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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Rug on Ebay

I have this Santa and Reindeer rug listed on eBay just in time for Christmas. Here is the link to see it there. Rug measures10.5X14.5 inches.

Most of the snow we got the other day has melted but tomorrow we are supposed to get about 2 inches of the white stuff! Will we have a white Christmas? Who can say; I myself would rather have a warm Christmas so I could ride!!! I haven't gotten to work Gilly on the long lines since I posted about it but we have done some work in the barn. He can be pretty pushy at times so I started making him do some foot work inside. The end of the barn he and Pokey occupy is about 14 by 24 feet so he can move around pretty well. We work on backing up, moving his butt around, this is a spin around on his front feet, stepping over one hind leg in front of the other and really moving that butt FAST. Now I just have to crouch down and look at his butt and he moves around in a hurry. He used to move at a slugs pace and have a very Ho-Hum look on his face, now he is very alert and hustles those feet for me. I have also been working on him lowering his head to put the halter on. He wants to hold his head up in the air, but now he is starting to lower it and be more respectful. This is something we work on everyday, rain, snow or sunny he can do this little bit of work inside; Pokey too.

I have to give both boys some worm paste the other day. I was hoping that Gilly would remember the work we had done with taking meds and he did. He still was a little resistant but then I got out a peppermint candy that was in a cellophane paper, it rattled so he was very interested; took his meds and I gave him his treat. It worked great. Pokey you just open his mouth, insert the tube and squirt it in, he makes a little face and that's it, he's a good little boy!!!

Has everyone gotten their Christmas shopping done yet? I haven't ...... still have a few more things to do; think I will shop the internet. So much easier, no crowds, no traffic, no standing in line.........I LOVE IT!!!!!!



Sydney_bitless said...

That is a beautiful rug. Someday I really do want to pay you to do one of my two grey girls.
Doing little ground work things like this goes a long way to other things.
LOL funny I was just explaining that my guys love to be wormed too much. I went out in the field the other day and Keebler came running up and just about mugged me of the syringe. Silly pony.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Jane, your rugs are all so nice! I hope you get high bids and lots of them!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's a very cute rug. And good for you working with Gilly even when the weather's not so nice.


Jacque. said...

ohmygosh, you're selling that rug? I remember when you made it...LOVE it! Hope you get good money for it.

Desert Rose said...

Your Santa rug is gonna just fly off the sales page!!! Your work is fantastic! I amm 90 % done shopping...need to get on the ball here and just get it done!!!

Jeni said...

Now I just have to remember my ebay login!!! Beautiful rug !! I love all the ones you do and like Syd would LOVE to commission you to do one of my girls, or even one of my dogs. Hmmm Christmas presents for next year ideas.

I need to do what you are doing with Rosie. I'm not even sure how to teach her to put her head down for me. How did you start with the big Gilly?

allhorsestuff said...

Snow is in your forcast, and not in ours! We are soggin' out normally so, for Oregon, in the rain!
Your Rug is too cool!
You'll sell it forsure Jane.
I missed the prettiest picture of my mare...I instantly thought of -a rug- being made by YOU of her...looking so Victorian Thoroughbred like. I had just unbraided her tail, and it was all wavey, she walked to her woods and had turned back to me, perfect-Should have had the camera!

Glad Gilly remebered his "medicine manners" for you.
I'm so fortuate that my sister did all the groundwork with Wa(now I just have to try and ride her!)
I put my arm in the air, over her head...she puts her head down. I also taught her to put her head down if I "click" . I give her a treat-chest level.

Pokey, what a good donkey boy! I just love hearing aobut him, I have my man come and read each time you post him.

Yes, there is always time ans space FOR GROUNDWORK. That is Wa's old stall dimentions...miss that room! Pantz has it now.

Hope that you can get a ride in sometime... keep up the ground work!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Beautiful rug Jane! I never had any success trying to do them!

Shopping is all done, I like to do it thru out the year so it's not so painful moneywise.

jane augenstein said...

Sydney, I can't say I blame Gilly for not wanting to take the wormer. I stuck a tiny bit on my tongue once, UCK!!! Horrible stuff! I think the peppermint helped! :-)

Alice, thanks, oh, I hope so too!

Lisa, thanks, any work is good work.

Jacque, yes, I decided to sell it, keeping my fingers crossed!

Desert Rose, thank you! I am almost done.

Jeni, thank you, I do dog portrait rugs too! :-)

Kacy, ahh, darn you missed a good picture. I have too, so many times; I usually try to carry my little camera all the time but the time you don't you know you are gonna miss one!!!
Don't know when I'll get to ride again. Yesterday and today rain, rain, rain tonight snow, snow, snow and really cold. this weather is awful, wish it would make up it's mind!!!

Gail, To me rug hooking is the easiest craft I have ever done. I love all the stuff that goes with it. Designing the patterns, dying of wool, cutting and hooking the piece.

Angie @ Ranch Dressing said...

Hey Jane, long time since I've had time to visit around. I like your banner and the Santa Rug! Hearing that you are working in the barn inspires me. I've not taken time to work with my boys in a while...we really could do some simple things inside while we are having such cold weather. Not finished shopping yet, but I'm sure it will all work out...always does. Merry Christmas!


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