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Friday, November 18, 2011

Western pad

 Here is my first western saddle pad, not for sale, I made this one for my neighbor Kim and her horse Messina. It also has wither relief in the front. Fabric is mottled blue with flecks of silver, I quilted it with silver metallic thread and a silver ribbon between the bias binding and pad. She sparkles! I will be making more western pads soon.

Here is my sewing room, yes, it's packed full of "stuff" and Kitty thinks she needs to come in and keep me company. Either that or she is hiding from the dogs! I had to re-arrange my work area a few days ago, the other lay out just wasn't working. This is much better, now I have access to both sides of the cutting table (where the blue pad is) the red table is behind the sewing machine so when I am quilting a pad it has someplace to rest. Before the pad would be over the edge of the sewing table and pulling toward the floor. The sewing table was facing the window before now I am sitting sideways to it, I like that I can still see out the window to keep an eye on the boys when they are down that way.

I thought maybe today, it's so sunny here, that I may get out to ride. Well, after I was outside for a bit I decided against it. It just looks nice outside, the wind is very sharp, biting and it's colder down in this hollow too, so I decided to stay inside. I'm not one for being cold. BRRRRR! Boy, I don't know if I'll make it through the winter! We don't even have snow yet.....where's my long underwear???

I am thinking that the dogs have the right idea. All four of them are on the couch and have wrapped themselves in a fuzzy blanket, napping. Hum, maybe I'll join them....


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Love your new saddle pads! If I had a horse, I would have one for every season and holiday:)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That looks like a very functional sewing space. My sewing table is squished between the exercise equipment and the entertainment center. I love seeing your saddle pad creations.

jane augenstein said...

Jennifer, thank you, yes, I may have to make some for Gilly in seasonal fabrics. Especially Christmas, a really fancy one, hum? Ideas, ideas!

NuzzMuzz, yes, the sewing room is very functional. I used to sew for a fiber artist making clothing so I have sewn for years. I like to have things laid out where there is no wasted space or wasted time working. It's nice to have a room just for sewing! :-) I will have more western pads coming soon.

allhorsestuff said...

You found such a cool creative niche with your pads!! I love that sparkling blue pad. Kim is gonna love it too.
Hope you chlilaxed yesterday! I rode in our first snow( not intentionally) ;)

horse care said...

Hello Jane, just wanted to let you know that we were so impressed with your saddle pads that we've featured them on our Horse Sense Blog here
and we've mentioned you on
Wishing you every possible luck with your new venture.
We would also be interested in featuring Gilly on our Horse of the Week blog and will email you about that.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Those are beautiful pads. Wish I could sew like that. I'm afraid the best I can do is easy curtains. Love your work space. I have to drag out my machine and set it up on the kitchen table when I attempt something. Seasonal pads would be a great idea. I think snowflakes on midnight blue would be a pretty combo for Christmas season.

Oz Girl said...

Oh, it's been so long since I've visited... Jane, I LOVE your craft room. I am so jealous! I've been thinking lately, how to make my guest bedroom more friendly to me so that I feel inclined to work on my photography more! Your room is divine, a sanctuary. I love it. And your saddle pad is gorgeous too. You've sure added to your talents since I visited last. :-)



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