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Monday, July 2, 2012

Storms in Ohio

Horrific storms cut through Ohio Friday night and now we are in a state of emergency. From Columbus, Ohio to Charleston, WV it knocked out power for thousands of people. Slowly it's coming back on but we may be out for another 5 to 6 days. We have a generator but gasoline is difficult to come by right now. 

We only had some tree tops come down out here on the farm, no damage to house, barn or outbuildings. Lucky for us we have gravity fed water to the house so electric or no we still have water. So far refrig and freezer are being kept going by generator and I can get on the internet when we power up. No phones or cell phones, hard to find out what's going on out there sometimes!

Gilly and Pokey are doing well, they don't even seem to know anything is different except that they have no fan! ahh, poor boys! LOL

As long as we can find gasoline to run the generator we will be fine. Hoping that I can make a run to town, 16 miles away, to get dog food and horse food in a few days!


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

We got slammed last night! I know Findlay is without power. Thankfully my parents who live outside of Toledo still have power!
What a summer so far!!!!
Stay safe and cool :)
xo, misha

jane augenstein said...

Misha, I saw your post this morning, man these storms are horrific!!! You stay safe too and try to keep cool. It's hard to NOT know what is going on outside the farm. And having no phone or cell phone is kind of scary, I am being very careful when outside. Heat is still a big problem also, 90's and humid across the board here, I need a big cave!!! LOL

carol - horse care courses said...

So pleased to hear that you are all safe and sound, hope that things return to normal soon. Take care.

Paint Girl said...

Hope things get better soon!! I hate being without power for days but it is usually winter when that happens!
Stay cool and safe!!

allhorsestuff said...


We too, all the way over here on Oregon, had an "Emergency Broadcast Service" interruption for the area Friday and Saturday.

I am very glad to hear the animals only have a fan interruption and sorry to hear of gas being so short. huh. You can get as much as you want here, for like $4.00 a gal.
Let us know how things are going , if ya can.

Spooky- Crazy stuff in weather all over!


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