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Being with a horse is a journey that never ends. What they have to teach us is amazing; but we must quiet our mind to hear them. ~ jca


Friday, June 10, 2011

Gilly having an identy crises

Gilly is one mixed up guy isn't he? LOL Click on the picture to enlarge. I also got a new hat.
I have some things to do on this one and I will post on it a bit later when it's finished.
Lacy posing with me and my new hat! Gilly thinks it's pretty neat too, and wants to grab it off my head. Maybe he wants to wear it too.

I have been riding some in the mornings, when it's not raining. Have to go early so the bugs won't carry us away! Gilly is doing so much better and mostly it has to do with my attitude. Imagine that? It's really true what they say about the horse mirroring us and if we don't like what we see then we had better change "us" not them. Boy, sometimes that's a very bitter pill to swallow, it's so much easier to blame the horse. Well, not so. I have been reading a wonderful book by Jane Savoie called "That Winning Feeling"......all I can say is WOW!!!!  I have only read a few chapters and it's helped me a great deal.

more later........
have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Love the new hat! I often ride in "mixed" tack - why not?

JoJo said...

Jane, it's so nice to see you post!! I've missed you. I'll echo Kate -- love the hat? Mine is limp and I really need to replace it. And Gilly is a very handsome guy. As for the tack, I agree.....why not? Use what works for you! And Gilly.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Gilly looks great and I love your hat too!

Edward said...

Hi I found you from allhorsestuff’s blog. Nice! Hat. I love the dressage saddle and the stirrups. Your horse looks great.

allhorsestuff said...

"Westenglishenduro" I say!

Yea, my look is shockingly simular..but no fly chaser and endurance reins.
Isn't Jane S the nest for a kick In the pats and a hoot too. I recieve her
"Motivation from Moshi" mails.
It's all true- once you have eliminated pain issues from tack...then, its all rider error from there!

Love the BLUE MECATE's!


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