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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day BeforeThanksgiving

The day before turkey day was cold and wintery feeling here in Ohio. I took this picture from the patio looking down to the barn and out buildings. Didn't quite get the sun in just the spot I wanted it to be. Below is a picture I took in 2005 in February before I trimmed the bottom branches of the pine. This photo was entered in a photo contest, got an honorable mention in a book that was being published.
The sun looks like it had cut a hole right through the pine. My brother loved this picture. After he had passed away, Mike and I were cleaning out his house and I found a copy of this picture printed out and taped to his computer, it was also saved on his computer. It is a pretty neat pictures if I do say so myself! (smile)

Here are the two house peepers; they always are out by the summer kitchen in the mornings just waiting for someone to move inside the house. If they hear you, Gilly will whinny loudly and Pokey will hee-haw as loud as he can. "Oh, please, please come out and feed us! Can't you see that we are starving out here?"
When I do get outside they rush to the barn and stand impatiently waiting for their oats and hay. I love to stand in the barn and listen to them eat and hear their continted sighs. Nothing better in the world to my ears! Yes, I do love my babies!


Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Really beautiful pics! I LOVE the last one of Gilly and Pokey. ADORABLE!

Jennifer B. said...

Oh I love those pictures Jane!! You should be professional photographer!!!

Mary said...

You put a smile on my face tonight. I'm still smiling!

Yes, that photo is definitely award winning, Jane. Just lovely and peaceful.

But, your babies make the day! I can imagine you greeting them every morning and the joy they feel to see you!



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