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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gilly's meets small humans............

I took these pictures the 10th of May then forgot to post them. Gilly's first meeting of small humans. I wasn't sure what Gilly would do when he saw kids up close, when people would come out here before with children he wouldn't come down off the hill to the barn. Any stranger as a matter of fact he wouldn't come near them. So this is his first time actually meeting them.

The little guy, Thomas, was laughing as he reaches up to try and touch Gilly's nose; Gilly is giving him the eye as mom pets him. Just what is that small thing on the ground????
If you look closely you can see those little fingers are up Gilly's nose and in his mouth!!! Gilly didn't bite him, thank goodness! I think somehow animals know babies and won't hurt them.
Here Gilly was nibbling on little Kevin's shirt but didn't bite, just tasting I guess. "Let me see what you taste like little boy!" Neither boys were afraid of him. They wanted to pet Pokey but Gilly would move him away from them.
As Kevin reaches through the gate to touch Gilly, he is smelling his head. I held my breath at times, thinking....Gilly please don't bite. But he couldn't seem to get enough of the smells of little ones. I am sure he was wondering what they were!
Now look me in the eye little boy...........gee you look like a human and smell like one, how did you shrink so small?????


JoJo said...

Gilly is so beautiful and I sure wish I could have been Kevin for a short while. I would have loved to pet him. Gilley, I mean, not pet Kevin..LOL.

I too believe that animals know that kids are different from the adult sized kind. And God bless Gilly for coming to the fence for the boys to pet and play with.

Patti said...

What beautiful photos! And a joyful experience for everyone involved, I think!

Blessings, Patti

Brenis said...

Ooh Jane, i LOVED this series of pictures! You can just SEE that Gilly is curious and loving every minute of it! The gentleness he displayed is awesome - i swear they do know that babies and kids won't hurt them!!
I'm also impressed with the kids - no fear of that huge animal!! LOL! Very cool! Thanks so much for sharing this!! :D
xo Bren

trailbee said...

These photos are heartwarming. I can almost feel Gilly's body heat under my hands. Kevin was lucky.

Jacque said...

Hey Jane...there is a surprise for you on my blog...go there! LOVE that boy, Gilly! Great photos!


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