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Being with a horse is a journey that never ends. What they have to teach us is amazing; but we must quiet our mind to hear them. ~ jca


Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Adventure....Yoga

This is a view from my yoga teachers house, well, her yard down below the front of her house. The river in the picture is the beautiful Ohio River and the partial view of a flat field is her riding arena. With, I might add, a view of the river. You can't see the fence around the arena because of the trees.
As we came up the drive that curved around the hillside this is the view of the back of Vicki's house. Her grandfather built it in the 1920's patterned after an English Country Manor; mostly all stone. It's beautiful! Her dance/yoga studio is in the basement and it's big and gorgeous!
Here is a part of the front of the house, will have to take more pictures in the spring when the weather is nicer and the lighting is better. It was dreary, cold and very windy when we were there.
This is Vicki and her horse Ben, yes his name is just Ben and his is taller than big Gilly, about 17 hands. A beautiful dark dappled silver gray. What a good horse he is too and knows some tricks. He will kiss, hug (really he does hug you; curves his head and neck around to hug you, cool!!!) will also pawl the ground with one foot or the other depending on which one you point at. Ben is about 6 months older than Gilly and in dressage training. Will try to get a better picture of him this spring or summer.(wish the gate hadn't been in my road!)
How would you like to have a big 1,200 pound plus horse give you a kiss??? Now I love my horse but I'm not sure I would try this! Ben curls his lip and puts it right on Vicki's mouth, then he gets a carrot for being a good boy. Maybe there should be a warning on this picture......
KIDS, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!! I think I'll pass, not sure if I would trust either of mine at this time to do that.
More about the class at another post.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Jane that is a beautiful house!! And good for you for doing yoga ~ I took classes years ago ~ need to start again! Good luck ~ you'll be a new and more flexible Jane!!!

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Jane, that horse is BEAUTIFUL! I would love a hug from him, pass on the kiss though.;)

Thistlebrooms said...

It's so wonderful to have such trust between animal & human, Being another animal lover as yourself, I've always had more trust in animals. The love & care you show your animal friends they always pay you back with their loyalty...AND isn't that what it's really all about...
My Best...Marilyn
P.S. AND what a place to beable to take yoga lessons...Any room left???

JoJo said...

What lovely pictures, Jane. Vicki's home is stunning but I must warn you.....if she turns her back, I'm going to try and make off with Ben. What a gorgeous horse he is!!

blackfeatherfarm said...

What a charming place she has, and what a huge horsey kiss from that beautiful boy ! I would have to wear a life jacket to ride in if my arena was by the river, bi-athalon, riding, launched right into swimming.

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there, thanks for commin on by allhosestuff ! I will be back to get to know you!

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there, thanks for commin on by allhosestuff ! I will be back to get to know you!

gtyyup said...

Beautiful house!! And I agree on those horse kisses...I wouldn't trust my bunch!

Thanks for stoppin' by my blog...enjoy getting to know everyone!

Happy Trails~~


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