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Being with a horse is a journey that never ends. What they have to teach us is amazing; but we must quiet our mind to hear them. ~ jca


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Resting and thinking......

I was looking through some of my photos and came across this one that I got from the internet. It's a painting by George Stubbs (1724-1806), an 18th century painter, called "Bay Horse and White Dog". I was thinking of how much it reminds me of Gilly and Lucy; the horse really looks a lot like Gilly, big stocky built horse. It also reminded me of how kind and gentle Gilly is, even if he is a stink pot at times. His attitude is partly my fault too because I have spoiled him over the years and the type of horse he is. He has a strong desire to lead.

It was a rainy, dreary day here today and I am glad because I am so tired from me and Gilly's wrestling match yesterday. I'd say he pretty much wore me down and I need a day to rest. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer and I think we will have more work to do. Not with the trailer but with moving body parts, his, not mine. He seems like a naughty child that needs to be set straight on who is running the show here. Although I wanted to skin him alive yesterday, he was just being a horse and no meanness was meant by him, he was just trying tell me he thought he was running things around here; just like an unruly child. He also need a job to do to keep his mind occupied and focused on something other than being the boss.

I have been reading a lot of Mark Rashid's books of late and it have given me food for thought about the horse. Mark's book are really great reading and lots of information in them. They aren't training books just his insights on life with horses and the lessons they have taught him.

So I have come to the conclusion that I need to just step back and regroup my thoughts and come up with yet another way to work with Gilly on just who is in charge here.


Anonymous said...

I've found working with Mark and reading his books very helpful on my journey with horses - good luck with your next work session!

Sydney_bitless said...

Good luck. Kick some Gilly butt back into where he should be.

allhorsestuff said...

POh sweetie...I read last night about the ordeal with him pulling you around and running on home..I am so sorry! I can't take that stuff anymore hands and arms are too weak and damaged form doing it so long.

I have not read any of Mark's works but I know he is a wonderful horseman...because so many wonderful horsewomen I know, from blogging, read and ride with him.

So the only think I could come up with is..instead of squeezing him..and therefore allowing him to get the angle on you..he is really good at that now, what about making a temp fence( maybe get a battery operated charger it is real- though one line- and putting that up around the trailer. It would take less than 10 minutes and you could relax about he could not run off at all...unless he become a avid jumper suddenly!
Then you could squeeze..and he could do circles till he tired...go in for some hay and relief form you pressuring him.
If I had time and a trailer and space to do that...I think it would make me relax, knowing his power would not render a loose horse that way he got you the last time. Or...move a panel out from your round pen..and back the trailer up to it! hje has not had any ill happen to him..he is just acting ILL!

Hope your day is rendering some really good refreshing thoughts about a restart...we all have to ya know..sometime many, many, many, times(I know). He is not keeping you are so know that his ego is not involved, just his comfort.

Love you!

Julia said...

Sorry to hear you are having trouble here...I wish I could give you some sage words of advice but it looks like you are getting some good reading material. If I did say something it would be to put on your Type A Mare attitude with him. ;)

Blackfeatherfarm said...

Reading and stepping back is a good plan. These things will come together, patience and knowledge are good workmates. Good luck. I will miss your other banner photo just love that one !

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That painting is beautiful. I love watching horses interacting with other species.

Rest is always good. It gives us time to think and our bodies to become rejuvenated. I'm certainly resting after this past weekend, too! lol :)

Something I read in a Clinton Anderson e-mail tha other day reminded me how I can never stop teaching and working with my horse because everything I do around her is teaching her something.

CA said that to never allow your horse to move you. If you even take a step to get out of your horse's way, you are teaching your horse that he is able to lead and control you. Remember? Whoever moves their feet first loses. That's why it's always important to remind your horse that they have to respect your space.

I know I sometimes forget this in my cuddly time with my horse or when she excited. I find that I sometimes take a step back to get out of her way.

Also when I groom her, I will move around her instead of making her move for me to make grooming easier for me. It's those little teaching moments that make such a huge difference in our horses...even if they happen in small increments.

Today, Apache tried to sneak her head into the grain bucket as I was mixing the water into it. It would be easy to just let her steal a nibble, but I remembered what CA said, and I threw my finger up and pointed at her and said NO! Back!
And she quickly moved away.
It was great to see how respectful she was of me and my bucket after that, waiting patiently until I permitted her to eat.

Enjoy your rest. You deserve it.


jacksonsgrrl said...

I love your rugs! The one from the Amish farm in Ohio struck a special nerve as I was raised in Amish country there, right outside of the Berlin, Millersberg, Sugar Creek area. All of our neighbors were Amish, and nicer folks you would never meet. I'll never forget Eli, our neighbor who walked my pony ALL night, I am not exaggerating, when my small horse/pony had colic. Never expected a thing, that is what neighbors did for each other. And my pony was find, evil gelding that he was! We have gone back over the years, and none of those folks have forgotten us! Oh! And Mark Rahsid is one of the best, I think! I read one book "Horses Never Lie" and I loved how it was like reading a story, not an a) I must go do this then b) do this, just so user friendly. I also share his belief system, although I didn't know it when I started reading him! LOL!
Good luck with Gilly. I had a lesson yesterday and my instructor really got on me for letting Jackson get away with a few of the things he did. NOTHING like what you experienced, but she did comment that I have finally gotten my big girl britches out! Lessons are so helpful, have you tried any? And, you CAN start them on the ground!!! I am going the dressage route because it makes any sort of riding better. Until you get to any sort of high level (oh right, like I ever will) you will just be working on basic partnership and riding issues. Some of the best Western riders take dressage.. Just a thought. You don't have to have "a style of riding" to get something out of it, trust me. My friend is "just a rider" and takes them. :) I am constantly seriously AMAZED at how much I have learned and come as a rider taking these lessons. Never one regret. And if you saw us a year and a half ago as compared to now, you would agree I am certain....
You can read all day, but you may not get all you need from even a great like Mark. Just a little nudge in the right direction....and walah, you will be back on track! Good luck, I'll be thinking of you for sure!
And I am rude to presume that you need help as well, I am not certain what your horse/riding background is. Mine is pretty extensive on the horse, (or so I thought UNTIL I got Jackson!) but me on the ground, ummm. yeah. not so much. So just a kind comment from lil' ol' me, no offense ever intended of course!


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