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Saturday, December 13, 2008

If a Tree Falls in the Woods???

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to see it does it still make a sound when it hits the ground?
Damned right it does; especially if it's at 5:40 in the morning and you are fast asleep in your warm fleece sheets! The sound was so loud and the vibration from it hitting the ground shook the house! Then there was the big orange fire ball that lite the place up as the top branches hit the power lines causing the top one to hit the bottom one; the sound of the electrical appliences in the house screeching as the electric blinked off and on several times before dieing completely! Then everything went dark, thank goodness for the full moon outside! Just the day before I looked out the front upstairs window to a tree just on the edge of the creek wondering when it was going to fall. It is in the process of dieing and has some sort of fungus growing at it's base; but that's not the tree that fell and I'm glad for that. It would probably hit the front porch and take both power lines with it on the way to the ground! The tree that fell, must have been dead because there were no small top branches (see picture)

For some strange reason the pieces of the tree didn't cover the road? It looks like it bounced and rolled to the edges. We didn't see this until the sun was coming up, couldn't really see it in the moon light. I haven't gone out yet to see what is in the creek. The pictures of it were taken from the upstairs bathroom window.

I had to get up and find a flashlight and locate the old rotary phone, remember those???, for all the fancy technology having a rotary phone coming in handy when the electric is off! I called the electric company and finally after what seemed like 20 minutes got a LIVE person. Before getting her though the automated answering machine went through a list of three options, then said press 1, 2 or 3 on your phone....NO.....I can't use my push button phone because the electric is OFF!!!! So finally after it didn't get a response it said for those using a rotary phone speak the number one, two or three. OK, this is good, so I said "one", we are sorry we couldn't understand your response! GRRRRR, so I did this 4 times before they could hear me..........glad this wasn't an emergency!!!!! So finally when the "person" gets on the phone I was able to tell her our address and that a tree had fallen but didn't know if the lines were down. She would send the repair truck out. I thought OK it's gonna be awhile; but no! Within 45 minutes the truck was coming down our road, stopped for a minute then went on down the road to the sub station. A few minutes later the electric was back on and there was a knock at the door. A service man from the power company was there on the porch, thanking me or reporting the location of the downed tree, said it saved them hours of searching for it along the lines! Yippee for the power company!! You don't realize just how important to you power is until you don't have it.

I am sure it scared the heck out of Gilly and Pokey; but when I was taking the pictures out the window they were by the back of the house sunning themselves. They came to attention when I opened the window and thought surly it must be time to eat breakfast, right??? Not yet, boys, you will survive a few more hours....go back to sleep! I will be there shortly.


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Yikes! I bet that was scary. Gilly looks so cute in the snow:)

jane augenstein said...

Yes, it was scary!Why do things like this only seem to happen when it's dark?
If you noticed, Gilly has dried mud all over; he and Pokey are having a contest to see who can get the dirtiest!

Mary said...

Very scary! Actually, I'm very impressed with your electric service company, after getting through the phone annoyance.

Glad you are all OK and Gilly and Pokey only had food on their mind... :o)

Jacque said...

hmmmm...thought I commented on this one. things happen at your house, hey???


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