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Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Tree Down......

Went to town on Thursday and when I came home this is what I saw. I know that this tree would probable be down but I thought it would probably be across the road. If it had been I would have had to driven through the hay field to get to the house. High winds had knocked another tree down in the pasture up on the hill, a huge tree. It fell across a ravine, making a good bridge for the squirrels! This one however fell right into the creek. Gonzo and Lucy are checking out the damage too.
This poor tree had been having limbs falling off it for some time and it was just a matter of time before it came down. The woodpeckers were working on it at the base so it must have been partially dead or dieing.
I stood far back in the hay field to get this picture. The ribbon across the green is the road. Well, I guess this weekend no cookouts and parties for us, lots of work to do on this tree. Since it's in the creek we have to get it out of there. Mike has a wood chipper he can attach to the tractor and it will make a big pile of mulch when we are through! Always something to do on the farm!

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Annie said...

Nature at work and woodchipping is the ultimate in recycling.


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