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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dennis Reis, in Columbus, Ohio

Went to see horse trainer Dennis Reis this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio. WOW.....that pretty much sums it up! It was great, not a huge crowd so we got to talk to Dennis a lot, ask questions and just have a grand time. I learned a lot too and where I want to go with Gilly.

I have had a lot of time to think about where our journey is going in the month and a half that I haven't been able to ride because of the terrible horse flies here. I couldn't do much at all outside unless I wanted to be eaten by the fanged vampire flies!!! I felt that Gilly and I had gotten off our path to a good partnership some time ago and was trying to figure out just how to get back on it again. I knew he needed some more round pen work, well, lots of it really.....he was having a lot of respect problems and just being a brat in general. The dressage lessons I was taking were really good but something kept nagging in the back of my mind, something is missing. I had in the past work some with Parelli training but for me a lot of it was hard to understand and there was sooooo much of it and quite pricey too. I had also done some work with Clinton Anderson's training, much easier for me but still something was missing.

While talking to Dennis and looking at his course it finally hit me; this is what I was missing! A structured lesson plan that had a beginning and end to work toward. Work books, DVD's something that I could refer back to again and again if needed and also I can call Dennis or Deborah and talk to them if I need help......yes, I can talk to them!!! Most of the others you can't talk to but you can Dennis.

Gilly and I will work on some more dressage when we are finished with this course. Dressage to me is just something nice to learn. We are not shooting for showing although there are those that would like to see Gilly go far with dressage, I think he could but it's not for me. I just want to ride on trails, at parks, on our country roads and enjoy my beloved horse. But I want a good trustworthy partner for this and this is where our schooling begins. I have heard it said that a horse is only as good as his human; so I have to sturdy hard. Study hard but have fun and that we will!!!!

Dennis' wife, Deborah; what a wonderful woman! She is a great rider, announces the shows on RFDTV, does the videoing, editing the shows, books the tours, the list is endless and she always has a smile and cheerful attitude for everyone! I am impressed!!! I would be dead tired doing only a fraction of what she does! You go Deborah!!!!

(sorry these next three pictures were taken with low light settings and not very clear)
Dennis chasing the big red ball and Deborah riding her horse chasing the ball also. Wonder what Gilly and Pokey would think of that huge thing???

As you can see the horse wasn't afraid of the ball. He would hit it with his chest to make it roll, Dennis would hit it to make it bounce too and the horse would go after it. Fun stuff!

This picture was taken at the end of the show. Dennis was pretty tired from working a young horse in the round pen. Long line driving, it was a great demonstration.

(to get the big red ball click here) >

I have been reading and reading since I got home Sunday night. It is recommended that you read all the workbooks first before viewing the DVD's and starting the I am. I still have to have Mike work up the round pen for me, it grew up in grass while I wasn't riding. I have to make some good footing to work in.

On Sunday they filmed some of the clinic so I will let you know when it airs on RFDTV, you just might see me in the audience! LOL

I will bring all of you along with me on the journey Gilly and I are on!


Desert Rose said...

Kept wondering where you were, we missed you! Dang horse flies actually can hurt worse thatn bees sometimes!!! Glad you found a training program that will work for you. I am so lucky with Jesse and Little Lady...I can just jump on them with out riding for 2 or more weeks!!!

allhorsestuff said...

SWWEEEET! You sound revived and happy to be on a course you can grasp! I am so happy for you, my freind Jane. Gilly, I think, will be pleased as well. They do seem to know our confidence level and the smart ones do go off if they have too much play room and no boundaries.

GREAT, really!!

I have learned so much about my mare and I from being out in the country these past 7 months.I too know I am not learning Dressage for showing...but for me , it is the communication of body balance. It is a skill for the horse to be able to think that way and move according to your weight and sublte cues. Wa needs to engage her mind..but as I have found...she cares for it not everyday...though I can use it on the trail and it has made us safer.
Some of the horses I ride do not know leg yields or hanch /forhand turns...scarey sometimes when you need to manuver in tight places. I will teach them as I ride though..little by little.

Glad for your news my friend! See you soon,

Fantastyk Voyager said...

I audited a Dennis Reis clinic this past spring. I really enjoyed it. Yes, he is a very down-to-earth guy willing to talk with people. He had a two day clinic for the riders amd their horses. We could see everybody's improvement over just two days. I like that he incorporates higher training into "cowboy dressage."

Paint Girl said...

I am so happy that you have found just what you are looking for. You need to do what makes both you and Gilly happy.
Sounds like you had a great time, and learned a lot. I so wish I got RFDTV. I know there is a lot of great shows on there!!
Can't wait to hear about your journey's ahead!!

Tracey said...

I hate fanged vampires...

I've heard a lot of folks really like Dennis, and his show is quite entertaining and informative; I'll bet you and Gilly really improve with it.

I want that ball! Where do I get it?

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I just love a man in chaps!!!!!!!

Julia said...

I WANT one of those red bouncy balls!!!! That looks awesome. How much fun was that!!! Glad you had a nice time learning too. :)

jane augenstein said...

Desert Rose, I just haven't had much to say I guess and couldn't get out with the horse, boo-hoo, so I was hiding inside! I don't hop on Gil without ground work first, my other two you could do that but not this one!

Kacy, I really need something I can sink my teeth into and have something to refer back to when needed, this is it! Gilly likes things like this, he has a busy mind and it needs something to do, constructive that is. If left to his own devices he gets us into trouble!!

Fantastyk Voyager, this is the first time I have seen Dennis in person. I watch on TV and love it, this was WAY better! Some of the horses changed in a matter of 15 minutes....amazing!

Paint Girl, oh, too bad you can't get RFDTV you would love it!!! Call your cable company and ask them to carry it. I know some people in town from us who did and the cable company started carrying it. RFDTV has a wonderful line up of great programs!

Tracey, yes, Dennis is quite entertaining and very knowledgeable and LOVES dressage! It was great to see him, will go back again if he is coming back to Columbus!

Alice, yes to that!!!

Julie, yes, that big ball is great, all the horses seemed to love it after they got over their fear of it, it is fun to chase!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Missed hearing from you. I'm glad you were able to attend Dennis Reis' clinic. He sounds very interesting. I'm glad he's given you hope with Gilly and your riding relationship.

Dennis sure is a good looking guy, too. His smile seems very authentic.

This just makes me realize how far behind Baby Doll and I are with our relationship. I don't know if it can ever be rebuilt or be a positive relationship again. I don't trust her and probably never will again. And I'm sure she realizes that and probably doesn't feel like she can bond with me in the same way again.

For me, everything is about keeping myself safe. For now, that's just going to have to be good enough.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this journey takes you and Gilly, my friend.


Sarah said...

Oh how fun is that..I wish I had been there too!! Wow! I have heard of him!! Lucky girl!!!
When I was riding..I hunted..we did a series of ring work everyday started with the same thing and then worked on problem issues. Then it was off to the hills for some free play!! Sorry about those nasty flies - yuck!!!!
As for the riding through the leaves on the horse..oh Jane I miss that so very much. Have to use my own feet now.
Hugs, Sarah

jane augenstein said...

Lisa, yes, Dennis is a very kind sincere man. He is also a lot of fun to listen too, the stories and the banter between he and his wife and Carl the announcer at the clinic. A very relaxed, fun atmosphere. (and yes he is good looking!) ;-)

You could do this same kind of work with Baby Doll without riding. All the work is about forming a good trusting bond with your horse. He even says you don't have to ride because in a way you are riding on the ground. Sounds funny but true; in the round pen you are walking with the horse and moving like you are riding. I can't explain it but when you see the DVD's you would understand.

Sarah, oh, I wish you could have been there too! It was wonderful! Wish you could have a horse again and ride! :-)


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