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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something BRAND NEW for Gilly

A few weeks ago my and Kim went to look at horse trailers. This one sure caught my eye, oh, pretty and red!
This is a Corn Pro two horse slant combo stock trailer, 14 feet bumper pull. This is the tack room, has hanger for 4 saddles and 4 bridles. The saddle rack cam be lifted out and the door swung back to open the trailer all the way to the full 14 feet if you want.
This color is called Arizona Beige and is a little lighter and brighter, I'm liking this one too. Whole door swings open to the right. Has a double latch, one when you shut the door hard it catches and then the swing over catch latch.
Side view, has two tie hooks on both sides. I like the aluminum on the front and the pin striping. I looked at these trailers several years ago and didn't like them at all but they have prettied them up a bit since.

So.......on Friday my hubby took half a day off and we drove to the trailer place, about 45 minutes from home followed us home! :-) Now we live a mile and a half from a blacktopped road so that's a lots dust that gets stirred up but this color is good cause you can't tell it's really dusty! My husbands grey truck is sure dirty though!
Gilly was watching intently so I got in the trailer and waved to him, he would whinny and Pokey was watching too.
See that happy smile? Yes, I am happy we have wheels, but I have a lot of practice to do, hooking up, driving and backing up, ugh, but....since the hay is up and the fields are mowed this will be a good place to practice backing and I have Kim to help me. She has been driving her trailer around and backing for some time, practice, practice, practice.

See Gilly the dogs load up really well!!! Gonzo says he isn't so sure about this, Sophia says, hey this is pretty nice! I have to get some mats before Gilly goes for his first ride but we can practice loading for now without them.
 I don't have any use for the slant divider, don't like them and neither does Gilly so I will take it out and it will open up the air flow too and let more light in, Gilly will like that. There are also slots for putting in Plexiglas to block the air in colder months.

Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly!!! LOL Gilly says OK I got two feet in is that enough? Maybe I'll just stand here and check it out first. He did smell it all over, ahhhh, the "new car smell"!
How fast can your hind legs run behind the trailer, Gilly? He was still smelling and chewing on things in there. Not real sure if he wanted to commit to getting in all the way.
Kim took a turn with him and finally he walked up in after we opened the divider wall and the escape door, it let in more light. I think he felt a little closed in before but we will keep working at it slowly until he feels comfortable in it. The trailer does have a light in the back up on the left hand side and one in the tack area that you can turn on and off.
He was a pretty good boy, he got in four times but he still doesn't want to stay in for long. We will get it and then we will be off for trail rides in some of the State Parks. I also know some other places that has some really nice trails that we will have to trailer to. Fun times ahead for me and my Big Bay Boy!
And of course things wouldn't be complete without some comments from the ass!!! He was snorting, whined, grunting and farting because Gilly was getting all the attention. So.....I got him out so he could see the trailer too.
He sniffed and chewed put one foot in and then jumped back and said OK that's all I wanna see, how about lets eat some grass and forget about this trailer stuff, I see no need for it!

I see lots of work ahead of me! But that's OK, we have plenty of time.
Gilly's got wheels!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice looking trailer - open, bright and light - just the thing! You'll get used to driving it soon - I need to downsize from my huge 4-horse slant to something smaller.

Jacque. said...

WOW...lucky Gilly! Hey, I learned how to back up a manure can do it! {grin}

Have lots of fun this fall on your trail rides on the Gilly Boy!

Jeni said...

Whoooo Hoooo Jane !!!!!

Breathe said...

May I suggest the best thing for hitching up: Hitching rods! Best $20 you'll spend.

Congrats on the trailer - it's fun to be mobile!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I am sooooo happy for you! This is what you've been wishing for so very long...and now you and Gilly have your own wheels to go exploring. Yay!

Poor Pokey...he wants to go, too.....or not. lol!

Oh and that last picture of you and Pokey is just great. I love the way his head is turned, how curious he looks and how soft his eye is.


Anonymous said...

Cool!! Nice and big for Gilly to feel comfy in. Enjoy the rides this fall!! Julie

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Hope you a Gilly have many happy travelling hours in your new shiny trailer :))

Paint Girl said...

Congrats on the wheels!! That is very exciting news, and a very nice trailer! It is so nice having your own, and not having to rely on others to haul your horse!
Backing isn't that hard, you will get used to it. I can back my trailer anywhere now. But practice is definitely good!

from my front porch... said...

WOO HOO you lucky dog, Gilly!!!! er., uh, I mean horse!
Nice new travlin digs!! Mama is gonna take you out on the town!

And Pokey can come visit me. I love me some big a*& ears!!!!!

xo, misha

Leah Fry said...

What a beautiful trailer! As much as I like my stock trailer for ease of loading, I sure would like a tack room.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Congratulations on your new trailer! It's lovely! LOL- "followed you home"!!

jane augenstein said...

Kate, I can't wait to get the rubber mats in and the tack room loaded up but first practice behind the wheel.

Jacque, oh, boy, that could have been a stinky experience!!!

Jeni, whoo hoo is right!! :-)

Breathe, yes, I have looked at those and almost bought one but my friend down the road has some she will give me to use!

Lisa, thanks, lots to do before we hit the open road! LOL Pokey always makes those faces and tries to get his head in the gate, he was mad as usual!!

Julie, I sure am going to enjoy the fall rides, can't wait!

Elizabeth, yes, I just have to convince him of that! LOL

Paint Girl, thanks, I am happy with my choice and color. I will practice and practice so Gilly will like riding with me! :-)

Misha, Gilly would probably disagree with you on that. It means work for him so he won't be too happy, he's a lazy boy ya know?! Pokey is a handsome little boy and I too love those big ears!!!

Leah, thanks, yes the little tack room is nice, lots of stuff is going to go in there.

Val, no really, it did follow me home! LOL

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I do like a slant trailer for how they ride!

Dear Pokey! What a great photo of him.

Congratulations Jane!

Desert Rose said...

That is georgous...hate to get poop in it cause it's sooooo pretty! I love the stock trailers...that's what mine is and horses don't mind getting into fact have to run for cover when they jump into it! deserve it!

Sydney_bitless said...

I wouldn't own any trailer but a stock trailer. So much better.
Haha Pokey.

jacksonsgrrl said...

Jane--CONGRATULATIONS! Lucky you! Love it! Jackson has no problems with the slant, what if you want to bring a buddy along, how will that work? Still learning about trailers, but the neighbor has one I can use, (want to discuss a purchase, as he has it, and via divorce he ended up with it but no horse...!!) and my roomie has a truck with a hitch.... but ummm. I need driving lessons! :)Planning to take it out sans horse soon!


gtyyup said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations!! You are going to be so happy traveling around to all the great places to's like a whole new world opens up!!

Poor Pokey...he's just too darn cute.

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Niiiice, you two are in for some fun !

Julia said...

You must be absolutely thrilled about a new trailer! It's so liberating knowing you can go to the park or any other event you want on your own time. Congrats!!

Thanks for your kind words last week. I was feeling really down and glum with that chest congestion. Improving rapidly now.

jane augenstein said...

Gail, Not sure just how Gil is going to ride in there, tied or loose. I haven't gotten him in when the divider shut, it may but too little for him, he's a big boy. If it is he can ride without it. Yes, Pokey, what a little stinker! Thanks!!!

Desert Rose, no poop in it yet, we have yet to go anywhere. Thanks, I have waited a long, long time for one!

Sydney, I do like some horse trailers but his one is more practical on the farm.

Mindy,Thanks!!! I don't know if another horse can get in there with Gilly, he does take up quite a bit of room; but Pokey would fit! If we can get him to decide he wants to go for a ride! Yes, I am still in the driving lessons mode! LOL
Yes, I am LUCKY!!!

gtyyup, oh, I can't wait to take our first ride in it. Will Pokey go? Probably not, he says he doesn't see any need for him to go anywhere!!! LOL

Blackfeatherfarm, yes, fun times are in store!!!

Julia, oh, yes, I am doing the happy dance for sure, freedom!!!
Glad you are getting better! :-)

Thistlebrooms said...

That has to be one of the FUNNIEST photo's of Pokey I've seen...

WOW, Shinny NEW Wheels...Lucky You & Gilly...
Now if the mats can just fit in correctly!!!

Wishing you luck with you Big Boy Jane...

My Best~Marilyn


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