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Monday, October 31, 2011

Gilly's wool saddle pad

 I made Gilly a wool saddle pad with wool I used to hook rugs. Since I am not hooking now I thought I would put it to good use. Wool is a natural fiber and so good at wicking water away and cooling, I thought why not?

I used three layers of wool on each side of the pad and the yellow line is where I put a another layer of wool for more support where the saddle will sit. This design was used from my ThinLine pad. Pad feels all soft and cushy and I used it on Gilly for the first time this afternoon. (same pad color looks darker in house)

I almost forgot to take the picture of the pad on Gilly after my ride. I had removed the girth and was about to remove the saddle when I remember, take a picture!
I have ordered a sheepskin rug so I can make Gilly a fleece girth cover, I didn't like the ones I found on line so I thought I would make one myself....yea, I'm like that.
I haven't been able to ride for about a week, going to chiropractor but am on the mend so I rode today, between rain showers. Gilly was good, we had fun. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, no rain! So I want to get another ride in and then hit the sewing room and get busy on some more saddle pads.


Edward said...

Looks good I am sure it must be very comfy, no rubbing and all that. I am using a tatty old numnah at the moment but it has some sheepskin at the withers so I like to use it, have you thought about making a saddlecloth or something like that with sheepskin on it, I am sure you’d do a cracking job. Anyhow all looks good the Gilly wear is going great!

jane augenstein said...

Hi Edward, thanks for commenting! Yes, I think Gilly likes the pad and I am add some sheepskin to it or maybe make a half pad too.
I got to ride for a short time today until my leg started hurting. Seems like it has gotten some better but not enough to ride for very long, darn! I have to ride these few days that the weather is nice. I fear that bad winter weather is just around the corner!

allhorsestuff said...

I'll try another you.d of comment posting...tried last week and it got eaten twice.

Lovely!! You are making nice progresses. I tried to tell you .lived the flames and blue materials in last post!

Hey, may have you make me a thinnest pad you can, with some pockets for my thinline inserts. I'll get to measuring...get back with you.


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