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Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day ride

I got to go for a good long ride on St. Patrick's Day! YIPPEE!!! This is an old abandoned barn a ways down the road from home. A swampy area at the bottom of the photo and there were lot's of peepers out there peeping their little hearts out! Ahhh, spring is here!

Now turning the camera to the front Gilly's ears pointing ahead and Gonzo and Lucy ahead on the road. We had just passed a house where there were three dogs barking and slinking around, making Gilly nervous. He was nervous because just before we came to this house there was one of the dreaded Blue Herron's standing in the creek! Danged birds I didn't think it was time for them to be back in the creeks fishing. Thank goodness the bird was just standing there and took a few steps but didn't fly. Well, Gilly didn't miss it and it startled him so now he was on high alert.

Farther down the road Lucy just couldn't resist a dip in the creek. It was close to the road so easy to get to for a quick dip!

This is the neighbor's house who comes up and helps us with hay. Really nice guy, don't find too many people who will come out and help in the hay fields anymore. So we are most thankful!

Gilly had stopped to watch Lucy in the creek. Gonzo walked into it but didn't lay down like Lucy did. Lucy loves to get in the water and really get soaked! Still a little too chilly for swimming for me! Gonzo must have gotten water in his ear the way he was shaking his head or maybe Lucy splashed him....silly dogs!

Farther down the road stands a lone cedar tree. Years and years ago there was a farm house here but it burned down, probably back in the 40's. The sandstone foundation used to be there but last year the old farm was timbered so it was all destroyed, sad. There was also a pink rambling rose growing there, of course it's now gone too.

Gonzo checking out the ditch and Lucy in the shade of the tree. After a way we came to another old farm. The house and huge barn are now gone, vandals and fire destroyed this place. I never saw it but heard it was a beautiful farm in it's day. Whoever owns it now has put a trailer there now and uses it for a place to stay while deer hunting. Our destination was the bridge just past here.

We are getting closer! I am getting tireder! LOL yes, we had been riding for a long time. But the bridge is in sight!

Below is a closer shot of the bridge but I didn't get anymore pictures. I rode Gilly up to the bridge and he said "Whoa, not me! I ain't gonna across that!!!!!" He was pretty determined that he was NOT going to step foot on there. I got off because I felt that if I pressed him into going on he might really spook and I didn't want to get into a wreck. I got off and lead him across. He still was pretty unsure about it, stepped really high over the seams in the concrete and kept looking at the sides, he could see the water down below and was concerned about it. He was hanging pretty close to me for support.
We made it across and walked around the road sign then back across the bridge. He was still pretty concerned about it. I assured him he did very well, he seemed relieved to be off of it.
I lead him back to where the trailer was, there were several large sandstones so I had something to climb up on to get back in the saddle.
I'll tell you what, I was hoping that the return trip home would go fast.....I was TIRED!!!

FINALLY we made it back home! We rode 5 and a half miles and it took 2 hours and 15 minutes. All we did was walk and Gilly was poking along most of the way, I kept having to squeeze him with my legs and encourage him to MOVE on! He is a pretty lazy guy and you have to work to get him moving. He may do better if he has some one, like Lacy going with us. I think he was pretty tired too, we have never gone that far before. Look at those eyes! LOL

Now this picture tells it all. "I am beat, I need a nap!"
I untacked him, he was hardly sweating....fed him and Pokey. Oh, yes Pokey was waiting at the end of the field, looking mad! "Why you two been gone so LONG??? I have waited here for hours! snort!!"

Gilly stayed in the barn for an hour or more then he as back out in the field running and bucking and playing with Pokey! Quick recovery! I wasn't so lucky.....I was beat! It was a great ride though and will have to do it again.
How did Gilly's feet take all the riding on the rocks on the road....perfect! Not one single chip out of those beautiful bare feet! (Thank you Mike for the wonderful trim and getting his feet into such good shape!)

Kacy, I took my GPS....not because I thought I would get lost..LOL...I was trying to figure out how fast we were traveling (s-l-o-w) and also trying to see how far we traveled. I couldn't figure it out so after I put Gil away I got in the car and drove the road to get the mileage. It was a much more restful ride! LOL


Kate said...

That looks like one fine ride - pretty country where you are.

jane augenstein said...

Thanks Kate, it was a really nice ride! But for me who isn't used to riding that long, it was pretty tiring but fun!

Sydney said...

Dumb herons!! I had one come careening out of a ditch once and scare the bejeebus out of my horse I was riding (Think it was Suzy) only to be followed by 2 really upset frantically quacking, flapping ducks. A horse heart attack if I ever did see one.

Deb said...

looks like a fun ride...really nice scenery....

Katharine Swan said...

That's a long ride, Jane! Our trail ride yesterday was about an hour long -- I remember thinking that I can remember when that would have made me tired and sore, but not this time. I was mentally exhausted from worrying about Panama's first trip out at the new place, but physically I could have gone for a while longer without feeling it. I guess I'm getting into pretty good shape from my trainer making me work so hard the last few months! LOL!

Desert Rose said...

Wow...that was a very slow walk, but safe! Your road looks like a lovely place to ride~

Paint Girl said...

What a great day for a ride!! You have the most gorgeous place, it is absolutely beautiful!!
The dogs are hilarious, mine would have done the same!

dexmangoldens said...

I'm envious! Looks like you had a great day though.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

What a fun ride! Thanks for taking me along ;0)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks for sharing your ride. YOur roads are so peaceful with such lovely scenery. How lucky you are to have access to them for riding. But darn herons and annoying dogs trying to throw you off your riding zen. hehe!

Poor Gilly looks like he rode up the tallest mountain and across the desert. lol!

Good on you getting out to enjoy the great weather in your area and to expose Gilly to new things, like The Bridge. ;)


Leah Fry said...

The countryside reminds me a lot of the area around my hometown in PA.

We have herons and geese that like to scare the daylights out of Jaz. He's getting better, but he's wary whenever we're around a body of water.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I'm glad you got to go riding. Thanks for sharing the ride with photos.

Oz Girl said...

What a beautiful day for your ride... I love that pic of Lucy in the creek and Gonzo shaking his head, how cute!! Kudos to you, my last LONG ride was the cattle drive we did back in October(?)... we're going to need to get our horses tacked up soon and ready to work! Winter break is almost OVER! :)

Brenda's Arizona said...

I can only picture the water must have cold??? I love your taking the GPS along; when I read about Kacy finding one, I thought 'how cool'!!

Thanks for sharing your ride and your photos.

gtyyup said...

That is a gorgeous ride! I bet in the summer with the trees full of leaves it's spectacular! Yes, I can imagine the herons would be sort of a challenge! Great way to bring in spring!

allhorsestuff said...

My dear JANE!
Glad you rode on St.Paddy's day...very cool..and I was your road a no-outlet one? How much traffic? Our is but I still wear my Orange road crew vest and have a flashing light for Wa mare...they can go so blasted fast in the country!

There is something special about you addressing me in your post! Too cool...what kind of GPS do you have?
I addressed Lisa in that "OET" post...and she too, was the last to show and and read my remarks to her!!
So sorry for being late here!
I have been cleaning out stuff, after the trip to the always takes so much longer to clean up, after going, than to actually be there!

Gilly, he cracks me up..used alot of "brain muscles" for the ride I think the way he looked and how you described him later! HAHA!
I hate being sore after really know how to O.D. on fun woman!

Heron for you and Elk for me and the Wa... the sandy trial to the beach will always be pensive now, I fear...I do think the horses smelled them- wayyy- before they say them.
Oh...just remembered a trick my sissy told me about riding places like that or trailering new places...put a small amount of VICKS Vapo Rub under the horses nostrils. It camouflages the scents. It may work for the Elk, but it is the -sudden flight- of the Heron for Gilly, huh.

Well pleased as punch to see you started your spring riding!YEA!!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks for the tour and virtual ride with you, I enjoyed getting out with you. Nice scenery. Love the dog in the water.h

jane augenstein said...

Sydney, yes, to the dumb herons! Now Gilly will probably always watch the creek for them. I am thankful that this one didn't fly.

Katharine, yea, that was a long ride for me after not riding for 3 months!

Deb, thanks!

Desert Rose, yes, Gilly is a slow poke, dogs were farther ahead! LOL

Paint Girl, Lucy loves the water and is in every puddle or creek she can find! It's fun to watch them.

Julie, it was great fun, hope you get to ride soon!

Jennifer, sure, I'll take you along anytime.

Lisa,our road is very quiet. There are 12 homes on this road and the road is about 4.5 miles long. Gilly is just going to have to get used to the herons, dogs and anything else, it's good for him.
LOL you are right he looked beat, momma was rough on him! Hoping that the next time he will cross the bridge on his own.

Leah, glad we have no geese around here, that would give ole Gil a fright!!

Val, thanks, it was a great ride even if it was tiring.

Oz Girl, oh, you will be sore after your ride if it's been that long! I would love to round up cows with Gilly and see what he would think of that.

Brenda, Lucy doesn't care if it winter or summer, she loves to get in the water!

gtyyup, will take pictures of the trees in full leaf when I ride then.

Kacy, our road is a through road but we are out in the country a ways and don't have much traffic here. It's mostly the people that live here that travel the road. When I rode that day I only saw two cars. Some days I can ride and ride and see no one.

I have two GPS hand helds. One is a Garmin, that belonged to my brother; Mike picked it up when we cleaned out his house after he passed away three years ago. the other one is a Magellan that is newer that Mike bought about 4 years ago. I will try it next time, it's newer than my brothers.

I am still tired and sore but something else is going on and will talk more about that later.

Gilly's brain probably is tired, he had to think to move those big feet!!! and I was trying to get him to move them faster! LOL Or could be the heron fright wore him out.

Will have to remember that about the Vicks on the nose.

Grey Horse Matters, thanks! Unfortunately Lucy and Gonzo won't be going anymore with me. Lucy is 11 years old and it really wore her out, she is overweight and was breathing pretty hard so they will all have to stay home. I will miss them.

Melissa-ParadigmFarms said...

That was a long ride, but some gorgeous scenery along the way. We have a blue heron that lives around our pond, I've posted pictures of him a couple of times. You see a lot of them in our immediate area.

JeniQ said...

Took me long enough to comment on this one, I'm sorry. I can say that any day that your view consists of being between two Horsey ears is a good day!

I've left you an award! Come on over and get it!:

Autumn Mist said...

Lovely blog. Drop by mine some time, you'll be very welcome. See how we do things in England!

Rising Rainbow said...

What a long ride! Love the little barn tucked back there.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Helllooooooo! Anyone there?

You are aware that your last post was on March 18th...and it's now March 31, right?

This is waaaayyyy too long to go between postings.

So, please, please don't make us wait much longer.

So, ummmm how ya doing?



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