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Friday, October 31, 2008

Old Horses Rescued................

On another ride on the back roads, Kim took me to a place where some old horses were. These two horses had lived in another bad home where they weren't getting fed, there had been three of them but sadly one had died of starvation. We often talked about how bad we felt that these horses were being treated so unkindly. Seems as though another woman felt the same way and had room on her farm for them.
These horses were so thin that all you saw was bones but not now!
The Appaloosa is 32 years old and looks soooooooo much better after being vet treated and fed some good food. The woman had asked about the Appaloosa and the man that owned them and was mistreating them, just gave her the bay Tennessee Walker.
The Tennessee Walker is somewhere in his late 20's. Both are still a little on the thin side but are steadily putting on weight. They are both kind horses and seem so very grateful to have a home where they are loved and fed.
We will visit them again.


JoJo said...

What a wonderful story, Jane. I will never understand how a human can mistreat and/or starve an animal that depends on them for food, care and yes, love. I love my 5 cats so much and still grieve for the cat we lost 5 weeks ago to lymphoma.

I've often joked to people that my cats get better care than the kids ever did. Of course, we're financially better off now and the kids are long since grown and gone to their own homes. But our cats depend on us for food, love, vet care, clean litter boxes, etc. And I'm only too happy to provide whatever I can for my furry children.

These horses are beautiful and even though they're elderly, I hope they're blessed with years of life to enjoy and relish a GOOD home.

And Jane? I love the picture of your home at the head of your blog. I'm fascinated by your standing seam, metal roof. I'd love to have one of those on my home but don't know how they'd stand up to Kansas hail.

Although I don't get to comment often, I really, truly enjoy your blog. I so envy you the opportunity to ride and wish I had a place around here to indulge but I broke my leg this spring when I fell down the basement steps. I'd hate to break something else in a fall from a horse, considering I haven't ridden in close to 30 years!

jane augenstein said...

Thanks JoJo,
It breaks my heart when I see any animal abused, wish I could help more of them. As you know my Gilly is a rescued boy, he was starved in his first home..........but he sure isn't now!!!
About the roof? I do not know either about hail? I believe our roof was purchased from 84 Lumber company. I think they are a chain store. Hum? You would have to check about hail and the strength of the material.
Oh, dear so sorry to hear about your leg! Yes, it is scary to ride sometimes, I have gotten bucked off once and fallen on twice....but thank goodness nothing got broken. I hadn't been on a horse in 20 years when I got Gilly. I feel pretty lucky that I haven't gotten hurt!! But that doesn't stop me from climbing back on the big boy.


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