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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

A big tree fell last night, Mike had worked all day putting on a new metal roof on one of our buildings. He had two more rows of roof to put on and it started raining, so we had to pack up and quit for the day.

We came inside, cleaned up, ate supper and were relaxing watching TV when, BAM...then the electric went off. Big tree fell, big tree. Mike went out and looked to see were it was. Right by the driveway and all over the road. This was 9:30, I called the electric company, they came out and restored electric; it didn't take out the lines but bounced them together to short out the power.

Mike worked for several hours clearing the road way so people could get by, one of the township guys came after I called to help with some of the clean up.

So with that said, today, Labor Day I fear we will be laboring with clean up. I am still hurting enough that I probably be much help but I'll do what I can. Township is suppose to come and help with the clean it is 1:30 and no sign of them yet.

Think I'll take a nap.......


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bummer. But at least you had already finished cooking dinner and the tree didn't fall on your house, right?

Hope you feel better soon,

allhorsestuff said...

Blast it all...glad power was able to be restored so quickly..sorry that the help did not arrive -just as speedily!

Edward said...

Oh sorry to hear that, what a lot of trouble that must have caused glad it didn’t fall on any one but having said that I don’t suppose anyone was likely to be in the way. Make sure you take it easy and don’t go hurting yourself by trying to help out too much.


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