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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hoof Trim and Trip to Emergency Room.....

What started out as a fun day for the horses on Tuesday turned into something I sure didn't expect!
Took Gilly and Pokey to Kim's to play in the snow with Lacy until time for their hooves to be trimmed. This is something we do every 6 weeks; the hoof trim and play time for the critters. Lacy was really wound up and Kim thought she could keep her out from under the back shed while I brought Pokey and Gilly in to be turned loose. Not a good idea, as it turned out. Kim tried to keep Lacy back but she bolted under the shed roof and headed straight for Gilly. For some reason she likes to beat him up if she can, well he was having none of that and kicked back as she tried to bite him. Then he bolted forward and out into the pasture; in his hast to get away from trouble he smashed me up against a wooden shelf. It spun me around, so my chest was against the shelf and then Lacy decided to kick at Gilly. She missed him and caught me square in the back and ribs! I had a very heavily padded coat on so that absorbed some of the force of the kick and she was pretty close to me, thank goodness. Boy, oh, boy did that ever hurt!!!! I didn't hear anything snap so I figured I didn't have any broken bones. I figured I would be OK but sure was sore.

As you can see from some of the pictures Gilly is trying his best to stay out of Lacy's reach. She chased him around the field, trying to get Pokey separated from Gilly; Pokey wasn't having any of that. He always managed to slip around her and come back to Gilly.
Gilly is still running from the mean mare and Pokey is just standing with his eyes shut, wondering what all the fuss is about!
Gilly strutting his stuff with Pokey in tow. Look at how flexible Gilly's tail is.
More of Gilly showing off. He loves to run and play on flat land, since our field is very hilly when he comes down to Kim's he loves to run and run.

Pokey is getting his little hooves trimmed and isn't to sure that he likes it; but he did very well this time and stood good for Mike to trim him. As long as I rubbed his neck and ears he seemed pretty contented. (behind me is the wooden shelf I was smashed against.)
Big Gilly is getting his feet trimmed and he was good too. His feet have come a long way since we first started the "barefoot" trim. He has beautiful big strong feet now!
A little advertising for Mike...............
Taking the boys home. This was about noon and the stiffness and aching in my ribs was getting worse. Still I thought I could tough it out.
About 4:30 I called my daughter at work and told her what had happened and she said I had better to and have my chest X-rayed. On thinking about it I decided it was a good idea because if the pain got really bad it could be a long night.
When Mike came home we got into the truck and headed to the emergency room. I had quite a few X-rays which showed no breaks or cracks in any bones, thank goodness. Then I got a pain shot, felt like a swarm of bees stung my butt!!! OUCH!!! In about 15 minutes I didn't much care about anything but going home. Stopped by a pharmacy to fill a perscription for pain medicine.
Mike has been feeding Pokey and Gilly in the morning for me, it takes me awhile to get limbered up and ready to face the cold we are having. Cleaning up the barn takes some doing, my ribs, back and chest are really sore so it's hard to lift my right arm to do much. I figure if I keep working at it I will work through the soreness; but just wish it wasn't in the teens and windy! Makes for a hurried job at the barn! Gilly and Pokey don't seem to mind the cold, they eat their hay and venture outside for awhile before it's time for supper. Lucy has been sleeping in the snow!!! She has an insulated dog house to sleep in but doesn't go in it much.........she must have one heck of a good heavy coat of hair!


Jacque said...

oh, you poor thing. Mean Lacy! Love seeing Gilly and Pokey running around outside...they're so handsome!

gtyyup said...

Well, I'm sure glad you didn't get hurt that bruises...that's a very scary situation to be're very lucky. I'm always afraid I'm going to get my head kicked when I feed my "Wild Bunch" (that's 3 of my mustangs and 2 burros). They are all gentle, but with that many swarming around you in haste for food, anything can happen.

Hey, stop on by my blog...I've got a lil' somethin' for ya!

JoJo said...

Thank the good Lord, Jane, that you weren't seriously hurt. But you're going to smart something bad for a couple of weeks. Your pictures are so beautiful and Gilly is one gorgeous horse. I wonder why Lacy is so bent on doing Gilly harm? But at least Pokey is there to help protect Gilly from that mean woman!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Oh, poor Jane ~ Glad you're okay, friend! It sounds scary to me ~ but I do love the pix of your four-legged kids! Beautiful animals, for sure ~ I love that little Pokey!
Take care and stay warm!!

jane augenstein said...

Lacy isn't really mean other than when Gilly first comes to visit. Women, go figure??? She is really bent on taking Pokey because she has it in her head that he is her baby. She has had at least one baby that Kim knows of so she has that mother instinct. But Pokey is attached to Gilly and he will always run to him; then Gilly runs from Lacy.
Next time though I will be out of the field BEFORE Lacy is allowed to come out of her stall. I can't move as fast as Gilly to get out of her road!
PMS, full moon, cold weather = crazy mare!!
I am still hurting but will get better, just glad that I have no broken bones! :-)

Jan said...

Oh Jane, how much I enjoy your blog. Your boys are just so human to me from the way you write. I read your blog every day. It starts my day perfect. I'm glad none of your ribs were broken and that you are on the mend.

Mary said...

Jane, I'll have to keep reading to see if you are feeling better!


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