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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Ride and other stuff......

I needed to make some new address labels the other day and was playing with pictures of Gilly and came up with this. I think he looks quite handsome as an antique picture. What a handsome face, you would never know that there is a stinker hiding behind that innocent look, would you?

I rode yesterday after working in the round pen for awhile. We are working on him staying out of my space, backing away and staying put when I tell him to. He is really doing pretty well, it's me that feels bad about making him stay away. I know, I know, the horse that is the leader would not tolerate another in his space if he said stay out! I just have to be firm and not mean about it like the horse would (sigh) I can do it and we will get through this and be a better team for it.

I rode him in the round pen for a bit. We worked on giving to pressure. He is still a bit resistant but did much better this time. When he would start to get bracey I would bump, bump, bump on one rein and then he would soften. We worked on leg yields, moving his haunches and forequarters with my legs, backing and some trotting. Can't really do a lot of the trot work in the round pen but some. I don't work in there for long, maybe 15 minutes under saddle.

I moved him into position by the gate so I could reach down and lift the pen to open it, backed him up so the gate could swing in, did a turn and headed out. Stopped and backed up so I could close the gate, inched him forward and sideways so I could reach down and lock it. Then backed up more so I could pick up this halter and lead off the hook on the fence. Then we were off to drop it off at the saddle building.

Finally got him to cross a ditch he has been afraid of, why I don't know it's a really small step and he goes over ditches much bigger. I mow a path in the hay field around the gas well there so we walked around it both ways, keeping a bend to the inside as we went. Then trotted up along the fence, with Pokey running, bucking, farting and whining because he wanted out too. I should have gotten some video of his shenanigans, he was doing some pretty spectacular turns and rollbacks! He must have thought he was in training to be a reining donkey! LOL
I used anything I could, the car, the satellite dish, trees to do training. We backed around things, went sideways nothing really great but it was all good to have him move when I asked.
He was a good boy.

This is my dressage saddle, Thornhill Vienna II, and I am finding that I really like it, a lot! I like it's deep seat and big knee rolls. I sold my western saddle, I loved it too but didn't use it much, the dressage saddle fits Gilly better. I would still LOVE to get an Aussie saddle but will wait and see. I did order something new today for my saddle. These......

They are aluminum, an English version of the Aussie safety stirrup. It has a wide foot base, and has a 5 degree camber to keep your heels in a down position. Since it is wide it gives you foot plenty of support and it says it helps relieve pressure on ankles and knees. Good; I have been having a LOT of trouble with arthritis in both my feet but my right one is the worst. The English stirrups that are on my saddle, peacock safety stirrups, hit my foot right where I have been having a lot of pain in the ball of my foot and they are narrow. These stirrups look like they will be comfortable, I hope! I will post a picture when they are on the saddle with my feet in them.

No, I didn't get any pictures when I rode, no one around to take any for me. It was such a nice evening I wished I could have ridden longer.....but the kitchen was calling.....had to fix supper. Next time I will have things ready and in the slow cooker....I wanna ride not cook! LOL


Julia said...

Keep on being the "boss mare" and things will be really good as a result.

Just keep patterning and don't give in. You can still give treats and be nice but only on your terms after you firmly reestablish boss mare every day. :)

You can do it.

from my front porch... said...

You had a nice evening! And I think Gilly is coming along, it just takes time!

I will probably post your guest post Monday!! I will do something for Fathers Day on Sunday. I will mail you :)

Have a great weekend, Jane!
xo, misha

JeniQ said...

I'm so glad you had a great ride!!!

Paint Girl said...

That picture of Gilly for your address labels turned out really good!! I love it!

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you had a great ride.
I would much rather ride than cook too. I do my best to avoid the kitchen. LOL

Leah Fry said...

Cook...hmm, I vaguely remember something about activity that takes place in the kitchen other than opening and closing the fridge door.

I think lessons in manners and respecting your space are ongoing. We get lax, they get sloppy.

I like the "antique" pic.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you working with Gilly and making him move willingly when asked. The obstacles were great to use, too. Very clever of you. So many folks think they have to go out and buy specially made horse obstacles, but using what you've got is actually better I think, because you are also desensitizing your horse to things in his environment....makes for amuch better trail horse, too. hehe!

I love those new 'endurance style' stirrups. I swear by 'em. I can ride for hour and I have no pain of discomfort in my hips or knees. My old saddle came with steel ones, but I found that they were heavy and kept getting chipped...and the sharp edges would rip my skin and hurt my horse, so I removed them and am using the poly/resin-like ones that came with my Abetta Western style saddle. I love how lightweight they are, too.

I bet the aluminum stirrpus you ordered are going to be so comfy, lightweight and they won't chip because they are smooth edged, but you still might want to be careful of banging them on anything hard, just in case.

Anyway, sound like you're doing great with your stinker. I would have loved to have seen silly Pokey running crazy along the fenceline. Sounds like he wants a job to do, too.

It might be fun to pony him someday. Maybe Gilly would even be on better behavior with his buddy along to keep an eye out for him and for him to keep an eye out for, too?


Tracey said...

Love the address label shot, Jane! And good on ya for getting Gilly out and riding a good ride.

Tracey said...

Love the address label shot, Jane!


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