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Sunday, October 9, 2011

More big tree clean up

Our neighbor, Randy in the bucket of the backhoe watching Mike getting ready to pull a part of the huge oak out of the creek. This was a couple of weeks ago and we all worked for 5 hours cleaning up some of the mess.  Didn't get it all done though.
Mike, Randy and Craig all looking over what is still in the creek. They had just gotten out a big log that had been down in the water. You can see all that is left up on the hill yet to be removed. 

Big log coming out of the creek. It's a good thing they got it out cause a few days later we had on heck of a rain storm and it flooded the road and took a lot of the debris with it. I mean cleaned it off and removed some of the dirt on top of the rock baskets in the creek bank. The big log remained and this weekend Mike and I got it cut up and taken to the neighbors. Now the bank is clean again, but there are some holes I have to fill. It was a great weekend to be outside, wish I had been riding Gilly instead of cleaning up tree trash!

I am hoping that the coming week is nice, I wanna ride! Poor Gilly though, he has a lot of winter hair and gets pretty hot real quick. Poor outa shape slug.....LOL....just like me!!!

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