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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reindeer dog and the beautiful necklace........

On Christmas Day we went to my niece's for dinner. Lots of great food, got to see her newly finished basement, very nice! Zek the dog was entertaining with his reindeer antlers on. Couldn't get the green pet eyes to be normal so here he is with green eyes. Actually they don't look bad; colors are fitting for Christmas, don't you think? He was in their church play and was supposed to be a wild cow running across the stage, from one side to the other. He did great, my niece was on the other side with a doggie treat so he raced across to get it almost loosing his antlers in the process!
Mike gave me this necklace Christmas Eve; I was blown away!!! First off we weren't supposed to get each other a gift, we stopped doing that years ago. Instead we always buy something we want for the house; besides he is way too hard to buy for anyway!
This beauty was made by an artist from Isreal named Ayala Bar (you can see it on the oval metal peice at the end of the chain) I must say she does gorgeous work and Mike out did himself with this purchase, just beautiful! I am sure you can find out more about Ayala Bar by typing her name into Google or another search engine.
I am still having a lot of trouble with my internet provider so tomorrow I am changing to another one and will have to change my email address and go to a gizillion sites to change things, oh, fun! I am hoping that by doing this I will be able to upload and download things much faster, what I have now isn't a lot better then slow dial up; very aggraviting to say the least! That is one thing about living out in the country, sometimes you don't have a lot of choices about your TV or internet connections. We have no cable, high speed phone lines, nor can we get cell phone service down in the hollow..........but then the advantages of living out far outweigh the negitives! It's quiet, hardly any traffic on our road, save the people that live out here and the mailman; so I'll take that any day! :-)
Have a Happy New Year!!


The Prairie House Primitives said...

Oh Jane its beautiful!!! I hope you are feeling better and got your internet issues fixed! As a fellow sticks dweller i know how irritating that is! When you have a moment check out my blog~we have a new addition to the family!

blackfeatherfarm said...

What fun post, dogs are always a hit with me of course. Your new necklace is so beautiful, hubby did well ! Good luck with your internet service too ! Happy New Year !!!

Sandy said...

What a gorgeous necklace!

Have a great new year. Love your banner photo.

jane augenstein said...

Thanks! I too hope the internet thing gets ironed out, so far so good!

dexmangoldens said...

Jane--Happy New Year and have fun with all of your critters. Gilly sure has grown!! Beautiful necklace!! Will have to google the maker. Julie

jane augenstein said...

Hi Julie!!! It took me a minute to figure out who you I know; Jacques sister!!!
How are ya? Yes, Gilly boy has turned out to be quite a big boy.
Good to hear from you; have a Happy New Year!


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