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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me and Gil cantering

OK, here it is, are you ready for a good laugh? A video of me cantering Gilly and Vicki instructing me. I really don't like posting pictures or videos of me, ugh, but I am doing it anyway. Maybe with all this riding I will lose more weight, some has already come off.......a lot more to go, poor Gilly.

I rode him for two hours yesterday, both of us got a workout and both of us were tired when we got finished.....heck I'm still tired today. Riding him is a lot of work; he is pretty lazy so you really have to work to make him go. It really helps to have a ground person who knows what they are doing. Trying to learn all of this dressage is hard work so someone telling me what to do is a really big help! Wish I had an instructor everyday.

Still in the hay field, wish I could turn this into an arena. Would have to shorten it up so the gas well wasn't in it though. I figure I can ride in it as long as I am not tearing up the grass.....I'll have Gilly tip-toe! LOL I'll just pretend I have an arena and make that work, he doesn't care where we are. He did like the shade along the fence line where we stopped, me too!


Katharine Swan said...

Hey Jane, the video comes up as private so I can't view it.

I need to get Michael to take a video of me posting, so that I can see how I'm doing, and because I haven't uploaded one in quite a while.

I'm just barely under 1/6 of Panama's weight, so in other words I can't ever get fat. Talk about motivation! Speaking of weight, though, he has a habit of taking several steps when I mount. I've been really harassing him about it, but it occurred to me that it's because he's small enough that my weight is pulling him off-balance, and he's taking those steps to compensate. Last night I tried mounting more quickly to test my theory, and sure enough, he took fewer steps. I guess that means I need to invest in a mounting block, or start using the fence to mount.

jane augenstein said...

Now try it. I don't know why I checked the private button????

A Palmer said...

Lookin' good!!! Gilly is a beauty. I would love to have a couple lessons on my horse, Hershey. Someday...!!! She is very patient with me.

Sarah said...

Hi Jane!!! Wonderful video..I'm so jealous - he's have a lovely seat!!
I wish I lived closer to Anne I could steal her horses - too many states between us!! Hugs, Sarah

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You go, Girl!!!!!!!!!

Dusty Devoe said...

You look great Jane! I have not cantered on Dusty yet. Can't seem to get him to do it. Maybe Pony Girl will help me when she comes home.

Katharine Swan said...

I can view it now! You look great! Much better than I do at the canter, that's for sure!

Your trainer does what mine does -- rattles off instructions the entire time. :o)

jane augenstein said...

Katharine, using a step stool is a good idea because it helps the horses back. No pulling their back out; I always use a step stool or climb on something to get on Gil. He also stands still and doesn't move until I tell him to, one of the best things I have ever taught him. He also will walk sideways over to what ever I am standing to so I can mount.
Anne, having an instructor is great, having someone tell you what you are doing or need to do is very helpful. I love my instructor!
Sarah,thank you, the video is OK I guess, Gilly is the star! LOL I am working on my "seat" he is a hard on to stick to but after three years I am starting to get it. Oh, I wish you could ride too, it's so much FUN!!!
Alice, Yahoooo!
Dusty Devoe, thanks! Gilly was hard to get, for me, to go into the canter and I'm not sure just how I do it! More learning! LOL
Katharine, thanks, Gilly has an incredible canter. It helps to have Vicki talking to me all the time, I am trying to think of everything at once and a voice telling me what I should be doing is wonderful.

Katharine Swan said...

Jane, when my trainer rattles off instructions like that, I tend to get stuck on one or two things she says, and the rest pile up. I compare it to Tetris when it's going too fast, and the pieces just stack up. That's how my brain feels when I'm given too many things to work on at once. :o)

I don't think my 118 pounds is going to throw out my 4-year-old horse's back -- BUT I can still see why it would be better on their backs to use a mounting block when possible. I don't have one, so I'll be using the fence I guess. However, it's good to know that he's small enough that I CAN mount him without a step if I need to!

Oz Girl said...

Thank you for your sweet comment - I broke my own rule and commented back to you within my comments, lol.

I wish we had an arena too; heck, I wish we had a barn, lol.

Oh I just watched your video. That is so cool you have someone to help you! You & Gilly look awesome. I feel intimidated to ride around my husband, because he is more horsey than I. :-( I'll get over it someday...

jane augenstein said...

Oz Girl, thanks, it is great to have someone who knows what they are doing helping, first time I have ever had lessons! It's wonderful.

Paint Girl said...

Jane, you look great! Having a trainer really helps! I love it when I have my trainer out, which has been a long time! But it is so helpful!!
Your field reminds me of a couple years ago when I didn't have an arena, so I'd just use the field on the side of my house, no fence, but didn't have a choice! It was the levelest spot on the property. It did tear up the grass quite a bit, and it's now permanently bumpy from when it would rain, then the horses would get worked there. It makes for a rough ride on the lawn mower now! Hope Gilly tip toes for ya!
Congrats on you cantering!

Jacque. said...

oh Jane. I am soooo happy for you and for Gilly. I was checking out your blog while at work today and showed a coworker a few of the photos/videos. She has had horses all her life and she was very busy admiring Gilly and saying that it sure looked like he was enjoying himself. You are so fortunate that he is who/how he is.

Gilly's Aunt Jacque.

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Jane my girl, you and Gilly look great ! You are progressing so nicely. I've got to catch up !

jane augenstein said...

Paint Girl, thank you! having a trainer is the best, wish I could keep her here all the time! LOL I am trying not to get in the hay field when it's wet, but it's hard to do. I was cantering down the field this morning, just along the edge!
Jacque, yes, Gilly and I both are having a good time. He seems to enjoy the work and I think it's because he is not confined to a round pen or an arena. We work where ever we are.
Blackfeatherfarm, thanks for the compliment; we are moving along and it's a blast!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! I like how your trainer speaks to you. So encouraging and supportive..and motivating. Nice! Yes, you are lucky to have her...and your handsome boy.
You two look gorgeous together. You ride him as if you are a part of him. There's a true balance and smoothness with the way you ride Gilly. It's really quite beautiful.
I'm proud of you :)


jacksonsgrrl said...

Sounds like my dressage instructor--constantly telling you what and how to do it. Helpful!
Looks like the canter is coming along for you! NICE!

jane augenstein said...

Lisa,I too like the talking, constant feedback. That way I know what I am doing since I can't see myself. Thank you, we are getting more connected, he is still hard to ride because of all the suspension but we will get it together. I need super glue on my seat to stay in the saddle! LOL
jacksonsgrrl, yes, very helpful; we are working hard on the canter and the trot! :-)


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