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Monday, April 5, 2010

Things Yellow and Other stuff

This was the sky here this morning the moon was actually hiding behind that long charcoal cloud; I like the pink of the jet trail lingering against the blue sky. The sun hadn't come up over the hills yet so the trees look black. The weather people were calling for rain today, hope not! (this turned into a LONG ONE so before you keep reading, get comfy, grab a drink, some popcorn, whatever! heehee)

Before I go on let me tell you about yesterday, Easter Sunday. Our daughter, Jennifer came out to spend time with us, nice! Before she came I had been helping pick up some rocks where Mike had put new dirt in a low spot in the hay field by the house. The day was warm, breezy and just gorgeous, with rain supposedly coming the next day, I longed to get in just one ride before MUD!

In my best pathetic voice I asked if he minded if I got the Big Boy out to play in the round pen then ride a little. See I was feeling much better with the temporary meds I was taking that I just couldn't pass up a chance to ride. He didn't care so I got Gil out and brushed a bushel basket of hair, only a fraction of the hair still to come off....UGH....played with him in the round pen, saddled him up, dressage saddle this time, :-) rode for a bit in the round pen...still trying to sit that high lofty trot of his. I did manage to do it for a bit, hard, hard work!!! Did some work moving and turning him with my legs only, he is getting better; then went to open the gate while on him. He will walk over to the gate, move when I use my legs to get him in the right spot, open the gate, keep hold of it while I move him around it, let go, back up and then through the gate. I haven't tried to close it yet but I'll bet it will be no problem. I'll tell you sometimes I wish for a short horse, Lisa!!! LOL, it would be easier to reach than to lean way OVER for that latch!!!

Hey, just look at that beautiful sky, looked just like that when me and Gil went for our little ride up the creek. Nothing exciting here but it sure was nice to be astride that big horse just going on a relaxing ride. All the while I rode I made him pass from one side of the road to the other by just using my legs and seat. Would like to teach him to neck rein too, you never know when things like that would come in handy riding on the trails! I think Gilly really enjoys ride like this because he looks at everything around him, studies the cows, neighbors dogs, birds....nice for a change of scenery.

After riding for about an hour I was done for! My feet and legs were hurting??? don't know why but the bottoms of my feet really hurt. When I first started riding again I wanted to really push my feet into the stirrups, putting a lot of weight there and my feet were too far forward. Now I am very aware of keeping my legs down and back where they should be and no weight in the stirrups but still they hurt. Time to get off!

Jennifer came out about 2 and we sat for a bit looking at her NEW Apple computer, Mac Book a NICE little computer, so light weight and so many neat things! When it's time for a new laptop I may just have to get one like that! :-D
She brought out duck eggs to make deviled eggs and fresh asparagus. For our dinner I made Rock Cornish Game hens, with rice and pineapple stuffing, basted with a soy sauce glaze, YUM! I had also made a carrot cake with sour cream icing that had crushed pineapple, walnuts and coconut mixed in. What a great meal!!! Then the best part for me and Jen, foot massages! Don't laugh, my feet were hurting and so were hers from hiking the day before, her not me......nothing better than a good foot massage....ahhhhh!!!
The day ended all too soon and she had to head back to her home. :-(

OK, fast forward to today and the color yellow! I wanted to do something today but couldn't seem to get the motivation to do anything but laundry.....what fun, NOT! But I had picked three, cause that's all that came up this year, daffodils yesterday and they were sitting in the window in a vase. I thought I would take a picture of them because they were so pretty. Well, the indoor shot didn't turn out so good so I took them outside on the patio in the sun for a shot. Then one thing lead to another.......

These little yellow beauties caught my eye next, right by the patio in a big pot from last year! I can't believe that they came up after all the snow that was piled on top of them all winter! Hardy little things they are! Don't they have the cutest little faces? Oh, do click on all the pictures here to enlarge them and to see the detail, I didn't downsize any of them.

Next were these in the yard, not a favorite by a long shot but still that buttery yellow that just hits you in the eye in a sea of green grass.

Then as I kept walking through the yard I came on this poking it's head out to get some sunshine. I think these are the flowers my grandma called these Spring Beauties, they are so delicate looking and just a touch of lavender in the center and the veins, but wait there is a bit of yellow in the picture. Look at the bottom left at the tiny little weed flower there, a small bit of yellow at it's throat!

I came back in the house for a moment and there was more yellow to see, Peeps, yellow marshmellowy peeps!!! They have been unwrapped for two weeks so they get really good and stale, we love them to be really chewy! Have already bit the heads off another box but thought it was too graph to show here! LOL
Then back outside and more yellow! See the yellow electric fence insulator on the post? It's right by Pokey, see it? There are also a couple of horses' asses in this picture, oh, no wait it's a horse ass and an ass ass......LOL

Then more yellow caught my eye....look in Pokey's mouth bright yellow hay! Or maybe it's Peep hay???

Then LOOK.....poor Gonzo fell into a yellow bucket of paint! He is very klutzy you know. You know I think he had some help from a photo paint program.....
I think I was out in the sun too long.....WAY TOO MUCH YELLOW!!!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, my! You were on a roll!! Deviled duck eggs ~ don't know how that would be ~ I'll take your word for it!!! By the way ~ the check is in the mail!!!!!!!

jane augenstein said...

Alice, really the duck eggs taste just like chicken eggs, they are just larger. My daughter got them from a friend of hers, we used to have ducks and their eggs were pretty big. These are a little larger than the jumbo chicken eggs. Really you couldn't taste any difference!
Oh, goodie, the check's in the mail!!! :-)

Sydney said...

Lovely yellow flowers and your ass is so cute :P

Jacque. said...

You're cracking me up! I think it was great fun, though. Crazy woman!

Paint Girl said...

I am so glad you are feeling better and got to get out and ride Gilly!!
Your yellow flower shots are gorgeous!!

Leah Fry said...

Sounds like you've been keeping busy! I have a MacBook and I just love it. Go for it!

Jennifer said...

I had a splendid time myself, momma! The yellow theme is fun and very creative of you! Tell Gil & Poke their grass picker will be back to see them soon!


diana said...

I like the color yellow. LOL!!

Desert Rose said...

A very cute must have had so much fun doing it! How did you do the yellow over the dog picture??? I am so lame at my pictures...I don;t even edit them. However they come off the cmaera is how they saty!!!

allhorsestuff said...

I'm Commin' back tonight with tea....gotta wk for now!
Can't wait Jane..

JeniQ said...

Hi Jane love all the yellow! I'm glad you are feeling better.. at least enough to ride Gilly!

Have a beautiful day!

jane augenstein said...

Sydney, heehee, thanks!!

Jacque, yes, it was fun!

Paint Girl, oh, getting to ride was heaven! Even if it was a short one, thanks for the compliments on the photos.

Leah, it was a fun day, I'm not ready for a new laptop yet....just got this one.

Daughter, we did have a grand time! The boys will be looking forward to seeing you again!

Diana, glad you like yellow!

Desert Rose, it was much fun to do! I use Corel Media One picture program.

Kacy, do come back and read it all, yellow is good! LOL

JeniQ, today was a good day, I even got some house work (ugh) done! Hope tomorrow is good too!! :-D

allhorsestuff said...

haha...I was laughing- that man should always say yes to you when you say you want to play with GillY!

Proud of you, you did nice work! with the gate sissy taught me ask the mare to side step up to many different items, touch and move on. Also, doing pivots from the fenceline off the hind then off the fore..that helps too. That way, he should not sour with only doing the gate.

I have been having massive trouble with my right arm/elbow and riding one handed has been something I have had to do of late...and Wa has never been taught to neck rein, she is getting it with subtle cues that you already are using!
so, basically, as you use your seat, turning your gaze+ shoulders in the direction you wish to go(legs will follow) slightly touch the outside rein to Gills neck if pushing him with the rein. It all goes together and not separately..Wa is responding nicely.
Darn about the feet aching..weird.

Your cake and time at home sounds sooo good!
YELLOW really dazzled me with all that gorgeous color woman!
Hope your legs and feet are you Chiro or Physical therapy?
It does work wonders...have a new therapist, she got ride of my hand pain-one session!
Love you,

Julia said...

That photo with the big butt and little butt is just the best! I love the contrast between the two "nags" Hee hee. :)

BTW... My horses will forever be nags... FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME!!!

You know that story.

Dee Ann Kilbourn said...

I LOVE it!!!!!


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