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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pictures of the Past II

I had intended to post this a few days ago but we had an ice storm, then snow so we were without power for 30 hours; some around here are still without power. We do fine when this happens because we have a very big generator and it will run the whole house. Mike got one this large several years ago just for that reason and we have power outages a lot out here in the country.
The above picture is a pen and ink drawing that I did in 1968 in art class at school. The summer before I had been to an Arabian horse ranch in Arizona when visiting family there.

This was from the same time period as the one above but this is a linoleum block print of a drawing.

This picture was taken on my way to the Homecoming parade in 1967, I was 16 years old. I had been in Arizona visiting an aunt and uncle for the summer. I had bought the Indian blanket and the new hackamore for Trigger. Boy, I sure did love that horse, he was my first horse; paint or pinto (deep red and white with two blue eyes)

This is the last picture of Trigger that I have. He was 17 years old and I had sold him to a family years before; he wasn't ridden then, he was just out to pasture with the cows. Our daughter Jennifer is sitting on his back and my niece Brenda is on the other side of Trigger. Trigger died the following year.

This is Copper the second horse I had and the little calf is Willie. Copper thought this was her baby, she never had a baby but I think she would have been a wonderful mom.

We bottle fed Willie and when he was finished he would turn to Copper and nurse! She had no milk but he thought that by working at it long enough he would get more to eat. That never happened; when he got older and much bigger he would butt her to let down the "milk", Copper finally said, "Hey, kid....enough already! It's time you are weaned." She kicked him a few times and that put a stop to nursing! She was very protective of him even when he was much bigger.

This is a picture that I had on another post of Copper pulling a sleigh. That was so much fun! Gilly you are going to learn to do this someday! If I had a sleigh and harness now this would be a good time to teach him, we had a lot of snow now!!

Copper when she was 12, she had filled out quite a bit by then but she was a small horse. Not near the size of Big Gilly.


dexmangoldens said...

What a great artist you are! Love the pen and ink drawing, but then I also love horses! I knew you were creative/artsy!! Isn't it fun to go back and look at old pictures and relive those awesome memories! Julie

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I LOVE the photos. So nice. The picture of Copper "nursing" the calf is hilarious.
The pen & ink is gorgeous. You should really do more!

dexmangoldens said...

What a great artist!! Isn't it fun to look at old pictures and relive those memories?? Get Gilly hitched up to pull the sleigh next year! Julie

Sarah said...

Oh hon - these are wonderful!!! I love seeing all the old pics!! How wonderful to see your daughter on the same horse! He was beautiful!! Thank for sharing these!!!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Love looking at old photos! Trigger reminds me of my first love Sam. An old pinto I had when I was 10. He had to have been in his 20's.

Pony Girl said...

I LOVE these old pictures! Trigger was so gorgeous and Copper was just a cutie with that calf, what an amazing little friendship they had there!
And your artwork is really great, too! Do you still draw?
Hang in there with the ice storm, I'm glad you have power! I hope you and the crew stay warm and cozy!

jane augenstein said...

Julie, thanks for the compliments on my work, yes, it is fun to remember all those horses and things of the past.

jane augenstein said...

Jennifer, thanks! In school I loved doing pen and ink; I had a whole big folder full of my pictures but somehow they have managed to get lost over the years. I have no idea where they all went.

Sarah, yes, that is a neat picture with Jennifer on Trigger. I wish I could have kept him into his old age.

Gail, I too was 10 when my father bought Trigger for me and he was a two year old. We had lots of good times together.

Pony Girl, Copper loved that calf. She was very particular where he was allowed to go. If he got too close to the creek she would have a fit and run him back to the barn, scolding him all the way. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!

Mary said...

Jane, have you nourished your wonderful drawing talent since the 60's? Please say yes.

Thanks for sharing your horses of the past. Good memories...great times.

Smart to have a generator!


Mary said...

Jane, you probably have heard of Stacey Westfall's Horsemanshp. Here's a video you might really enjoy. Check out this link, scroll down and click on Video and view the one "Bareback".

I hope it works.


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I left you a blog award at my blog if you want to come pick it up. :-)

jane augenstein said...

Mary, no unfortunately I have not continued with my drawing. Right now I am at a loss to do any art work, hooking or anything else. :-(
I should pick up my pencil or pen and start drawing again, sigh.
Having a generator is a "good" thing!

Jacque said...

Hey Jane...thank goodness for planning ahead and having a generator, hey Girl? Love the pictures...didn't know you could draw! Fond memories of pets owned. Gotta love those photos!

PS dexmangoldens is my sister, Julie.

Sandy said...

Beautiful pen and ink drawing you did. I enjoyed the horse photos.

WoolenSails said...

What wonderful pictures of your memories with your horses. Someday I would like to do some rugs from old photos.


Anonymous said...

Loved that you shared these great pics with us....such wonderful memories!
Your pen and ink drawings are beautiful Jane.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Time to get the pen and ink out excuses:)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I enjoyed seeing pics of your horse art. Are you still creating art?
I also liked seeing pics of your special horses. They brought a smile to my face :)



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