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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long time missing.......

Yes, I have been missing in action for a long spell. What have I been doing, not much, been pretty lazy or unmotivated to write....a little of both. Fall is here and with it a lot of soggy weather this last week, rained and dreary for four days...ugh, not much to my liking.

But some things have been accomplished since I was last on here. Lacy and Gilly both are much better at trailer loading! And it wasn't because of any clinicians tips or tricks, we just kind of stumbled on it ourselves.  My neighbors mare, Lacy, had an appointment at a vet's in Lancaster, Ohio a two and a half hour trip from our house and we needed to get her to load onto the trailer preferably without being drugged, that worked before but I had the feeling it wouldn't work again. So the week before we started working again, with the trailer. Lacy will go in the trailer, stand about 5 seconds and rush out so fast she almost falls over backward. Not good! She would go in stand and seem fine then up would go her head, eyes huge and fly out backward. We had tried all the things all the TV trainers have said to do and it didn't work on her, or Gilly for that matter....but that's another story.

One of us would stand inside the trailer, in front of the chest bar and try to calm her, feed her hay or what ever. After having the rope pulled out of my hands so many times and my hands hurting I thought why not put the 14 foot lead through the Blocker tie ring on the loosest setting? This put a little pressure on the lead as Lacy would rush out and it slowed her down somewhat. When Lacy was asked to come back in the trailer I would just pull the slack out of the rope so she didn't step on it.

Then Kim said I think she may be nervous about the noises the trailer makes. The clanging of the divider, the door squeaking and such. So, we started banging on the door, sides of the trailer, the divider and opening and closing the door. Well after while Lacy would stand inside the trailer longer and longer. Finally she would start eating her hay, sighing and resting one foot. We kept here going in and out of the trailer while we made noise; after hours of this she was standing in there eating and not trying to back out. Do we dare? Should we? We did, shut the door and took her for a ride, got to a place where we could get her out and let her play in an arena. We sit and watched while she visited across the fence with some other horses.

OK, now comes the real test can we get her to go back in the trailer to go home? Yes, we did!!! Applause, applause!!! But now will she load up when it's the critical head to the vets? Again, yes, she did. So we think that she had some fear issues with noises the trailer made.
View from inside the tack room looking into the trailer. Lacy munching her hay. We have also been leaving the divider tied to one side to give her more room and to feel a little more comfortable in there. Kim also put on a fly mask to keep any dust from getting into her eyes.

 We stopped at a rest area for a break and to eat a bit of lunch. Lacy ate her hay and only got a little fussy once but then went back to eating. Kim has such a nice trailer, wish I could get to the horse area from inside my trailer but can't, oh, well, at least I have a trailer now! :-)

We passed this on the way to the vet's office.....PUMPKINS, lots and lots of pumpkins, (click on pictures to see them better).
The reason we went all the way to Lancaster to a vet was because of Lacy's leg problem. The shots for arthritis in her knee and coffin joint didn't help the lameness. We were hoping that this vet could tell Kim what was going on with her.

I will post again later on what his findings were and what is to be done about it. I promise I won't be gone for weeks and weeks!

The End....for now!!!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love your 'ending'! And it was a nice horsey story!!

Jeni said...

Welcome back Jane!!! Good worth with Lacy and the trailer =)

That dog butt picture is priceless !!!!

Kate said...

Very nice work - and glad she made it to the vet and want to hear the results.

PS - love reading your posts, but be absent whenever you feel like it - it's your life!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! You're back again!

I hear ya on trying to find something to post about or feeling in the mood to blog. I've had to struggle with it myself and I think my readership has suffered because of it.....folks know my hearts not in it. Maybe I should take a blog vacation, too.....

That is a very nice trailer Lacy gets to ride in. I'd love one like that, too. Good for the two of you having patience and creativity and really trying to figure out what was bothering Lacy with trailer loading. What a lucky horse she is to have you guys.

I can't wait to catch up on how Gilly is doing, too.

Love that last photo. Very cute!


jane augenstein said...

Alice, that was Gonzo looking for a bunny at the barn, bunny got away! There is more to the story, coming soon!

Jeni, thanks, yes, it was very brain taxing to try and figure out how to help her. But it worked!

Kate, thanks, yes, she was really good on the trip. Glad you enjoy my ramblings, I think I was having a mental block for a bit, hope it's over!!! :-)

Lisa, yes, I'm back. I have loads of pictures but just couldn't seem to write the story behind them, writers block???
sometimes a vacation is good! oh, yes, Lacy has a REALLY nice trailer, we did the same thing with Gilly. Banging, fanning the door, clanging and banging after while he paid no attention to all the noise. I think he was bothered by it too but not now! YAY!!!

Sun is back so we can ride some more! I am thrilled!

LOL, that's Gonzo's butt!!! Silly boy!

allhorsestuff said...

You guys are so good for each other!! Oh yea, and the horses too!
You take care...and know that we're here fer ya's...when ever you can be here. Breaks are good!!
Love ya

jacksonsgrrl said...

Hats off to you! What an accomplishment, you have reason to be proud!No stopping you now!

Grey Horse Matters said...

It's always a great feeling when you can work through something and come out on the good side. Glad the trailer loading lesson was a huge success. Hope Lacy has a good report from the vet. Love the ending!

from my front porch... said...

Happy to have you back :)
Looks like the trailor loading is an ongoing succsess. Yay!

We finally got a break in the heat and had wonderful Fall temps..and then it went back up in the 80's.
ugh. I just want Autumn to come and stay!!

I smile everytime I see the pics of Pokey and Gilly!!!

xo, misha

Desert Rose said...

So many of us have felt the same way...I also have posted very little this summer not because of what to post...I have tons of things to post but have not had time...then no energy! those grandbabies have been my priority this summer with only 6 months a year to spoil them. hope to get back into the swing of it soon!!! Welcome back and good job on the glad I DON'T have that issue...


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