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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Barlow Fair, oldest fair in Ohio

The end of September we went to Ohio's oldest independent fair; at Barlow, Ohio. It's a small fair but a really nice one. It was a beautiful day, usually it rains sometime during or before but not this year, dry, dry, dry!
In one of the building we saw red popcorn that had one a blue ribbon, love the deep red color.
On down from there were gourds, squash, sunflowers, pumpkins and flowers on display with ribbons and awards won.
Outside in the open stalls were all kinds of animals, some very unusual colored cows, love this one. She must have had a long day and way trying to nap.
Don't know the breed of this one either, I like her coloring. Every year at fair time I always look for the breed of cows we used to have, Pinzgauer, but never see them. They were a very unusual looking animal also. Deep red bodies, pink noses and around the eyes, white bands on all four legs, white bellies, white stripe on the back and white tails. Beautiful cows. In another post I will have to show some pictures of them.
This big sheep must have been sleeping and we woke him up, he has straw all over his face.
An Alpaca and sheep were stalled together; looks like both of them had had resent haircuts.

There was also a horse show going on and I love this picture. What a tiny little girl on such a big horse. I didn't see anyone around her she just seemed to be there all by herself waiting for her turn to go into the show ring. The horse stood calmly waiting too.
This is my cousin, Marvin on one of his big John Deere tractors. He comes every year to the tractor pulls; he didn't place this year. Boy, that's a big tractor; the ones Mike has are not nearly that big but then we don't farm like Marvin. He raised a lot of corn, he has close to 300 acres he farms, I can't even imagine! Up until a few years ago he had about 200 head of dairy cows, but because it was so hard to find help they were all sold off.
This was a display of military items. This is an old saddle that I am thankful that I don't have to ride on!!! I have ridden on one of them once, OUCH. The idea behind the opening in the saddle was to keep the horses back cool, it sure wasn't meant for comfort of the rider though!

I snapped this picture of Mill Fork Covered Bridge as we were leaving. This old bridge used to sit over a creek closer to Belpre but was saved and now resides at the fair grounds for safe keeping.


Jacque said...

Love the animals at fairs! And, the old covered bridge is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these!

JoJo said...

I love these pictures, Jane. It's been many years since I attended a good, old fashioned county fair but I have great memories of the fairs when we were stationed in Maine.

Mary said...

Good story and photos, Jane. We used to attend a similar fair in northern Maryland, near the PA line. I like the animals and scenery, always, but my husband thought the food was out of this world! LOL!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

How fun!

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