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Friday, May 29, 2009

Gilly is a GOOD boy!!!!

Tuesday was a great day, I rode Gilly and we cantered more in the roundpen. He was a little hard getting started but ahhhh, the canter was great!
We need to work on cantering a lot and trotting, well everything! LOL I want to try and ride him every day at least a little bit, it makes such a difference when I ride everyday, for both of us.
What fun cantering is, I can't get enough of it, feels like flying!
Like this pictures even if his feet are a little blurred. Run Gilly run! I haven't been brave enough, just yet, to canter down the road or with the dressage saddle but I will before the summer is over!

After all the fun of cantering now it's time to try crossing the creek again, the place he doesn't want to go. So down the road we go to the field to the left and head for the creek, notice my doggie entrauge? I always have at least my two with me and Kim's dogs Otis and Sophie are in the lead.
Gilly says, "you want me to do what? Maybe I don't want to!" He did back up and not want to cross but I got off and made him walk into the creek and back through it, then he wanted to play in the water.
Oh, this is fun, watch me splash the water and sling it everywhere! He played and played in the water but I decided it was time to get back on and cross the creek.
He isn't one to paw the water he likes to shake his head back and forth and really churn up the water. Poor minnows in the water were probably wondering what the heck was happening to their home!
There we are crossing the creek! He started to hesitate and I tapped him on the shoulder with the crop and he went across. We crossed a couple of times just to make sure it wasn't a fluke!
Oh, Gilly what a good boy you are! Who knows what the reason was that he wouldn't cross it with me on his back. As you can see it's not deep or wide, nothing scary around there, he isn't scared anyway, just being stubborn.
Thursday and Friday we crossed it again and again and once even rode up the old road and back and didn't have any problems. I hope that this is the end of the problems with this creek anyway. Who knows what other things he will think up to challenge me with!
This afternoon we had trailer loading lessons and he finally got on the trailer. He sure gave Sheri a workout though before he would but then he got a workout too. Because of being a brat and trying to run and jerk the rope out of her hands he had to back up all around the trailer, up the road several times. He finally decided that was not the thing to do because it made more work for him so he decided to be a good boy and stop. He went into the trailer several times (no I didn't take the camera to get any pictures either) and backed out quite well. Now for the next week we will be working on trailer loading everyday, so when I say "Load up" he will jump right in and be ready to go....LOL....keeping my fingers crossed, it may take longer than a week or maybe not. More on that later.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

That sounds worse than training a child!! You're a good and patient 'mother' ~ I'm sure Gilly agrees!!!

dexmangoldens said...

Oh Gilly, such a good boy!! Canter looks fabulous. I think he likes testing you. Too smart for his own good is what I say!! I hate when horses put up a fight loading into a trailer. One of our horses cracked her head open and died that same day when trying to load her in the trailer. Traumatic for everyone. (hadn't thought about that for years!)

Dusty Devoe said...

Wow, your Gilly sounds a lot like my Copperpony! Sounds like you had a great day! Isn't it exciting when things go good!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Oh it sounds like you are making leaps ahead in progress now. Good for you both!

Katharine Swan said...

Hooray! Can you hear me cheering you and Gilly? I'm so happy to hear that he FINALLY got over his thing and crossed the creek with you on his back!

allhorsestuff said...

YOU LOOK SOOO MARVELOUS!! OM wonderful God! Tryely he looks so natural and relaxed and your leg and hands are great! In a western saddle no less!! (sorry, most I see that rie them are in a chair seat)Not you boy!
Lovely jane..Gosh darn want to ride and adventure and train withg you! I wish I would have won the lottery last time..could have affored a train car for my horse and myself to travel cross country to be riding with you two!!!
I LOVE the shot of you riding on the rode with the dogs and the creek drinking while you are aboard!
Oh this was so mcu fun to see Jane..YEA!!!
Love ya's Kac won't believe me when I tell you...I am buying a trailer from a bolgger freind on payments! I can't believe it! I won;t have a truck for some time but I WILL have a trailer!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Gilly looks wonderful and you both look a great are going to have a wonderful Summer :)

Pony Girl said...

Good progress, Jane! I love the pictures! I need to work on loping my horse, too! Silly Gilly, not wanting to cross the creek or load in the trailer! He's a smart boy. Funny how they think if they resist once or twice, we'll give up on them. He learned quickly that you won't. It looks like he is a great horse to own and work with (and so handsome, too!!) Have a great weekend!

Paint Girl said...

I am so happy that you were able to get Gilly across the stream! Great job! He looks so good.
Good luck with your trailer loading lessons.
I love the pictures of you cantering Gilly, so great to see you having such a great time.

jane augenstein said...

Alice, yes, he is a lot of work, Clinton Anderson says that horses are maintenance on legs! So true!!!
Julie, yes, he is a smart boy and tests me on a daily basis. Oh, so sad about the horse that hit her head!!! Head throwing is a bad thing.
Dusty Devoe, when things go right it's a really good day!
Fantastyk Voyager,yes, we are moving ahead but hope that we don't take any back steps!
Katharine, yes, I hear you, yeah!!!
Kacy, good to hear from you! I try very hard to keep my legs in the right position, the dressage saddle taught me that. I ride with the western still because I feel a little more secure with it, old habit that I will get over by summers end, I hope! Yes, the ride down the road with the dogs is a favorite pix too, they always troop along with me. Wow, getting a trailer, lucky you!!! I am still hoping that someday I can have my own also, if the boy will be good and get it! LOL we are working on it.
Elizabeth, thank you!!!
Pony Girl, he is one smart one alright and can think up more things to put a halt to very thing! But when he gets it he has it he just likes to test me!
Paint Girl, he used to cross the creek there all the time but then just decided he wouldn't, no reason the bugger! But so far now he is crossing and willing to go up the road. He will come around on the trailering lessons too, he just likes to give me a hard time.

cowgirljlynn said...

Looking very good!


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