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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gilly in the indoor

 Gilly and I went to Stanleyville on Friday for another lesson. (only have two photos that were good, it was a dreary day and camera didn't like the lighting, I guess) He has been loading up just fine in the trailer and seems to like going for a ride, it's only about 11 miles over there from home.
My friend telling me what she wanted me to do with Gilly and he was very intent on watching her. What a personality this horse has!
We worked on me getting a better seat riding this big boy. I had to ride with no stirrups for awhile, boy was that hard work. I did hold onto the grab strap for support, I felt like I was bouncing all over the place but she said I was staying in the saddle.
Learning the feel of having my legs in the right place, she placed them correctly so I could feel where I needed to be. She was really helpful, to have a person on the ground to watch and correct things that I can't see I am doing wrong and that's a lot. We worked on riding without reins, scary at first but Gilly did really well. We had an hour lesson, when I got off I was pretty sore from using muscles that didn't used so much in awhile.
I don't know if I will be back at the stable arena again, my little friend is leaving and a new manager is taking over on Monday. My friend will still be in the area so hopefully we can still take some riding lessons at home, weather permitting. It sure would be nice to have an indoor....sigh...only if I win the lottery!!!

Saturday morning I was sooooo sore from all the work that Gilly and I did. Today my husband and I are just hanging out and taking it easy, enjoying a relaxing Sunday afternoon. A real treat, we don't usually take days off, always something to do around the farm. We did a lot yesterday so today is a good day to just put things on the back burner and do nothin'!

Lacy update. Lacy is still lame the new shoes don't seem to be helping. At first the farrier was going to put some pads on but decided to wait and see if just the shoes would help. He is coming again on Tuesday and will put the pads on then; if this doesn't work then she will probably have to be retired from riding. I don't know what Kim will do then. So sad she is only 12 years old and that's still a young horse, I hope this works.


Thistlebrooms said...

Oh Jane, Hope your NOT to sore now. Guess it's fine to take a day off once in awhile!!!
Think your bottom needs it!!!
Gilly looks really fine, I watch your little snippet of video, He's come a long way Baby...
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday...

My Very Best~Marilyn

Sydney_bitless said...

Fun post. Replied to your e-mail.

Try some easywalker horse shoes. Better than metal shoes and pads. Hopefully you can figure out her lameness.

jane augenstein said...

Marilyn, oh, yes still sore but not my butt, my thighs are ouchy! Gilly and I have come a long way! thanks!

Jacque. said...

You continue to amaze me with all that you do. Now, Gilly...what he does (the good stuff, anyway) doesn't surprise me. He is quite the handsome and smart dude!

jane augenstein said...

Sydney, thanks! The shoes and pads are like orthopedic shoes; this is what the vet said to use and Kim is going to try these because it has higher heels on the shoes. The vet said he wants her foot to be stable and not move too much. I don't understand it but...I'm no vet or farrier so I don't know. Just hope it helps her.

Jeni said...

I've had my fair share of no reins and no stirrup lessons! I know exactly where your sore !!!! OUCH ! Aleve and a hot soaking bath.

Love the Picture of the big guy listening intently to your instructor. Cute!

Kate said...

I love his expression in the photo!

Sorry about the lameness - it's perplexing and frustrating.

jane augenstein said...

Jeni, OUCH is right, I did do the hot soaking bath and that helped. Gilly is a ham! ;-)

Kate, glad my friend got that picture, it is priceless!
Yes, I hate it that my friends horse is lame, my riding buddy and she can't ride, it is frustrating!

allhorsestuff said...

Jane and Gilly, what an excellent photo! Totally priceles expression of alertness!
He's so lovable, that Gilly horse!

Wow, great lesson. It does feel weird no reins or stirrups..but if you have a grab strap, you can pull yourself ~ into his motion ~ "as you trust" . That's really hard too! If you do can get the feeling of how to sit...and sit back. I was doing that last year..and my sis was lunging me, she said," sit back more" totally freshly like I was swaying back...but on the photo she took...looked normal.

You are awesome, I sure hope you can get at least 1 or 2 arena dates ,a mo.
I'm with Sydney on the synthetic verses steel shoes .
Its way more natural, and cuts concussion by over 50%.
Soooooo sorry that the mare is still lame.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's great that you were able to get out with Gilly and do a riding lesson together. Sorry your friend will be leaving, though.
At least you were able to enjoy some time alone with hubby. My hubby and I rarely ever get that time either.

I hope something can be done about Lacy so she won't have to be retired so young. I can sympathize.



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