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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Power outage and snow

Woke up Saturday morning to a very dark house. The power was off!!! There was about 8 inches of heavy wet snow on the ground and power lines down, trees down, oh, what fun.
We have a big generator so we were OK and two space heaters in the house that run without electric. Mike just had to go to the building to power up the generator.

The first picture was taken yesterday afternoon, beautiful blue skies and some sunshine that the boys had to nap in the sun. Still cold out though but beautiful!
The one above was taken this afternoon when it started to snow again. When I snapped this one the snow looked like huge down feathers floating down out of the sky. Then it started raining! UGH! We are supposed to have freezing rain then more snow up to 8 more inches....enough already!

This was taken on Saturday, the trees were coated with ice and then snow. Click on the picture above to see the trees that are bent over and look like willow trees. I don't know how many tress came down.

The solar candles hanging on the hooks were blown sideways by the wind then froze that way. As the snow piled up. The wind was blowing from behind the house, which was strange; it usually comes down the creek.

As the day warmed up a bit the snow started sliding off the steel roof, hitting the second roof with a thud! (this was taken from our bedroom window.)

Above is my road cleaning crew of one. Mike and his tractor and blade; he hasn't been out on the tractor for awhile so he was having fun cleaning the driveway and the road in front of the house and buildings.
The power was off for 35 hours, I hope that this storm won't take down any power lines.
Oh, yes, the rug is finished but I have to steam it and bind it, then I will post the finished work.


Desert Rose said...

I can not even imagine this kind of existance! I have spent winters in the desert now for 12 years and only been home maybe 2x when there was snow! Sounds like you are all set up though with emegency gear!!! I do love seeing thick sonw everywhere!

dexmangoldens said...

Nice pictures!! Sorry the power was off, but at least you have a generator. What is with all of the snow this year everywhere??!!

cowgirljlynn said...

The pictures are beautiful of the snow, we haven't had any this year, I know it can be a pain, but I still love it. We have had some really nice days here this winter. Stay safe and warm!

Sydney said...

we are getting a storm right now but I think we will end up with a little less than a foot. I love when snow sticks to things like in your pictures.

Jacque. said...

wow, you really got hit! I guess I should be thankful that we have been missing a lot of that.

Pony Girl said...

Wow Jane, that is insane! I can't believe the winter everyone is having. I hope you are all safe and warm now, I am so glad you had a generator.
Those before and after pictures, those look like post cards!! It may be a pain, but it is sure beautiful!

photogchic said...

It looks just beautiful. I know that is no consolation...but it really is just lovely. Try to stay warm.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! I wish we had a tractor with a snow blade! Then I could maybe drive my van off of our driveway and go somewhere on my own! bah!
I've always liked snow, but this is too much, I agree! And it' just not typical at all for our area. I'm getting stir crazy.

I'm glad we don't have ice and heavy wet snow. That's is so scary with the trees and power lines and outages.
When we lived in South Carolina years ago, we had an ice storm and were awakened in the middle of the night to what sounded like machine gun fire.

When we woke up to assess the damage we were shocked and saddened to see that all of our neighbor's beautiful Bradford Pear trees that lined the streets had split and cracked right down the middle....with branches spread out on the ground in a circle, like fans. Our neighborhood lost over 30trees in just one night. :(

Oh! That second photo from the top is so lovely! You should consider making Christmas Cards with that image for next year. Really!


Leah Fry said...

Those first 2 photos are like greeting cards.

Good thing you have a generator.

jane augenstein said...

Desert Rose, we got even more snow last night and it's still coming down! I would love to move to the desert!!!!

Julie, snow, snow, everywhere SNOW! Yes, thanks goodness for generators and a man who knows how to use them!

cowgirljlynn, yes, it's beautiful but...a lot of work. I had to dig the door out of a frozen mess this morning to get in the barn!

Sydney, we would have had more than a foot yesterday if it hadn't turned to rain. So now we have snow, ice and then more snow. Makes for bad driving conditions. Glad I don't have to go anywhere except the barn and I can walk there!!

Jacque, yes, we got it alright. I am looking for spring!!!

Pony Girl, want me to send you some snow??? I too think the snow is beautiful and makes for some gorgeous pictures but the work that goes along with it....BLAH!!!

Photogchic, thanks, yes it's beautiful and as long as we have gasoline for the generator we will be warm! The weather forecast is calling for up to 7 more inches of snow today. Hope they are wrong!

Lisa, yes, having a tractor and blade is great (and a man to run it!) He has all the big boy toys, two tractors, a backhoe and a bulldozer! I don't think we will be snowed in! LOL
Power outages happen a lot here and the power lines are old out where we live. It just goes with where we live and you get used to it. The generator we have was expensive but it has paid for itself many times over. Keeps us warm in winter and keeps our food in the freezer and refrigerator from going bad. Oh, and let's not forget Gilly and Pokey's heated water bucket!!
Thanks, yes, that picture of the falling snow against the barn is a favorite, I might do that!

Leah, thank you, yes generators are great!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

PS Guess what? I've tagged you! Come over to my blog and participate, or I'm going to send you some more snow! hehe!



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