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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gilly with a fat lip

Last week when getting ready to ride Gilly, we did some lungeing for respect before cinching up all the way. This consists of trotting first one way then the other, lots of turns, stops, backing up and going sideways. Gilly was being a brat and just out and out assing around, things were going fine until he started that. There was dew on the grass so his feet were wet then he crossed the hard pavement of the dust control on the road. His feet slipped, I am not on his back but at the end of of the lunge line, front legs splayed out and his nose hit the pavement!

You can see in the picture some of what happened to him, a road rash burn on his lip. It actually ripped off a slice of skin, hair and all off his lip. His teeth cut a place inside his lip, how bad I don't know because he was not going to let me look. I tried but he wasn't having any of it. I felt sorry for him, he kept sticking his lip up and out and shaking his must have really burned. I got the water hose and hosed out his mouth inside and out. That seemed to help.

This picture (above) was taken after we came back from riding for a short time. All the dusty stuff on his nose is from the Omega Horse Shine that has ground flax seed in it. He had to blow his nose into his feeder and blow it everywhere! As bad as it looks, in a day it looked like only a small scab, it healed really quickly!

I don't know if I will be able to ride this coming week, the weather forecase is calling for rain all week and hot humid weather. Not to mention the horrid horse flies that are as thick as fleas right not. Gilly and Pokey will hardly come out of the barn during the day. I certainly don't want to ride with those blood sucking biting monsters flying around and having Gilly have a bucking fit. I have to say that I couldn't blame him, those bites hurt really bad because they get me too. Wish I had a covered arena to ride in but I don't and I won't......unless for some reason I become a billionaire in the close future....LOL....I don't foresee that happening!!!

Below is a short clip of me and Gilly riding back toward home. Notice his head really bobing up till you can see his nose? The horse flies were starting to get after us; I am surprised that you can't hear them buzzing around us. We are heading toward a neighbors house, going past their garden. It's about a half a mile from home. Love the sound of Gilly's feet swishing through the wet morning grass.


allhorsestuff said...

Oh poor guy...bad fall on the face..glad his teeth are okay!
Ya know..everyone is talking horseflies!!! What is with that? I have never seen them before this year..heard of em but in force-they are about!
Love Gilly's Dk Chocolate dipped ears!

Jacque. said...

That Gilly. Poor guy. Glad he's okay. Glad you weren't on him! Horseflies...ugh.

Paint Girl said...

The poor baby! That must have hurt!! I hope it heals up nicely!
Sorry about all the bugs, we don't get as many bugs around here, just some nasty flies. But they usually leave me alone. Sometimes we'll get some annoying ones that bite me, they love my blood, I usually react to the bites and they swell up really big.
Loved the video!!

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Oh no Gilly did a face plant! Glad that it healed up quickly.

Biting flies are the worst! Seems like they particularly like one of my horses, not biting flies, but regular ones. I feel so bad they just swarm her. Must be because she is so sweet! Still have yet to find a fly spray that works for more than a minute!

Thistlebrooms said...

Really Sorry for Gilly...I had to leave the shore the other day 'cause of what the (Giant) horesflies were doing to my POOR dog...Biting him All over his ankles and drew way to much blood!!! Got out of there pretty quick...
I just hope Gilly's doing better now, hate to see something like that happen to the sweetie...Better he stays in the barn with Pokey and away from those Dang Biting flies..

Best to You Jane...Marilyn

jane augenstein said...

Kacy, the teeth seem to be fine. He still won't let me check his teeth. The horse flies are getting worse and so is the humidity! Thanks, I love those ears too.
Jacque, yes, that had to really hurt, oh, yes, me too! We would have both been down....ugh!
Paint Girl, his lip is all better. Horse flies are the worst, I think I am going to give up riding for about a month until the vampires are gone!
Five O'Clock Somewhere, Gilly is the one who the flies really go for. Pokey is lucky, not many bother him. Wish I had an indoor arena then I could ride with being bitten!
Marilyn, so sorry about your dog! I haven't seen them after my dogs, Lucy the Aussie Shepherd jumps in the air after them, she hates them too. Hopefully they will be gone in a month. Gilly is OK now, thanks!

Desert Rose said...

I suppose he thought it was your fault too!!! I can just see the look he probably gave you too!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Awww, poor Gilly! Hope he heals up quickly!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Poor Gilly!

Julia said...

Well at least he could still eat his hay!! But then it takes A LOT to keep a horse from not eating. And I hear your issues with flies. Seems August and Sept are always the worst of the season. Give me some frost please!

A Palmer said...

Aww, poor Gilly. At least it wasn't worse. Stupid flies. Thanks for the ride! Such a sweet horse. Anne

Sarah said...

Hi Jane....just popin' in to say howdy and see how you are!!! Id Gilly feeling better?? Poor boy!!
Hugs, Sarah

Oz Girl said...

Aww, poor Gilly! Glad that's all it was, and nothing more serious though.

It was quite interesting to read about horseflies on Wikipedia, if you get a chance - how they bite much differently than other flies, by actually excising a piece of skin! No wonder it hurts so bad!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whew! I'm glad you weren't on Gilly when he face-planted. Poor boy! I hope he's all better by now, though.

We've got some flies around her now...not many, but they aren't the biting kind. Thank goodness. Every so often we do get a few that bite terribly...always seem to bite the ankle and lower legs. gah!
I bought some fly spray called Piranha, and wow! It works wonders. The flies will even fall off if they land. It also lasts for more than week as long as it doesn't rain....which is common around here, lol!

I don't blame you for putting off riding. I would, too.



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