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Friday, January 23, 2009


"Gilly says, catch me if you can Lacy, you're IT!"

OK, this is a new one for me, I have never been tagged before...thanks Jennifer!

So,here goes........ 6 random things about myself...

1. I have been in love with horses all my life. My first horse love was a huge sorrel work horse named Prince, he lived to be 32 years old. I was 4 when I first remember seeing him.

2. My first horse was named Trigger, after Roy Rogers horse Trigger. But my Trigger was a paint with blue eyes.

3. The longest car ride I have ever take was a trip to San Diego, California. My parents drove my big brother there to a Marine base in Dec. of 1955.

4. My favorite place I have ever been to is the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

5. In high school my favorite subject was art class!

6. After not having a horse for 20 years I got a rescue colt 5 years ago. With this one, I have been bucked off, rolled on twice and so far have not had any broken bones!! That's more than the other two horses I had did to me.

Now I have to tag 6 others, (if you don't want to play that's OK....if you do that's great!)

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Sarah said...

LOL Jane - love your six!!! I think they know when we are older and those rolls hurt more!! Jennifer tagged me too!!

jane augenstein said...

You bet! For some reason the ground has gotten harder as I have gotten older! Ouch! LOL

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Yay! Thanks for playing. I know some people prefer not to.
Love your 6. The Smithsonian rocks. I would like to just live there for a week so I can really experience the whole thing.
Some of your tagged people I would have picked too. Can't wait to see what they say.
My last 2 horses were wild TBs I think I'll get a Haflinger or Fjord next, something low and slow:)

jane augenstein said...

LOL........Jennifer, low and slow, good picks! That's what I should had gotten.....instead I got tall and a long fall! But who would have ever guessed it the way he started out?

Sarah said...

LOL Jane - I love your rugs by the way!!! Stunning!! I think our Lucy is a cross - she looks like a border collie - but no tail??!! Do you have a pic of yours??

jane augenstein said...

Oh, thank you!
Yes, I have some pictures of Lucy but she is a hard one to get pix of. Usually when you point the camera at her she runs! I will have to get some of her posted, when we first got her and now. She is a blue meral and has one blue eye one brown.

allhorsestuff said...

Hay there Jane!
Great stuff about you here. When Horses get into your blood, they never leave do they! I am so happy for you and your horses...but man, Gilly better take it easy on you!
I see a round pen in the side bar...good! I used to ride my wild mare in one at my former boarding facility. It did comfort her with the boundaries..and ME TOO!

Ps...please tell me how you write on photo's in the side bar(or anywhere you post) I love the llok of it!

jane augenstein said...

Kacy, all the falls are over with, I hope, that was before round penning 101 we got, RESPECT now! LOL
To write on my pictures I used Picasa 3, a free picture program from Google. LOVE it! I didn't like it when it first came out but it has been greatly improved.

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Thanks Jan ! I have not played "tag" in years ;)

allhorsestuff said... it..Picasa 3! you left the remark on my blog b-4 I came here to see! Ha ha! It was like What?!

gtyyup said...

Thanks Jane...loved your 6. I'll get mine up soon! Have a great weekend~~

Pony Girl said...

Congrats on the tag! It was fun to learn more about you. I like the snow falling on your blog...even though most people around the country are probably a bit tired of the real stuff, LOL! ;) Have a great weekend!

Jacque said...

Hey your 6. And, I'll be playing. Thanks for tagging me!

Mary said...

Your love of horses shines through in this post, Jane.

I always enjoy your horse tales,



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