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Friday, April 2, 2010


Where have I been lately??? No where, no riding, no playing with the boys, feel like Gilly laid out in the hay, no energy.
A few weeks ago my husband was having a lot of problems, with aching muscles, much so that he could hardly get out of a chair. As for sleeping, couldn't do that either; his right shoulder hurt so badly he could hardly lift his arm to put on a coat!
He went to our family doctor, they did tests, checked his blood and said his SED rate was high; which means that there is inflammation in the body. Then they gave him a high dose of Prednisone for a short period of time and he was much better, then he had an appointment with a rheumatologist and was told he has Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR). The doctor put him on a low dose of Prednisone and now he is doing much, much better. (yes, I know that it's a steroid and steroids are horrible but...he was in so much pain and could hardly what do you do??)

And just what does this have to do them me being tired you ask??? Well after reading the pamphlet that he was given I have had all the symptoms for a year but it is gradually getting worse. My shoulders and hips have been hurting at night to where I can't get a good nights sleep......can't even remember when I got to sleep the whole night through!! I'm tired!

So I went to our doctor and had the same tests, my SED rate is high also and my thyroid is all wonky too! Gave me the Prednisone, it didn't have the same results with me. I still feel about the same. One day I did feel a little better but now it's back to being tired, achy...muscles and joints and no energy. I too have an appointment with the same rheumatologist on the 21st of this month.
I have talked to a lot of my friends and others in this area and a lot of people are having the same thing. What the heck is this? This PMR only seems to happen to people in their 50's and it's mostly women. I read that with the meds it usually goes away and you can get off the meds in a year or two.

So here it is, nice weather I could ride, but I feel so tired that I can't. To do much of anything I have to just force myself to do it. Bummer......I wanta ride!!! Or even get little Pokey out and work some with him, boy what a handful he is, he would probably drag me down the road, that is if my hands would hold onto the rope.

Has anyone else out there been diagnosed with PMR or feel like this? This is maddening!!!!!
(Lisa made me do this!)


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, Jane ~ that sounds awful!! I thought you were tired from all those patterns you drew for me!!! Can't wait to get them! Maybe it's environmental ~ something in your water that would make your SED rate high ~ take good care of yourself!!

K. T. Sparks said...

Oh I know how you both feel. I have been the same way before and I am getting in that same groove again because I haven't been taking my meds like I should. I went to a endocrinologist and I was horribly low on Vitamin D and my thyroid was "wonky". Both of those things make you feel as you described. You might want to get that checked out. I am on 50,000IU of Vitamin D once weekly and it made tons of difference. Being over 50 is a BIG challenge I am here to tell ya! Hope this helps and both of you get to feeling good soon. Good luck, I feel your pain.

jane augenstein said...

Alice, LOL no not from the patterns! The information I read said they don't know what causes it, I had thought of that too.

K.T., I forgot to put in the blog that I have taken thyroid meds for years and am tested on a regular basis for it but this time with other blood work they found it was out of whack again. I have to go back in for more tests on it in a few weeks.
Getting old sucks, doesn't it??? :-p (is that a uck face?)LOL

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about getting old! Hope that things get figured out and that you feel much better soon!

Desert Rose said...

Oh Jane...I feel so bad for you both. I have had fibermyalgia for 20 years now...and I NOW manage it and 75% of the time & do just fine with it even though I hurt...muscles ache, burn throb, spasm least it is a manageable pain. I also have sleep and depression issues becuase of it!!!
It may take you 6 months or longer to get it under control...which will depress you so ask about an antidepressent ( they also act a a pain killer for chronic pain) so at least to don't want to saty in bed with the covers over your head...I have been is NOT PRETTY!!! Hugs)))))

jane augenstein said...

Kate, poo to getting old!! Thanks, I too hope that something can be decided on what this is.

Desert Rose, thank you! My husband is feeling much better. Today for me was pretty good. Not so much pain today and got out with Pokey for a bit. What ever this is I don't think it's as bad as fiberomyalgia. My gosh what you have sounds much worse than me. So glad you have it somewhat under control. Tonight I am very tired but not in pain! Thank goodness!!! I had a horse and donkey fix so that's good! :-)

Paint Girl said...

Glad to hear that your husband is doing better. I am so sorry you are feeling this way! I've been in pain, achy and tired all the time too, but I am pretty sure it's my job that's causing me to be so dang tired!! It is so physical.
I hope the DR's get it all figured out so you feel better soon, and can get out there to enjoy your Gilly and Pokey!!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh Jane, So sorry to hear of your and husbands illnesses!
I don't sleep due to Circadian Rhythm disorder(SAD) It makes one really really tired all winter into spring not sleeping. I feel for plays HUGE-O havoc on your body!No sleep can just wear you out.
I pray that you may get some resolve from new thyroid regulation...and some answers also from the doc!
Love you...and very sorry to hear this...glad Lisa made you do it... now praying for your health and recovery(hubs too)
I'm not riding either...have arm problems and grip issues...have a new therapist..hope time heals me up.Oh and...we have wind and snow and lots of rain..oh boo!
Keep your chin up my friend

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Oh Jane, I am so sorry! I've had Polymyalgia along with fibromyalgia and lymphedema for almost 10 years now. Some days you just feel like you have been hit by a Mack truck and can hardly move-and then the days turn into weeks and you wonder what happened to your life. I'm on a maintence dose of 5 mg of predisone and also take an antiflammatory, antidepressant for chronic pain and ultram ER for pain. I hope the both of you get to feeling better soon.

jane augenstein said...

Paint Girl, wow girl no wonder you are tired and achy!! You work HARD! I like being around horses but what you do is very tough work! I sure couldn't do it!
I hope that I can get something figured out, Gilly need worked! LOL

Kacy, thank you Kacy! I need all the help I can get! I am feeling a little better and worked outside today with hub cutting down a tree and moving it. but got pretty tired at the end. Should sleep good tonight, hope! My hands don't have much grip anymore, ugh!!

Gail, oh, so sorry you have all of this ailments! I shouldn't complain, what I feel is mild compared to what you have gone through.

Dee Ann Kilbourn said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling bad, Jane. I sure hope the docs can get you feeling better soon so you can enjoy the good weather w/Gilly & Pokey before it gets too hot! Hope you have a Happy Easter despite it all. Hang in there girl!!

Pony Girl said...

I have never heard of PMR. I am so sorry you and your hubby (and people in your area) are having difficulties with it. Is it a virus? My guess is environmental?
I can't imagine being in so much pain that you can't do the things you enjoy. We cowgirls are so dependent on our health and bodies functioning well for us! I get migraines a couple times a month and sometimes they can stick around for a day or two- and they can be very depressive. I guess we all have something.
Keep us posted and have a happy Easter!!
p.s. Love that picture of Gilly conked out, it just cracks me up!!

JeniQ said...

Happy Easter Jane!

I'm sorry you have been feeling bad!

Have a wonderful day

allhorsestuff said...

Hi Jane...Hope Your Easter is wonderfully joyous!
By the sounds of it..You too got to stroll astride your horse for a short time!!!

Yea!!We both rode!
It has been about a week for me..and the winds and rains have been fierce..even today they were, but After some Celebrations with the warm breeches on and drove on out to see the mare.
Cleaned all the stalls for my PBO..and by 5:30 actually settled down..I saddled quickly...and we went along!
You want a laugh?? I put a video on Washashe's blog today...check it out~
LOVE YOU friend!Do hope you are feeling better~


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