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Monday, September 6, 2010

Finally the mats are in the trailer and...

Finally the mats are in the trailer!!! Husband got them cut and in for me, I helped a little but he did all the cutting, what a pain they are in! He also made a new piece to hold the divider wall. The original one had a piece that I was afraid Gilly might get hooked on, maybe not but if it's something to get hurt on a horse can find it!
Here is peeking into the tack room, Gilly's H2O container and bucket right by the door. It only holds 7 gallons but it will be enough for now, we aren't planning on going anywhere where we need more.
Above the water container; flat halter and lead and extra one, flat lunge line, fly mask to put on Gil while he is riding in the trailer to keep stuff out of his eyes (thanks Kacy for the tip!) some baling twine, one never knows when that may come in handy! and a safety snap.
Bag chair, step stool, tire changing "thingy" ???? can't think what it's called....LOL  then the tote with all the rest "stuff"!
Here is a shot farther back. (looks like I need some more stuff in here!?)
See all the dust on the saddle racks? I am hoping that by putting the mats down some of the dust will be gone because the cracks between the floor boards was wide in some places. Now I have to find something to stuff under the move-able wall to keep Gilly from knocking sawdust under it.
Oh, yes, I have gotten to ride every day last week, it was great and Gilly did well. We worked on neck reining some more and he is really getting it! I used it when I was working on sitting his trot; holding onto the grab strap with my left hand and had the reins in my right. before it was hard to steer him but now just some pressure on his neck and he turns and pretty darned good too! What a good boy he is; he was pretty easy to train too, I just put the rein on his neck with some pressure and used some pressure with my leg, he caught on quickly!
Only a few darned die hard horse flies left and even fewer cause I killed more, mashed those suckers, dead!!! LOL


Sydney_bitless said...

I have the same water containers. We have two we bring to shows and stuff. Most of the time away from home horses don't drink as much. Not Indigo. If I am riding she will literally drag me to the bucket so she can drink.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The inside of the trailer is looking great!
I'm enviousof you, but also so happy for you, too, that you've been able to get in some riding time.
You deserve it after all of those hot muggy, biting buggy days!

That's also terrific that Gilly's doing so well with your neck reining practice.



Breathe said...

I have been working on the neck touch turn too. So fun! Glad you got the mats in there, ours our split so it's not quite so heavy when I need to pull them out.

Did you get your hammer? :)

Leah Fry said...

NICE trailer. The reality has occurred to me that now that I have 3 horses, I can't trailer them all at once. The stock trailer could handle the three of them at this point, but it would really be pushing my SUV to pull that much weight. Too much to think about right now lalala ...

Jeni said...

Have to say I'm jealous of a tack storage in a trailer. Mine does not have one!

Great job with Gilly and reining! Keep on riding!

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

The inside of the trailer is looking GREAT!

jane augenstein said...

Sydney, I probably should get one more just in case....if we ever get to travel. Worked on the house this weekend, one day went to fair so no practice with horse and trailer.

Lisa, looks like I have a lot of room for more stuff but don't know what I need at the moment!
Yes, I am proud of Gilly learning pretty quickly how to neck rein! yay is right!

Breathe, I have four mats in the trailer, but they are still kind of heavy to work with. No, haven't got the hammer yet! Oh, I need a tool box with some stuff yet!

Leah, thanks! If you have three to pull maybe a new truck is in store? :-)

Jeni, Oh, I am sorry you don't have much storage, it is nice and will be when we hit the road. Hope to ride tomorrow, had some major work to do in the barn today and I am BEAT!!!!

Melissa, thanks!!!

from my front porch... said...

I know I said this before, but, WOW, I love that trailor!!!!! Awesome you got the mats for it, too!
Hope the boys are doing well, and you too :) I cannot wait until Fall; as we are STILL dealing with horrid flies. ugh.
xo, misha

Fantastyk Voyager said...

That is a beautiful trailer! Now you're ready to go...

Desert Rose said...

I am really ashamed...I have way to much of everything in my trailer! 3 of everything. I just had 12 more hooks put in...because the 12 I had were not enough!!! LOL You might want to get a cherry picker...they come in real handy!!! By the way, I have a 30 gallon corner water tank...and have never needed to fill it full for a days ride. 2 of the ones like yours would be just fine...

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Looks like you have it all together !!! Very nice !

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

All looks wonderful!

dexmangoldens said...

Nice mats and trailer. Hope Gilly appreciates it!! Please take a ride for me. I love this fall weather and miss the riding.

Julia said...

Horse heaven! Horse happiness!

I think the yellow thing is the "tire block" but I could be wrong!

allhorsestuff said...

OH YEA!!!!
I love your saddle racks Jane...4 of them!! Awesome!~
The YELLOW a tire block +++ when you have a flat- you back or drive the other tire(one that is not flat) upon the scooped out resting spot, on the toop raises the flat tire-off the ground- to change it!
I will send you the photo of that occuring on my sissy's trailer last year, in my own driveway, fortuantely!!!

For the divider wall gap-age and stall dust and shavings that come under...maybe urine...
here is what I did:

I bought a chalking tool/ clear silicone gel/ like 5 of them or so... and chalcked the 2 inch gap with that, knowing, I probably wouldn't be taking that out anytime soon. AND- if I do, like next year, to have the trailer serviced and flooring looked at, it will not be hard to break the seal. OR...there is that rubbery bathroom floor, could adhere it to the bottom of the wall with tiny would flap easily open-shoulld you remove the wall...but lay against the flooring for a shavings block.

Wait till you see the stuff I just ordered...for my NEW BOARDING FACILITY's LOCKER!! I love to be organised!!!

soooo happy to hear of your riding so much Jane!


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