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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Horse Trailers, feedback........

Had a question posted to me the other day about horse trailers. (this is just a stock picture I grabbed off the internet.) A marketing researcher asked me if I would post on my blog this question to all of my followers. Here goes:

Hi Folks. I am helping a horse trailer company in Pennsylvania improve their website. So rather than trying to mind read what visitors to a horse trailer website would want, I thought I would go directly to the source: you guys! Just a simple question: when you would go to a horse trailer website, what top 3 tasks do you want to accomplish. Anxious to hear what you guys think! Thom

OK everyone now this is where you come in! (I have nothing in this just helping someone out.)
Talk to me...... :-)


jane augenstein said...

I'll go first. This is what I want to see on a web site, lots of pictures, info on dimensions and the price. If used what kind of maintenance, it's had and what's been done to it. Like new tires, wiring for lights and such, how's the floor and what's it made of.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

1)Dimensions, diagrams, and material

2)Prices, warranty info, locations to buy

Bonus: Horses (and even people) posed inside and outside (with horse size in hh) to get a better idea of trailer dimensions and capabilities.


Paint Girl said...

I agree Jane, I want lots of pictures, this gives me an excellant idea on what the trailer looks like inside and out, I am picky on looks and comfort for the horse. I also want to know what the trailer has in the horse area, ex: matted floors, walls, padded dividers etc. also in the tack room, swing out saddle rack, blanket bars, bridle hooks, and what other extras the tack room would have.
Price is a big one. When I bought my trailer, I did alot of comparisons between brands and price and what you get for your money but not forgetting about comfort for horse and owner.
I did alot of looking online before I bought my trailer and some sites I just wasn't happy with, I felt it was better to go in to a dealer and look at everything. The sites were lacking good quality photos, and some just didn't have a whole lot of info on everything that specific trailer had. Of course, I can't remember the websites, that was years ago!
Hope this helps!

Reddunappy said...

Last time I went to a horse trailer site it was to buy a new latch for my trailer that had broke.So replacement parts would be one of my wants.

When I am looking at trailers I want to see dimensions, accesories, and price, a website that doesnt list price, I just pass over. I dont want to have to call a "salesperson" and get a high pressure sale. If I am interested is purchasing I will call.

dexmangoldens said...

I agree whole-heartedly with Pain Girl.

Desert Rose said...

Web sites tend NOT to put prices on...a real bummer cause you don't want to waste your time on a ROLL ROYCE when all you want , need or can afford is a chevy! Definately pictures with people/horses so you can see the real space!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Looks like everyone above covered about all the basics...but price, LOTS of photos (even if there's a dent or rust in it somewhere, I want to see it and dimensions are my top three....oh yes, and I do pay attention to how user friendly the website is.....if you have to wait a LONG time for things to load, I move on....and I'm a very patient person! I'm talking about each item you click on and not the original web link opening. No price and a lengthy loading period....I move on to the next. Thanks!

randi said...

yes, you need to add up a lot of pictures but dimension and a sketch is very important


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