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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures of the Past

In looking for pictures of a dog I came across some old pictures of old horses; and a wedding invitation from 1910. So I thought I would do a post on the past. The picture below is my great-grandfather Pinkney Abbott. I have never heard of this name before but that is what is on his tombstone. I believe there are more pictures of him somewhere........but that's another post. The barn looks to be fairly new here I don't know what the date is of the picture. I love the two mule hitch and the buckboard wagon. I wonder why the wagon tongue is so long? Anyone know, I have no clue.

Below is a picture of a wedding invitation that my grandmother had addressed to her parents; Mr. and Mrs. Silvester Helm.

The folded wedding invitation with embossed flowers and wedding bells.

Inside, with the names and dates (click on picture to see close up), it says:
Mr. and Mrs. S. Helm request your presence at the marriage of their daughter Clara Belle to Mr. Seth L. Abbott, Wednesday afternoon, June first nineteen hundred and ten at two o'clock Belpre, Ohio.

The picture below is dated June 1st 1910 the day my grandparents got married. The young girl in the picture, far left if my grandfather's sister Alice, then my grandmother, grandfather and the horse is Lady. I know this because it's on the back of the picture. The little dog, I don't know it is not named.

This is a rug I hooked that was in Early American Life Crafts Directory for 2007. I added more elements than what is in the photo; more of the farm. The orchard, the barn and the family cemetery. I moved them up on a hill behind the barn so more of the farm could be seen.

Again I don't know when this picture was taken but that is my sister in the wagon with grandpa so maybe it's in the early 40's. She and my brother stayed with our grandparents when our mom was in a sanatorium with TB; this was before I was born. Looks to be two horses but it could be a mule on the other side of the horse. No names on the back of the picture.

This is my brother when he was Arizona in 1959, the year before our mother died. He worked on a cattle ranch then, this is the only picture I have of him riding a horse. Looks like the stirrups are too short. My brother was 6'4" tall, looks like a good sized horse. I see a rope, did my brother rope cattle too? Don't know I never asked him much about this picture and now I can't; wish I had because I would like to know more now.

Ahhhh, now this one.........this is me back in 1966. How funny is this? I had been to the Belpre Homecoming Parade; this was a big thing in our town the end of summer. A parade to kick it off, carnival rides in the park, lots of food and a gathering of people, a reunion of sorts. I won a trophy that year, just for being in the parade, wow, I thought it was really something! Notice the white hooves of my horse Trigger, this was my first horse. His feet, stirrups and the reins were all done white with liquid shoe polish. Why??? Thought it looks cool I guess. Even my blanket has some kind of tinsel like glitter stuff sewn on it. My aunt and uncle in Arizona had sent me the turquiose pants, pink shirt and turquoise hat; my boots were a gift from my brother at Christmas; oh, yes I had a turquoise bolo tie too! I had taught Trigger to park out, he had to look like a show horse.
How fun looking back at the past.


Sarah said...

Wow Jane - what a wonderful horsey history! The pictures are so nice - I love to see old pics with a history!! The first thing I thought when I saw your brother was - "Wow short stirrups - lol". I love the picture of you!! I used to boot black my horses hooves for show too!! Did you ever use that shiney hair spray on them - loved that stuff. Thanks for sharing - lovely journey with you!!!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Ooo, I LOVE old horsey photos! Thank you so much for sharing. I should do a post soon. I don't have many though. Your pony was so cute with his white feet. I used my grandmother's lovely red lipstick to paint up their pony like an Indian war horse. She was ticked off!!!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

What a great post! Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed seeing the old photos and reading their history. You looked great with your Trigger! I bet that pic brings back fond memories for you.

allhorsestuff said...

Hello Jane...Ooou I miss the fiddle music!

I love all the pictures and you know what?! My mom-in-laws name was Helm! Huh!
And..I am trying to get my mom to dig me up some photo's of my first pony, Trixie. She was a chestnut and white, Welsh pinto pony.
Isn't funny how we would take a fance to a color or concept and run with it..white tack!

Pony Girl said...

Those are so great, thanks for sharing! It's really special you have such memoirs from your family. I wish I had some like that. I have a few, but none with horses. Then again, maybe there weren't any least not on my dad's side.
I love that you made a hooked rug from that photo. I love the name Clara Belle! ;-) And you and your pony~ SO cute and priceless!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Jane ~ How lucky you are to have all those mementos ~ and your great rug to commemorate the old farmstead ~ thanks for sharing!!

Rising Rainbow said...

That's great that you were able to have horses in your family and could grow up with them.

The pic of you with the pony is very cute! You both look like you're having a good time.

dexmangoldens said...

Happy Trails!! What nice pictures! You should frame them to help preserve them. I bet the mule hitch is so long because it was made to accomodate the larger draft horses too. Short stirrups on your brother! How funny!
Have a great day.Julie

blackfeatherfarm said...

GREAT post, I collect old photos, so I just LOVE them ! I really like that you made a hooked rug of the one, it is wonderful ! The photo of you and your pony is so precious ! The only pony I had was a stick horse that I rode down to a nub.
Could be the hitch was made for four, but could be used with two. Or maybe your other reader is right, that it was to accomodate draft breeds.

jane augenstein said...

Sarah, yes, short stirrups LOL I never thought of hair spray back then. That would have helped the hair stay in place.

Oh, Jennifer, too funny about the red lipstick!!!

All of these pictures are close to my heart, especially the ones of my horses, I miss those two, long gone now.

The rug I did of my grandparents and their farm is special, at one time I used to keep my horse, Trigger there. This was after they had sold the farm to another family and I went to school with the daughter of the people living there at the time. At was a beautiful farm.


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