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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Work in Progress

Since it's been so hot and still hotter today, I thought I would get back to work on this rug. I know it's made of wool but inside in the AC it doesn't matter. I bought a DVD awhile back called "Appaloosa" that I heard was really good so I think I will take the rest of the afternoon and watch it while I work.

For some reason I have been a slow pokey on this rug, it's not a commissioned rug but I am hoping that the owner of the horse will decide she wants it after it's finished and she sees how good her horse looks as Folk Art! Hess is one gorgeous girl that's for sure!

This is the photo that I took years ago of Hess and the one that I used for the rug. Where she is standing is in the old arena; now the CoverAll arena is there. Boy, I hope they have lots of fans running there today, because with the temps in the mid 90's I'll bet it's hot in there!

Speaking of hot, I looked out about an hour ago and Pokey was laying out in his dust bath spot!!! Wow, I don't know how he can stand the heat but then donkey's come from hot arid regions so I guess he thought is was OK to be sunning himself. Even worse with the temps so high the township came and chip and sealed the road out front. First they came by with the black stick oily stuff then came along with the stone but it's so hot the tar stuff is running off into the grass. I am keeping the dogs inside and leashing them when they need to go out. Lucy so far has been staying out of it but I am sure she will run across it at some point. I don't keep her tied because it's so hot she couldn't stay in her dog house, she would boil! She spends her time down at the barn, under it in the cool dirt. If it were me I think I could find somewhere else to stay cool, under that barn are all kinds of creepy things! Spiders, mice, snakes and who knows what else may be lurking under there!!!! I am sure not going to find out!!!

Another picture of Hess that I antiqued.
 Well, that's all for now............stay cool!!!!


Sydney_bitless said...

That is a beautiful rug!
What do you charge for a rug like that? I think I would love to get one done with my two grey girls on it, Indigo and Naigen.

Oh and Jane, would you be interested in doing a guest blog post on my blog about how/why you went bitless? E-mail me

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

One gorgeous rug, Jane!! Hess's owner should definitely love that tribute to her horse!!

Jacque. said...

ohmygosh, Jane...that rug is gorgeous! Glad to see you haven't lost your touch! LOVE it!!!

Jeni said...

Jane that rug is very pretty!

Tell me about the heat! It was showing 96 F on the temperature thingie in my car at 5 PM today. The concrete jungle has turned into a blasting oven.

Stay cool my friend!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Hess is a beautiful lady. I'm sure her owner will want the rug when you're finished. I know I would. It's very nice.

I'm with you the best place to be today is inside. Hope your girl doesn't get her feet in the tar and track it everywhere.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gorgeous horse, that Hess mare. And even more lovely rug you're making. I hope she buys it. What a special keepsake.

Our temps have been wonderfully normal and cool this summer. That one week in early June about wiped me out with temps in the 90's and we didn't even have humidity.
Right now, our temps are in the mid 80's during the day with lovely breezes, and down into the 50s and 60s at night. I love sleeping with all my windows open and lots of blankets.

When we lived in SC, the humidity and the heat all night long didn't permit that. We turned the A/C on in June and it stayed on until October.
Here we don't even have an A/C. We just don't need it. So you keep your heat and humidity over there at your place, please. lol!


gtyyup said...

Gorgeous horse...and she's turning out really nicely on the rug! I think you're amazing to be able to get so much real life into your rugs!

I like how you antiqued the photo too!

Stay cool~

allhorsestuff said...

HI there Jane friend!
I have been thinking of you as I was not able to blog these past weeks so are always so faithful to visit and are such a wonderful friend!
My man uses the computer for his homework and sometimes I sneak on and try to read or blog...but, when he is home..i try not to at all...we've had a difficult year and being together is most tantamount these days!

Oou LALA! That gorgeous mare, Hessy, is making for one spectacular rug! I certainly think her owner will most definitely acquire that...who could resist such a visual tribute!

I am going to have to make one of Wa mare one of these days! I love her so, and she has really been giving me her all with my funky trail challenges and such!

Yea...heat here too...we had NO-SPRING and now the 3rd week of summer is killing us! From 50's to 100's! Whew!
I think staying inside with air and a cool drink and wool rug(video too) sounds delightful!

ONe of these days, Gill man will be surprised with his own trailer...stock trailer or otherwise. You'll have to rig up some kind of secure to the ground/ hooking system for the even if you do not have it to the may practice loading. I have always wanted to do this...have it secured to something on the cemented on I may practice.
Let the man get that stock trailer! If it means you may use should not wait for your perfectly wonderful one... just let him do it and get going on your riding and adventuring...I hose out mine all the time...and dry it off inside. Most times I use a dry towel and a spray bottle of white vinegar.

I pray you are cooler and have dreams of riding soon!
Thanks my dear heart for always lifting my spirits, with your sweet words of encouragement and fun!
Love ya's!

allhorsestuff said... your place is not letting me post a comment! Round 2 below...I hope!

Well, I guess the last comment was getting to be a small novel!
Okay...encapsulated a bit.... Love that gorgeous rug..I imagine with such a visual tribute as such of Hessy mare, the owner would most definitely want to acquire it!

I think you should allow your man to purchase (with your help) a nice stock trailer will allow you to get your Gilly involved with horse adventures and his brain engaged again...the longer he sits the worse it is for a smart horse like him! Believe me, I know!

Hopein that the weather cools some for you...we finally went from 100 degrees to 80! YEA!

Love you!!
Thanks for always being do faithful to visit and make me smile!
IN friendship,


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