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Being with a horse is a journey that never ends. What they have to teach us is amazing; but we must quiet our mind to hear them. ~ jca


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nice Day for a Nap

Pokey says, "Gilly lay down and take a snooze like I am, it's so nice and warm out here today! Ahhhh!"
Gilly says, "I have to stand guard in case something comes along to bother us. I am watching!"

Gilly says, "Well, OK, maybe there isn't anything sneaking around today. I'll let Lucy watch out for us! Let me get turned around here."

Pokey says, "I knew I could talk you into a nap, heeheehaw!"
Gilly says, "Opps, I came down a little harder than planned, blew my bangs up in the air!"

Pokey says, "Gee, Gilly you made the ground shake!"
Gilly says, "Sorry, I slipped....wait till I get my butt settled....ahhhhh, almost there!"

Gilly says, "Ahhh, Pokey you are right. This is a good day for a nap......I can hardly keep my eyes open."
Pokey says, "Shhhhh, can't you see I'm asleep?"

Gilly, "ZZZZZZZZZZZ snorkkk...."
Pokey, "Boy, is he loud!!! A donkey can't get much sleep with him snoring like that, snort!"

OK, haveing a little fun with pictures! The last picture Gilly went to sleep so quickly and was sleeping so soundly that he was twitching all over. It looked kind of scary if you didn't know horses did that, his ears, jaw muscles and eyes were twitching a lot but he was in a very deep sleep. Since horses need to lay down to get their really good sleep that's what he was doing for about 20 minutes. Pokey was flopping back and forth between being up and down. (These pictures were taken from and upstairs window looking down on them)

Later on in the day I got Gilly out for a ride. We just rode in front of the house, it's a good long stretch from one end of the proberty to the other. Had to because of Pokey, he was loose in the field. Gilly and I worked on small things, leg yeilds, side passes, following my body in a turn, around things in the hay field, trees in the yard. Pokey finally tired of running the fence line and would just watch; finally I took Gilly out of his sight, he heehawed a few times but didn't seem to look for him. Pokey got a lesson too! Gilly and I rode a little farther up the road and onto the gravel part of the road, Gilly doesn't like gravel but.......he learned that his feet are now really hard and it didn't bother him; we even trotted on the gravel!!! BIG break through for him. Next time we will try the creek crossing that he used to have such a fit over.
Sorry no pictures of the ride, just the napping boys!


cowgirljlynn said...

Cute pictures and story!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Love the pictures! Love the comments!!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Real sunshine lol....don't they look as if they are enjoying it. Tara and Dougals ritual when they go out is to roll then they bounce back on their feet and high tail it....great fun too watch :))

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Love to see them napping like relaxed and at ease. :)

Blackfeatherfarm said...

You know I think Gilly is beautiful, but Pokey makes my day !
Fun photos !

jane augenstein said...

Thanks everyone! Could you tell I have some time on my hands? I do wonder just what they were thinking when laying in the sunshine. Funny boys!

Desert Rose said...

Does Pokey ever get to go on a trail ride??? can he be "ponied"???

jane augenstein said...

Have never tried to pony Pokey, he did go with me once. Just up the old road and back but he runs where ever he wants and doesn't mind very well. We will have to learn to lead better before we try that. I could tie him to Gilly's tail I suppose.

Angie at Free Rein said...

The captions had me snickering so that my son came in to see what I was looking at. It's nice to have time for silliness...sillyness..whichever.

Pony Girl said...

I could just see Pokey tied to Gilly's tale, LOL!
On my blogger dashboard, on the little picture for this post, it looked like a pig laying in the field with Gilly, not Pokey! It was kind of distorted, it was funny, I thought, who is in the field with Gilly?
Glad you had a good ride...your field looks DRY and not muddy, very jealous!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

hehe! The photo of Gilley's butt way up in the area made me laugh!
Pokey and Gilley look so comfy ad relaxed.

And what a great day for a ride. I'm glad you enjoyed your day with your equine friends!

Thanks for sharing the photos.


word verification: pregnate (!)

jane augenstein said...

Angie, thanks! It was fun making up a silly story to go with the pictures, glad you enjoyed it.

PG, Pokey tied to Gilly's tail could give me the ride of a life time; think I'll pass on that one! LOL
Yes, Poke looked funny with his legs sticking out like that and looking down from above made it even funnier. Pasture isn't as dry as it looks; the boys are mudded up again today....grrrrr!

Lisa, when I saw Gilly turning around I started snapping pictures cause I just knew that he was going to lay down. The butt shot was a Kodak moment for sure!! Hope your blues about riding will subside and your recovery continues. Hoping that you will be able to ride again! :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you also spoke for your animals like that. Jacque is very good at that too! Sounds like you had a nice ride. I miss it. Julie

jane augenstein said...

Hi Julie! Yes, I am guilty of talking for my critters, it is actually quite fun! LOL I wonder what they were really saying???
Yes, I'll bet you do, I know I would be lost if I didn't have the boys now.

allhorsestuff said...

I thought I left a msg here onm this [Post??Huh..
well, I absolutely think that Pokey's stubby legs, straight out like that, are too funny!

Wa tell me that the gravel bothers her too sometimes..mainly when leaving the premises ...and On the way back, it is a totoally different story of course,"rocks-what rocks"!!
It is nice to have good hooves on our horses huh! I love bare foot and I use the Old Mac's G-2's now on all four if traveling on really large stones.

I have to tellm you that I had a lesson today...!!!! It was so awesome. I love my little non certified instructor! So far she has proven to be the best one out of the last 6! She reads Wa perfectly.
Tell me about your ride today, so glad I saw you got to go on my comments!

Jan said...

Jane, I loved your story. Pokey looks so little next to Gilly. I enjoy your blog so much. I can live the "horse life" through you.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You have lots of commenters !!! Your story was cute and I love that little Pokey guy! It looks like you enjoy your life so much ~ that's a wonderful thing, Jane!!

Slave Driver said...

Pokey is a very cute critter.
Great visuals.

Word verification: Hetrott:
"Well of course he trott, what else he gonna do?"

jane augenstein said...

Kac, I thought of getting Gilly the Old Mac's but decided to wait. Now I don't need them! Your new instructor sounds great, it's great when you find someone that is in tune with you and your horse!!!

Jan, Pokey is pretty small compared to BIG Gilly. So glad you enjoy my blog!!! :-)

Alice, yes life here on the farm is grand! I love the fact that I can have my beloved critters all here in my back yard so to speak!

Slave Driver, hi there, thanks for stopping in. Pokey is one cute little critter, even if he is a stinker; a spotted one at that! Too funny on the word verification!! He do trot but then sometimes he buck too! LOL


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