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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow and cold

 We have gotten some snow, not a lot but it's very cold here too. Gilly and I haven't been out doing any work, cause I can't take the cold. Gilly and Pokey don't seem to care though. A few nights ago it was 7 degrees with the wind chill of -11, wow that is cold!!! Now, Gilly and Pokey can come and go as they please but that night, that cold night, they slept on the ground outside!!!! I know because I found a big spot on the ground where the snow was melted where they had been. In the barn there is a bed of thick sawdust for them to sleep on, I guess they weren't cold. I gave them lots of extra hay and have been since it's been so cold, they seem to prefer to be out in the weather. I check them to make sure neither are cold, both have thick long hair and are toasty warm.

Here is Lucy our Australian Shepherd who also thinks winter time is great! She has a double walled insulated dog house with lots of cedar bedding but a lot of time she too will sleep outside on the ground. One night she, this was a few years ago, slept out all night in a flower bed and was covered with snow. See? What a silly dog I have! She has a very heavy coat also and loves to play and roll in the snow. Not me, I'll stay in the house and keep warm cause I don't have a hairy coat like the critters do!

So Gilly is getting a break for now, it's too cold for me to be out to even do any work with him in the barn. I can't keep my fingers warm, I will have to look for some really warm gloves or mittens to keep my hands warm. I have some Mountain Horse gloves for winter but they aren't doing the trick.
What kind of warm gloves do you have for frigid weather???


Sydney_bitless said...

Brr I hear ya. Snow is much more fun when you have a sleigh though I would trade the snow for 90 degree weather personally. I can take the heat.

Jacque. said...

Love your header! My one collie, Cruiser, would lay out in the snow instead of his nice igloo, too. My hands and feet are never warm enough in the winter. brrrrrr

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Love your new header! I can't stand the cold anymore either.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Just to confirm for you ~ YES, your dog is crazy!!!! And I love your Christmas header, too! Merry Christmas, Jane!

from my front porch... said...

Jane, your new header is gorgeous! Love it :)
Some horseys are just silly! A warm barn and they still want to camp out!
I will be heading to Ohio next week. I will wave as we head down I-75!
Give your boys kisses from me!
xo, misha

allhorsestuff said...

Hi Sweet!
Wooo...that is bitterly C-C-COLD!
Isn't it nice to know that the animals realy are taken care of by nature..and you too!

Wa has lost some wieght...I don;t think the new owners think she needs as much not riding..but she barely gets fur, being Thoroubred. And she has a bvery high metabalism! So I wrote a note and asked more hay. They opffer up to 6 flakes a day. I would like 4 of those-for overnight...she alwswys ate all 4 flakes at my other place. But it was 6pm till 10 am. here it is 6-7pm to 6-7 am. It'll work out.

Your Header is so adorable!!!
Glad you are keeping inside. I havbe a set of gloves that are corny puffy kids type with flames..WARM, they are! And for the barn...I found this pair of mittens...leather palms and wool knit backs. They have the pinky finger and thumb I can even ride with em!

Rosanne said...

I used to have Chesapeake Bay Retrievers that did the same thing. Crazy dogs! If you are looking for good winter gloves for riding...try the Equestrian Waterproof Thermal Winter Riding Glove by SSG. They can be found at It's a great site for endurance riders gear!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Our Australian Sheperds love the snow too. We try to get the horses in every night, but sometimes they just refuse to come up. It's cold here too, so I don't understand why they prefer to stay outside. Guess they're not cold. Have a great Christmas, love your header.

jane augenstein said...

Sidney, I hear ya, I complain about the heat but I think I would rather have that than the snow, well, really I would rather have fall weather all year long.

Jacque, dogs are so funny! thanks I thought the boys looked good in Christmas decorations!

Gail, thanks, ya cold goes right through me anymore!

Alice, LOL, yes, Lucy is crazy, guess she has enough heavy hair and fat to keep her warm! Glad you like the new banner! :-)

Misha, I think Gilly thinks he is a wild mustang so he stays out. Maybe he likes looking at the stars at night! Thanks, I too like the banner, it was fun to make!
Heading for Ohio, be careful on your trip!!! Boys will get kisses!

Kacy, it's a little warmer, if you call 30 warm! LOL I thought about going for a ride today but then...I thought better of it! Still too cold, can't take it.
Hope Wa puts the weight back on, she will need it for winter!

Rosanne, oh, thanks for the info on the gloves! I did check the site out and am going to order a pair for myself....warm hands coming up!!! :-)

Grey Horse Matters, Aussie Shepherds must like the cold. Horses have lived outside for thousands of years so I guess they can handle the cold. I sure can't, nor do I want too! BRRRRRRR

Leah Fry said...

I keep looking at y'all's pretty snow, but nope, you keep it, thanks.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Brrr! That is cold! We got lots of snow, but are temps haven't been below 25F so far. In fact today our temps were back into the 50's so a lot of of snow has already melted from yesterday.

That's great that your dogs and Gilly and Pokey do so well outside. Baby Doll loved to be outside all the time and I rarely even put her in the barn. But Apache seems to get colder easier, even though she does get a thick coat.
It's worse, though when we get the wet, heavy snow like we did recently. I hate to see her shivering so I bring her inside the barn until the snow stops.

When we get dry powdery snow I won't worry as much because it won't soak her down to the skin.


ps Your new header is really cute :)

Linda said...

Very pretty, but that is some kind of cold! I'd be staying inside, too. The dogs look perfectly happy though in their thick coats!


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