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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hess rug finally finished......

I finally finished this rug, been a long time getting it done. Not in a real hurry, it's not a commissioned rug and I hurt my hand a few weeks ago so it made for slow hooking! But now she is finished and I am thinking of what to hook next, another horse, a dog not sure just yet.

I don't usually think to take pictures of the back of a rug but this one is very pretty on the back also. Hess is such a pretty girl that I really enjoyed this work. Click on pictures to enlarge, if you wish.

I haven't gotten to ride in awhile, it's been soooo hot and now the horrid flying biting vampire horse flies are back. Not only do they bit Gilly and Pokey but me too if I venture out. I don't see the boys except to feed them, they pretty much stay inside the barn in front of their fan all day.
Sometimes I wish we lived out of this hollow, up higher where there aren't so many BUGS!!!! .....ugh!!! I sure do wish I had an indoor arena to ride in....guess I'd better be buying some lottery tickets, huh???

I am counting down the days until fall weather!!!!  Hope all of you are getting to ride.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful rug!

The heat and flies are terrible here, too - I've been riding in the mornings but even that isn't so good.

Sydney_bitless said...

Gorgeous! Don't count down until fall. Fall means that cold, wet, icy weather is on it's way.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Hess is a gorgeous rug!! I hope Hess's owner likes it a LOT!!!!

Jeni said...

I love that rug Jane, it's very pretty! You are very talented!!

The bugs are really bad here too - I'm looking forward to a night ride on saturday.

Supposed to be hotter this weekend =(

Stay cool!

allhorsestuff said...

Hi Jane!
That really, really is gorgeous and turned out perfectly...even the back is a work of art! Glad you showed that, it was neat.

Well, I am so sorry that the bugs are so bad. Cashel makes a riding fly mask that fits over bridles..and skin so soft + "SWAT"
are the only other things i use that work...we too have the swarming flies..if we stop..they try to land upon us! we are safe in the woods though.

I had a harrowing time yesterday with my mare...Pantz is here and sometimes..her competitive spirit..makes my mare so freaking bad!Tried to take the newbie out..the threesome prooved to be not so good...we worked it out, but I feared for myself. I took the horse personality test every one has on the blogs these days(horsecentric)yea...of course my mare is a "Rockstar"..sounds cool..but just means she is strong willed and athletic-loves to show off what she can do...but does not care for the details. I am doomed to ride alone!
Hope you have some cooler temps for yourself soon dear.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Beautiful Jane!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The Hess rug is gorgeous....front...and back. That's amzing that even the back can be so pretty, too. Wow!

I hope your hand is feeing better now and the flies die off soon.
I've not been riding for many reasons, but mostly because it's been so hot during the day and then the clouds and the monsoon rains move in by the afternoon. I'd ride in the morning, but I'm not a morning person who can get up early enough to feed everyone, so they can be finished eating before it gets hot outside.

And the other reason is I'm super cautious about riding at home without someone being there with me. Because of what happened when Baby Doll pulled back and caused my knee to be fractured last summer I'm always nervous now about riding alone.


Jacque. said...

I love this rug...almost your best, yet!

Suz said...

Absolutely gorgeous Jane!!!! Wow. You did such a beautiful job. What a talent you have for your rugs. ;-)

If we ever hit the lottery (hahahahahahahaha) I will send you enough money for your indoor arena. I promise. After we build ours. :)

gtyyup said...

It turned out absolutely beautiful! Staying inside on those hot days isn't such a bad idea.

ps~still lovin' my Golden Pony ;~)


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