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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

Today we started installing bamboo hardwood flooring in our big walk-in closet by our bedroom. This closet is quite large, 9'x16'; it grew to that size when we added on 8' to the house 3 years ago and brought the bathroom up to the level of the rest of the upstairs. Long story but now all the upstairs is on the same level, no more stairs to go up and down to the upstairs bathroom.
Mike spotted this flooring when we were at Lowe's last year. We put this same flooring in the computer room when we renovated it. This is great flooring and the color we chose for upstairs and down is called spice; it sort of reminds me of maple.
Here Mike is working away with a rubber hammer tapping the tongue and groove in the boards together. The funny looking orange handled thing is the pneumatic nail gun which makes the work go really fast!
A shot farther back, I was actually in the bedroom taking the picture so I could get most of the length of the closet. You can't really see the actual color of the bamboo because of the lighting and it's night time. It has a soft warm glow to it.
This is a little closer to the color we were getting close to calling it a day, we worked for 6 hours and got half of it finished. Oh, sore achy muscles! More Mike than me, I always get to be the go-fer person on these jobs. I handed boards, laid them out on the floor, swept up the sawdust when boards had to be cut. Carried out the empty flooring boxes, ran up and down the stairs for all sorts of things. When the floor is finished then we have to decide what kind of wood we will use for the base boards and then work on trimming the windows, yes, this walk in closet has windows in it! There is also a pocket door to be installed and the trim around it. This is one of those projects that we don't get in a big hurry about; it'll get done when it's done!
Although sometimes I do wish I had a magic wand that I could wave and it would all be finished!
(sigh), wonder if Lowe's carries them????


Jacque said...

Nice flooring! You poor thing...I think you should be the supervisor, not the gofer! haha!!! Happy New Year!

jane augenstein said...

You are so right, I should be the supervisor! I will see if I can get that job! LOL

Thistlebrooms said...

Boy Do I know some people who'd want THAT closet!!! (Me one of them)...Probably could live in it...
Beautiful color flooring Jane...I don't think Lowe's carries Wand's but when they do PLEASE let me be the first to know...
My Best...Marilyn

jane augenstein said...

Ok, Marilyn I well be sure to let you know!
Yes, it's one very large closet and I love it. We have all the flooring down now and waiting to do the baseboard and trim, probably this coming weekend. Then maybe start on the window trim and door. Mike is putting in a pocket door into the bathroom from the closet, nice!


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