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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Well, this was my ride today....funny it sure doesn't look like Gilly??? Although it can buck and be cranky just like him! LOL So why was I on this mechanical beast instead of my trusty stead? Cause the dang township guys don't want to seem to do any clean up on the big tree that decided to fall, knock out the power and make an extremely large mess.

This was Monday morning, leaves and branches everywhere, where does one start? Today I couldn't stand it and got the backhoe and my friend and riding buddy, Kim, came up and helped me. We raked, shoveled, used a pitchfork and piled the stuff in the backhoe bucket and made 7 trips back the hollow to dump it on the big burn pile back there. Mike and her husband will get the chain saws out Saturday, if it's not raining and start cutting up the pieces that can be used in the wood burning furnace. Kim and Randy have an outdoor wood furnace so it will go down the road to them.

Mike was going to come home early so we could do more but it started raining before Kim and I got the last load we had raked up. I was actually glad to see it rain....Kim and I were whipped and dog tired. Yes, I am still hurting but I guess when things have to get done you have to put that aside for a bit.....

One more bucket load was left in the ditch by the road but that's another day! It's supposed to rain for the next 3 days, hope they are wrong, more work to do...if I can keep it up. Thank goodness for Sore-No-More!!!  Hummm? Maybe I should order a case of the stuff.
Hope I can get out of bed tomorrow....LOL


Leah Fry said...

Yeah, I think after all that work, I prolly wouldn't have any energy left to ride.

allhorsestuff said...

Man...what happened to those township men?? Sorry they whimmped out when you needed them this time.

YOU are so smart to have that at home"Sore-no-more"!! I'm buying some for my house use, great idea!
I bet you are a bit wiped from that wor., I think may be a blessing it's raining, or you do yourself in Jane!

Hope this weather gives way to the best fal ever for riding with Kim soon!!Just love that you have a partner now!

Edward said...

Sounds like a lot of work but it looks like you have done a good job on clearing the road, nice work.


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