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Friday, October 21, 2011

The Fabric

Here is the fabric I bought yesterday at The Quilted Work  click on the link to see the beautiful shop and the gardens full of gorgeous day lilies....lots to see, check it out. The shop is only 10 miles from home and it's close to the stable where I take Gilly sometimes to ride in the indoor arena. I am also going to work there one or two days a week, fun!

Oh, boy! The fabric above is one of my favorites for sure! This will be good for western or English, pretty! Some of the fabrics I bought as yardage for a full pad and some 1/2 yard cuts for corner trims and such, it will speak to me with time to start sewing it.

 This beautiful indigo blue with snowflakes is pretty neat too, it's also a favorite.

 Not sure what I will do with this one but it caught my eye so......I had to buy it.

Two of these have strips that can be cut and used as decorative pieces, the black with the copper and silver outlined leaves is interesting and the copper metallic is another neat one.

Love the turquoise and black one is interesting, that one looks western wear type to me but I don't know yet.

Ahh, horses running in the snow this one may end up as a band on the front of a hoodie sweatshirt. Yes, I know we will be having that snowy look all too soon! Ugh!

WOW!!! Flames, I see this one on a black background and I have an idea that in-tales some decorative glitzy metallic thread, yes, I do machine embroidery too. So many ideas my head is going to burst! Maybe if I make a pad like this for Gil it will light a fire under him to move faster, think? I don't! LOL
I started another pad this evening, will finish it tomorrow and start another one.

I have lots and lots of fabric from when I quilted years ago but one can never have too much fabric! ;-)


Jeni said...

Wow !!! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Can you make something like these?


Leah Fry said...

Ooh, my friend Heather would love a pad with those flames.


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