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Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Girl in Town

My neighbor, Kim, has been looking for a new horse since Lacy is lame and she hasn't been able to ride her for over two years. She found Coco, the pony a new home with a little girl and her family. And now started looking for a new horse that she can ride with me and Gilly. This is Pebbles, I think she will change her name. 12 year old mare, really, really nice very calm, laid back, trail ridden, you can open gates on her, she trailer loads, hauls around grandkids and is gorgeous!! If I could have gotten another horse, I would have grabbed her up if Kim didn't!
Gilly is gonna be in LOVE! He loves spotty girls and this one is pretty flashy. She is about 15hh, Kim thinks she is a little big, Lacy is about 14.1hh. I'll tell you I am EXCITED!!! Finally I will have someone to ride with! YIPPEE!!!
I think Kim and I will be going to get her next week.
more later......


Jeni said...

She's pretty!! Look at those rib stripes and spots! ohhhh yah!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

She looks like a beauty! I am so glad you will have someone to ride with, makes the ride even more fun!

Love your banner!

Kate said...

Quite a beauty!

Edward said...

She sure is a nice looking horse, good that you will have someone to ride with I am sure it’ll be a lot of fun.

jane augenstein said...

I am excited to have a riding partner again, me and Gilly will be having FUN! I think Kim is getting her on Tuesday! Happy Day!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm so glad you'll have someone nice to ride with again, and for Gilly, too.
Pebbles kind of reminds me of Leah Fry's (Barn Door Tagz blog) colt, Daltrey. He even has those same stripes down the ribs.



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