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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Little Pokey is 2 years old today

Here is the birthday boy, Pokey is two years old today!!! I forgot it until this evening so I didn't get him his birthday mush like I fixed Gilly. I will fix it for him tomorrow, he won't know the difference; he'll just be glad he is getting a treat!

Here is baby Pokey with his mom and I think he is a day old. His former owner gave me the pictures. Look at the fuzzy little butt and head! How cute is that? Pokey is marked like his dad, mom is just a gray/brown donkey.

Here is Gilly and Pokey meeting for the first time last year about the middle of April. Look how tiny Pokey looks beside big Gilly. He also had a lot of burs in his fuzzy coat, we did a lot of brushing that day to get a lot of them out.

And a second picture, look at that little tail. Gilly was snuffeling him all over and softly nickering to him. I am sure that Pokey didn't quite know what to think of that big horse, he had never seen one before. LOL he looks like a strange furry dog!!

Now I ask you how cute is this little face and pink spotted nose???

Don't be late for supper!!! Running hard to keep up with Gilly off the hill behind the barn. Click on the picture to really see Pokey and just how high he is jumping. He was really scooting down the hill to get his supper. He didn't know what oats were when I first got him but after he found out, he sure didn't want to miss out.

He didn't know what to think of the fly mask, I had to get him a mini halter. It has long since been destroyed by Gilly. It has velcro on the poll and under the jaw, both of them really tore it up. Gilly pulled it off then Pokey got ahold of it........bye-bye fly mask!!

Ahhhhh, a nice dust bath! He can never resist a spot to roll and cover himself with dirt! I guess it helps keep the flies from biting but it sure doesn't look good on a white donkey! But then he doesn't care, as much as he rolls it must feel really good!
(by the way, this is my neighbors Appaloosa mare, Lacy with Pokey. Lacy thinks that Pokey is her baby.....from behind they do look somewhat alike, don't they?)

**************HAPPY BIRTHDAY POKEY PIE!!!!!****************
*********************The End!*******************


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Totally cute! Thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pokey!!
Say hi to Gilly too for me. Flying to Wisc. in another 2-3 weeks. Will try to keep Jacque out of trouble for a couple of days!! She made Manley a quilt!! It's on her blog.

Katharine Swan said...

He is kind of an odd-looking little duck, isn't he! LOL! I love the baby pictures and the one of him rolling. Is that his dad with him in the last picture?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

So in that last photo, who is that larger mirror image critter beside him? His Mama was a grey donkey. Was his Daddy a white and black spotted donkey?

I love those photos of Gilly and Pokey nuzzling one another. That is just so precious! They are good buddies, aren't they? Does Pokey get worried when Gilly goes away on trips or rides? Does he bray for Gilly, too?

Pokey is so cute! Happy Birthday Pokey Pie!!!


Dusty Devoe said...

Pokey is just to cute! Looks like Gilly loves him!

photogchic said...

Happy B-day Pokey! Still as cute as ever.

Desert Rose said...

Oh Pokey, cutie boy...happy happy birthday, I hope you enjoy your birthday treat!!! You are one of my fav blog baby's!!!

Paint Girl said...

Happy Birthday Pokey!!
He is so darn cute as a baby and now! Thanks for sharing all the baby pictures!

Thistlebrooms said...

First...Happy Birthday Pokey...Terrible two's huh...
The Best photo's, was so happy to read all about your guys...The meeting with Gilly seemed to have went well..Maybe Pokey was thinking 'Someday maybe I can grow up to be that BIG...'

Pokey surly gets enough exercise keeping up with Gilly, he'll keep his nice trim figure!!!

So Tired of FLIES!!!

Thanks for Sharing...

jane augenstein said...

Jennifer, thanks, I think he is a cute little guy! :-)

Julie, yes, I heard about your sisters visit and saw Manley's quilt! Have a great time!!!

Katharine, Pokey was a little off as a baby, I think because of not getting good food and enough to eat. That's all changed now LOL! He is with Lacy my neighbors mare in the last picture.

Lisa, Pokey's dad was same color as him; I never saw him, they sold him before I got Pokey. Yes, Gilly and he are best buddies. Gilly even shares his food with Pokey and they don't fight over it. Both get upset when one is out of the field. Gilly whinnies for Pokey and Pokey brays for Gilly. Pokey is getting better about Gilly going away though.

Dusty Devoe, yes, Gil loves his donkey!

Photogchic, thanks!

Desert Rose, thank you, Pokey is one cute ass! LOL

Paint Girl, I am so glad the former owner sent me those baby pictures. He was at another farm when he was born, the owners live close to me and I later saw him in their field. That's when I decided I wanted him!

Marilyn, yes, the terrible two's is right!!! LOL Oh, my I hope he doesn't get as big as Gilly! He is a handful now!!! The horse flies are mostly gone here!! YIPPEE!!!

Rural Rambler said...

Happy Birthday Pokey! Pokey is darling and your photos put a smile on my face this morning! Pokey and Gilly are livin' the good life!

jan said...

Thank you for sharing those adorable pictures Jane. Your boys are both adorable. How sweet the pictures are of their first meeting. Just love them a bunch from afar. Happy birthday to your little guy.

Oz Girl said...

OH, he was the cutest when he was a baby, but he's still awfully dang'd cute! Happy Birthday to Pokey. :)

allhorsestuff said... husband and I jsut hooted over the "Don't be late for supper" pic! I bigified it and that little pokey was makeing up ground with the leap!
LOVE LOVE Him! Gilly took to him right off, by the looks of the shots. Pokey looked like a fish outa water .

I know they are inseparable now too!
Happy Birhtday lille man!


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