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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Petey the Pug??? and a ride

Saw this picture in a dog/cat catalog and it sure looks like Petey! It said the pup was a Puggle, I am wondering if Petey has some pug in him. Love the jammies on the dog, how funny!!!

Had an MRI done on my shoulder, from when I got thrown off Gilly back in July and they found a small tear in a tendon. I had kept doing thing, helping with baling hay, carrying heavy buckets of horse poo all kinds of things to help get over the soreness. Guess I should have been a little more careful with it. Monday I went to an orthopedic doctor, hoping that he wouldn't tell me I needed surgery or had to wear a brace. I am happy to report that no surgery and no brace! He gave me some anti-inflammatory cream, it seems to be helping and I also need to take it a little easy on the arm then do some exercises for it. In the paper work I filled out for the doctor, since I hadn't been there before, there was a form about osteoporosis. I had to laugh, not that osteoporosis is something to laugh at, my grandmother had it but.....for the number of times I have been thrown off and fallen on by Gilly, I would say that my bones are pretty darned tough!!!!

Monday I also got to ride a beautiful dressage horse, we just walked, I was cooling her off for my friend Sheri. Hess is really something to ride, hardly takes anything to get her to go forward, unlike Gilly who needs a LOT of pushing to make him go! LOL Since I'm not that good of rider I just thought that walking was a pretty good thing....I don't know all the right commands to move Hess and didn't want to be suddenly cantering when I wasn't ready.

Hess is a Trakehner/Arabian cross and such a sweetie, really, really nice horse. I have wanted to ride her for a long time just to see what it's like to ride such a well trained horse. Since Gilly is about the only horse I have ridden in 5 years, to me it feels really different. Maybe I need to ride more horses just for the experience.

Riding in the big Cover-All arena was really nice too! Wow, wish I have just an arena to ride in, this would really be a dream come true to have a building like this to ride in!

Hess, is about the same height as Gilly but not as big built, and not as wide. Gilly gives the illusion of being taller than he is. His big legs, feet and big rump makes him look like he is over 16 hands but he is really only 15.3.

Below is a picture of Hess and Sheri at their last show in Lexington, Virginia. She is a beautiful mover that's for sure. Hess is for sale and I will attach the link to her ad on EquineNow.
I have to say I have never ridden a $38,000.00 horse, that's why I was a little nervous! I sure didn't want to mess her up! :-)

As soon as the ground is a little more dry Mike is going to till up round pen again; the grass took it over since I wasn't able to ride for over a month. Hopefully next week Gilly and I will be back to school and starting Dennis Reis' course. Can't wait!!!!!


Dusty Devoe said...

Glad you don't have to have surgery. You look really nice on Hess!

Paint Girl said...

Good news about your shoulder! Yeah, no surgery! It's always good when they say that!
Hess is one gorgeous horse! Wouldn't it be nice to have $38,000? That is so neat you got to ride!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Glad you don't have to have an operation!! You lucked out!! And you were looking good on your friend's horse!! Take good care of your shoulder!!

Thistlebrooms said...

I'm SO surprised you DON'T have more pain Jane!!!My Dad used to tell me "Wait until your 21, you'll feel every pain from all the times you ever fell out of the trees'(Yes, I was a Tom Boy, and loved it) I'm WAY over that age now and his thoughts to me have come True...
Guess you'll start feeling them soon too!!!
Beautiful shots of Hess, Very Impressive...Costly too...

Best To You...Marilyn

Donna Ridgway said...

I'm glad you didn't have to have surgery also! It's nice it will heal up. I love the pics of Petey and Gilly. We now have Henry for a friend to Pedro and a horse for me to ride. A horse and a donkey make a very funny pair! lol

Donna Ridgway said...

PS, you looked great up there on Hess!

dexmangoldens said...

Hess looks very nice and extended. No surgery is always a big plus in life. Have fun riding Gilly soon!! Fall is here and the colors are just awesome!

Desert Rose said...

Hess is a show stopper!!! fingers crossed for your shoulder recovery!

Katharine Swan said...

So glad to hear the news about your shoulder! I hope it finishes up healing quickly. :o)

I haven't ridden any horse other than Panama in a long time, either. I feel like we're in a monogamous riding relationship -- LOL. Perhaps it would be good for me to ride another horse, but I am worried about how different it will feel!

jane augenstein said...

Dusty Devoe, oh, me too! Thanks, Hess is one great horse, I like tall horses!
Paint Girl, shoulder is so much better today too. Oh, yes, I can think of a lot of things I could do with that kind of money! LOL
Alice,Yes, I am lucky, the way I fell I could have broken it too!
Marilyn, shoulder didn't really start hurting badly until I had the MRI done. The way they had me laid out put some tension on it and made it hurt for days...much worse than when it happened. For all the falls I have had with Gilly this one is the one that hurt the most, I am one lucky woman to NOT have any broken bones!!!
Donna, thanks! Yes, donkeys and horses are funny to watch. Gilly and Pokey do some crazy things; Pokey is the biggest stinker and always into something!!! The other day he carried Gillys feed bowl so far away from where I feed I couldn't find it. My husband found it when he was leaving for work....clear on the other side of the house away from the barn. Thankfully it was by the fence or we probably never would have found it. LOL
Julie, rode Gilly yesterday afternoon, what fun! Fall is here and the leaves are turning and some falling. Love this time of year!!!
Desert Rose, thanks! it's recovering nicely!
Katharine, it's good to ride another horse or more but it does feel funny to me. I am used to Gilly and the way he moves, plus he is wider than Hess. I would like to ride her again, maybe a trot or canter? Don't know.

allhorsestuff said...

Wowsa!! Firstly...great news on the shoulder!!! Really!
And secondly thordly and fourthly..YOU LOOK AWESOME on the mare Hess!!!
She is a real beaut! I agree....
Lovley arena, those Coveralls, So bright and airy!
Jane...great to see you up again and dreamin of training with your new direction.!

I went to an arena today...not quite a good day for the total full blown season...was spred eagle each time the other horse came around her!
Oh week is another try at it.

Julia said...

How fun to ride a new horse! The more horses you ride the more experience you gain and it is always a good thing to do.

Sorry about the shoulder though. I hope it really starts to mend now!

I really have to print out some entry forms to get Gemma out and show. She is ready for 1st level and I just need to make the commitment now. THanks for your kinds words and I love bays too.

jane augenstein said...

Kacy, shoulder is really feeling a lot better! The anti-inflammatory cream I got from the doctor is really working!
THanks! I had fun riding her and will ride her again, I hope! I will have to have coaching to ride her though. Right, love the arena! Wish Gilly and I could have one...only if we win the lottery!!!!! LOL I am so glad I have a gelding; the only mare I had was so good you would never know she was a mare. No squealing, kicking or moody mare. I was lucky! My neighbors mare is one cranky thing at time too.

Julie, yes, riding different horses is good, each horse is a teacher so I need to ride more!

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Glad the shoulder is going to heal on its own.
Hess is lovely with such a sweet face, I hope she goes to a wonderful new home.
I know exactly what you mean about riding a different horse. I was lucky enough to have a dressage lesson on a Swedish Warmblood that competed in the Pan Am games once.
It helped me see how different the "feel" for everything can be. I wish I had those opportunities more often.

Oz Girl said...

Wow Jane, Hess is really a beautiful horse, look at the form in that photo! That's so cool you got to ride him, I can just imagine what it felt like to ride such a well-trained horse. :)

My hubby would love to have that kind of $$$ for a good team roping horse. They are very expensive once they've been trained and proved their mettle in the arena!

That's great news about your shoulder... I've pain in my right shoulder off and on, and of course it's aggravated by hard work (which we did tons of this weekend!). Can you say ALEVE??! I probably should have it looked at, but it seems to go away as long as I don't strain it.

Oz Girl said...

HER. I called Hess a HIM. Whoops. :-0

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Hess is one gorgeous horse. How fun that you got to ride her...sort of like borrowing diamonds to wear that you can't afford to buy. Such a thrill!

That is a very nice covered arena. Will you be able to ride Gilly there sometimes?

That puggle is cute. What catalog is that from? I'd like to buy those sweet jammies for Dobbie. I'm making Dobbie a sweater from sheep wool, but it would be great to have some around-the-house jammies for her to wear as it gets colder. I'm used to having dogs with long fur coats, but Dobbie is very thin-skinned with super short/fine hair and she gets cold easily. She even crawls under my blankets every night to stay warm. (She keeps me warm, too. hehe!)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! And I'm glad that your shoulder won't require surgery, but please take it easy.Tendons to take some time to heal....and they don't heal if you're mucking the barn and bucking hay. lol!



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