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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Indigo snowflake pad

Here is another pad I just finished sewing the beads on yesterday while I was sick. I added some lens flares on a few of the beads so you can see them. I used iridescent glass bugle beads. I LOVE this one, these beads really BLING in the sunshine.

This is posted on my web site to see more info. I may have to Photo Shop this one on Gilly to see how it would look on him. As you know he can't model them cause he is a dirt ball and would get them filthy!!! Can't have that!

Tomorrow I am making cranberry salad, YUM and sweet potato pies tomorrow for Turkey Day! Hum? Maybe I can sneak in some sewing time! ;-)

Have a great Thanksgiving!!


allhorsestuff said...

OH!!! I adore this one...I wonder if i can get my husband to look at it? You are doing such fantastic work!
Sorry you were sick, and cute you worked on this even though! I would be the same..I get hooked on projects and the creativity flows out!
I'm going over now to see the specs~

Emme said...

It is stunning Jane. Just spectacular. Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Jeni said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Gosh I need to save some pennies!

Cranberry salad and sweet potatoe pie?? YUMMMMMM .... No idea what/where husband and I will land for dinner tomorrow.

Edward said...

Oh wow I love a bit of bling for the horses this pad is very nice it’s very seasonal too! Keep up the cracking work.


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