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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lawn Party

Since it's been sooooo hot and humid I haven't gotten to ride or do much with Gilly. He hides in the barn with Pokey in front of their fan. So with that said.....

A few weeks ago when the weather was nice and cool (cool what is that?) Kim had a lawn party down at her beautiful house. There was a really nice breeze and at times it was almost like a fall day, wonderful!

Just on the other side of the road is the creek that was rushing over some rocks that made a waterfall, the sound was so soothing. The flowers on the table, Kim had picked that morning, all wild flowers out along one of our country roads.

We had artichoke dip, herbed crackers, lemonade, fresh fruit salad, hot dogs, homemade sauce and macaroni salad. After we ate and sat around talking, there were 7 women, (a real hen party!) One gal had brought strawberry, blackberry, exotic fruit, and several other kinds of Amish wine. I sampled some of all of it, sampled I said! If I drink too much wine I get a bad headache, not fun. We all had a great time, I left about 8 in the evening, had been there since noon!

We did take a break and walked up to my house to let the dogs out to pee and to see Gilly and Pokey. Pokey was fascinated by one of the gals feet, she had on sparkly green nail polish on her toes. He just kept putting his nose down to smell her toes and just kept looking at them....LOL...I had had a few glasses of wine so of course I didn't get any pictures of this...and...I had my camera clipped onto my jeans! Blah!!!

Here are some close ups of the beautiful flowers.........with a visitor or two!
 A bee.......

and a butterfly came by to sample the flowers!

One of Kim's friends brought this beautiful bouquet! All these flowers were from her garden! Wish I had gotten a better picture of them.
I liked this picture with the pines across the creek as the background. I wish I could bring back that cool breeze that was blowing down the creek that day. It would be much appreciated by everyone, including the animals!

I thought that maybe by posting about a nicer day it would make me forget about the heat and humidity...(the AC really helps!!!)  ;-)

Keep cool everyone.................


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Those are such pretty flowers!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

That's my kind of 'lawn party' ~ from noon till evening!! Sounds like fun to me! The flowers are really pretty and the menu sounded good, too! Nice friend to have, for sure!

Jeni said...

Hi Jane! What a fun time that was. Too bad on the pictures of Pokey inspecting feets! Had to be cute though.

Stay cool!

allhorsestuff said...

That little garden party looked and sounded fantastic! What else is there to do on a too hot day!
Hope you can get some relief soon...we finally did..with a chance of rain.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful flowers and pictures. I think we could all use a cooler day.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

A better picture? Are you kidding me???!!

Those flower photos are beautiful! Especially the bee and butterfly photos. WOW! Gorgeous!
You did good!

I've not been to a 'hen party' for years and years. I miss my dear female friends from South Carolina so much sometimes. We had fun like you did with your friends at the garden party.
The food sounded wonderful, as did the wine. hehe!

Would have loved to have seen Pokey sniffing the toenail polish. I'm thinking you should paint your toes with the sparkly nail polish and do a photo shoot with that cute donkey of yours. :)


Oz Girl said...

Oh what a fun party, I'm so jealous... I miss my get-togethers with the girls. Her house is gorgeous, the flowers are to die for, just beautiful, the day sounds perfect weather-wise!! I'm longing for some cool days. It's been in the 90s for several weeks now, and no end in sight. 98 for the next 7 days straight... ARGH!!!!!!!! Poor horses!

dulcy said...

Love your blog! The photos are gorgeous, also the ones of rugs you have hooked. I'll check back!



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