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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gilly's gettin' a new rhythm bells necklace

After seeing Gilly's necklace in this picture after our ride the other day, some changes are in order. The necklace is 58 inches long but look how small it looks on Gilly's neck! He has a big neck and huge shoulders. After the ride on Thursday the medallion started coming loose, I took it off so it didn't fall off and get lost; also don't like the rusty jingle bells. They don't jingle as much as I would like and really I don't like the sound, I want some different bells.

I typed in "1 inch brass bells" and the first site I found had these little beauties. 1 inch brass round bells and then I saw these.......

Blue bells with moon and stars on them, pretty and Gilly LOVES this color of blue. It's his favorite color, anything in a royal blue he WANTS!!!! Especially beer cans with that color of blue! LOL Yea, he loves beer!

I also found on this site semi precious stones with words engraved on them called "Words to Live By". The ones I got are, "Courage", "Harmony" and "Love". Not sure how I am going to attach these to the his necklace but I will figure it out or maybe (they come in a little pouch) just attach them to my saddle. I have several beautiful pieces of silk velvet so I may make a little pouch myself for my saddle.

I have some ideas as to how to make the necklace better than before.
Can't wait till the new bells and stones come. Will post the new necklace when it's ready for viewing.


JeniQ said...

Ohh another person who uses Rhythm Beads! I LOVE it! I made quite a few sets with different size and amounts of bells. I also have made mane clips =)

Here is a post of some that I made and a pic of Rosie wearing her first set:

Sydney said...

Know what makes excellent jingle noises? Cones for native american jingle dresses. I love the sound they make.

jane augenstein said...

JeniQ, I checked out Rosie's necklace, nice! A pretty girl needs some bling!

Sydney, where do you get these cones? I'm always looking for neat things.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Yes, I think he could use a new, and longer, rhythm bead string because he is a big boy, like you said. Those bells are very pretty. Don't forget to show us a photo when you get it done.

jane augenstein said...

Val, Oh, I will be taking pictures when it's finished!

allhorsestuff said...

Neat-O- would love a lesson when you finish so I may try my hand for my own Jane!

Oz Girl said...

Sounds like fun, making your own custom necklace for Gilly! Can't wait to see it once you've finished it. :-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

'Courage, Harmony and Love"...Oh! I love that, Jane. The little velvet bag you plan to make reminds me of the magical bags that Medicine men/women carry around with them. You could also find out your talisman or Zuni animal totem/fetish and carry a handcarved one in your special bag as well.

Here you can find out what might be your animal totem:

And of course they have horses:

So excited for you and Gilly. Yes, be sure to combine something blue and pretty on his rhyhtm beads, too.

jane augenstein said...

Lisa, thanks, I thought those were good picks for me and Gilly. We both need courage, harmony and love. The white wolf would be my animal totem, I love pictures of them and I have been given several gifts with the wolf on them.
Thanks for the links, pretty neat.
Humm, maybe I'll have to do some beading on the velvet pouch too.

dexmangoldens said...

How cool Jane! Let us know and of course take pictures as you go!

photogchic said...

Aren't those cool? I bought one when I first got Maddy and it helped keep her rhythm on the lunge line. Sounded great too...almost soothing. I put it on sometimes when I ride trails..hoping it scares away the critters.

jane augenstein said...

Kacy,I will try to make good notes so I can let you know how I do it!

Oz Girl,yea, he's a special boy and needs some custom jewels; my husband makes fun of him for wearing jewelry! LOL

Julie, I will try to get some good shots as I work on it.

photogchic, I like the sound of the bells and so does Gilly. They are supposed to warn deer and such in the woods so they don't jump out and surprise the horse and rider. (I hope it keeps bears and cougars away too!)


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