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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something about me you probably didn't know....

I'm a HOOKER!!! There now you know! I started this obsession in February 2001 and had hooked over 200 rugs and mats of various sizes. I sold lots of rugs on eBay, have done commissioned rugs and have lots and lots of rugs hanging on walls here at home and a pile of them in my sewing/hooking room. This rug is one I started awhile ago but have gotten side tracked by other, donkey, horse, donkey, horse, donkey.....etc! LOL

Close up of the rug, two pineapples and a cat in the middle. I have hooked a little more since this was taken but will post a picture later and hopefully will have even more hooked.

This is my view from my porch glider that sometimes I sit in and hook. The house you see is my neighbor, Geri's. Yes, and you can see my garden, with a lot of weeds in it! LOL I am afraid I wasn't a very good gardener this year; seems like the weeds always manage to get a head start on me.

As I sit and hook I can see the road in front of the house and just past the green grass strip is the creek that runs and splashes over the rock bed. It sure makes for a nice soothing sound as I sit and work. There are hardly any traffic on our road, very nice! I do have to really watch the dogs, they think nothing of walking around in the road.

Sunshine streaming through the trees to the dry leaf bed below. You can hear the squirrels running through the leaves and see them on the tree branches. Lots of birds singing too, really nice in the spring to see all the yellow finches, one tree they seem to like will be covered with yellow, beautiful.

So there you have it, I'm a HOOKER and it's legal!!! LOL


Katharine Swan said...

That's so cool! When I was a preteen I got into hooking for a while. It's been years since I've done anything with it, though.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

What a peaceful and inspiring place to hook! Very nice. :)

Paint Girl said...

At least you are hooking the legal way!! LOL! The place on your porch looks like a lovely place to relax and work. Beautiful!

Sarah said...

LMAO Jane..I am so thrilled to see you are hooking again.ya know I am pretty good at pimping - LOL. I love the new piece - wonderful!! Whoo hoo I am so excited!! Do you sell on Etsy hon???? Your yard - divine. I was a horrid gardener this year. No one seemed to notice but me.... Hugs, Sarah

jane augenstein said...

Katharine, everyone should be a hooker!!!

Heart of a Cowgirl, it is very peaceful out here...with an occasional interruption of a donkey bray! LOL

Paint Girl, I can get money for hooking and it is legal! LOL

Sarah, thank you! Should I hire you Sarah??? LOL No I didn't sell on Etsy, I may try it. I have an account but have never used it yet. I may be on the porch and off the horse as things are looking. I have a torn ligament in my shoulder from the fall I took back in July. bummer!!!!

Desert Rose said...

I knew you were a hooker but did not know that you get "paid" for it too!!! LOL

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

A hooker with a horse ~ now that's a great combination! Glad to see you are hooking again ~ I sold some of your patterns ~ yippee!!!

Oz Girl said...

What a great front porch to sit on!! And that rug will look awesome when it's finished, love the design.

Hope your flies are slowly disappearing... horseflies are finally about gone here, but the little flies are hanging out on the horses now to stay warm! Dang flies!

allhorsestuff said...

OOOU...I knew that!
Lovely spot to view the world from, Jane..I adore your area of life and will come to visit one day-I promise you that!
That creation...pineapple and cat...LOVE that too!
You are so good. Hope you can get aboard the equinbe love soon...Fall is Upon us!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How did I get so far behind over here, my friend? Please forgive me!
I am enjoying catching up, though.

And I've never known a hooker before. I love it! You are one talented chick. You do beautiful work, Jane.
And I am smiling and feeling peaceful just imagining you sitting on that cozy porch listening to the creek gurgling and the birds singing and the leaves being rustled around by little critters.
The leaves are such a lovely color right now. And that country road even looks chraming. You surely do live in a beautiful place, Jane :)



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