we eat or do school work at the table. I've had this table for more than 20 years, bought in a scratch and dent room for $100 bucks. I'd never sell it or give it away, though. It makes me happy. Just like I'm sure your old barn makes you, too.


Blackfeatherfarm said...

I love that !


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